ROBLOX Office Conference

Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

Today we are giving everyone the chance to submit a personal ROBLOX “Top-Three” list. Please be as specific as possible and limit your reply to three short items. If you have additional comments, place them after your three items. This will make it easier for other readers to browse many replies quickly.

Try to be specific rather than general. For example, rather than saying “reduce lag”, instead say “increase graphics frame rate”, or “increase responsiveness to user controls”, or “reduce graphics stutter”.

Here is an example of a good reply (three short, specific items, with comments at the end):

    1. Make ROBLOX run on LINUX
    2. Add a “Pneumatic Actuator” object 
    3. Make the _____ better/faster/more intuitive/… 

    I really think you should add a pneumatic actuator
    so I can build the giant robotic tyrannosaur I saw at
    my local science museum. LINUX support would be nice because
    I’ve built my own home-brew LINUX box and would really like
    to run ROBLOX on it.

We will review your replies over the next week, and then synopsize in a future forum post. Your feedback will help us to prioritize our development pipeline.

About David Baszucki

Founder, co-creator and CEO of ROBLOX. @DavidBaszucki on Twitter

1,706 thoughts on “Your ROBLOX Top-Three List

  1. qwert1999

    These are my top three wishes:
    1. Patch all the exploits
    2. Finish trading system
    3. (after trading system finished)Be able to trade some unlimited items

  2. Cy56

    1.i think to roblox should add sequencing and hidden floor triggers for different things to happen once you get to a certain place ex. An fps game has enemies coming out at a certain place
    2.add an option for cutscenes which you can play out with other modes or characters. This is also connected to the sequencing idea
    3.add iPad roblox backwards comparability plzz

  3. ToxicGamer101

    What I wish to have implimented into the ROBLOX community is an outfit system. Such as a small side-bar you have next to your character picture in the character tab. It allows you to save or load any selected clothes, and to name the set of clothing.

  4. Briest

    1.Make more tools to build with like a fill tool to fill in large gaps between bricks.
    2.make blocks that do cool things like make you dance.
    3.let NBC make one group and add 2 slots to the number of groups they can join
    4.make roblox more epic(impossible)
    5.make it so that when you enter a game your ffed till you leave the spawn unless scripted to stay ffed this will make it impossible to ff kill unless wepons go through ff or there is a hacker

    1. Badcooldude122

      Well then people would stand on the spawn and wait to heal them selves. :|

  5. nathan2016

    builderman or ennyone of the roblox company join my group called stop hacking on roblox thes are the way of way i whant you to join make roblox a better place get people to come to roblox and make it safe for all users that i can put a lot of some of you roblox companyes back(if i do this do i get 100rs perday)

    that is all i am saying this to you because the builderman will not nlisten to me ):

  6. poisonstings

    1. Don’t show my ads to me, don’t show ads to people who have the article of clothing, don’t show ads for groups to the people who are in the group and don’t show ads to the people who havee favorited the place
    2. Add ropes, water and buoancy
    3. Add animated clothing/ scriptable clothing that works in all games up to a certain limit of what you could do

    1. Because it wastes the number of impressions on people who don’t need to see the ad.
    2. Because they are totally awesome and would allow games like for example a scuba dive in the great barrier reef game to be way more realistic or cross the wobbly bridge for VIP more realistic aswell.
    3. Because it would be possible to make a shirt that reacts to sound(There is such thing in real life) but don’t let the shirt be a killing machine or have explosions in it or makes everyone not have a forcefield etc…

  7. David Carbahole

    First of all you need offline building and gameplay. Mabye even local network play. Secondly you need wind or moving skys. Lastly i would like to say please my the original roblox version avalible for people who like tye old one. If you guys arent gonna do it. Im going to have to recode and make it avalible via website with your consent of course.

  8. -Goldbouncer

    I think you should add a sort of lottery system.
    I would like the lottery system so that it gives roblox users an actual chance to get a random amount of robux and possibly be rich.

  9. Sinkhole

    1:A new type of trading system where as both sellers immediatly sell their own hat,and get the other’s hat(or gear or other)
    2:Enhanced response to ROBLOX manuever controls and loading.
    3:TBC-only and OBC only places.

    I would be so excited to see that trading system.If one doesnt have enough robux on one end to pay for a limited(U) then the transaction won’t be made and both sellers will be informed that one end of the bargain did not possesse enough ROBUX to complete the transaction.

  10. masterkilling

    2 add this see how it works parshle BC pay a huge ammount if tix for it get some features of a bc account woud mabe 1 robux a day able to go to some bc places that mark parshle bc in it mabe be able to add 2 more or 1 more place so people who think about can see soe features u can make it 10000 tix for it mabe only do it with traded in tix for robux make it 1000 robux somthing of that to let players see what like to have sme mabe they buy it later get full time bc
    im darrellray alts

  11. Darrellray

    3 add a solo consent where u can invite friends to help u build ur game if its on edit or reguler build so u can have trustworthly help also put more player in team work area so if they make games when there older there use to working with people intead of alone also be time for players to share ideas to improve the game they be working on only owner can invite add chat so can talk tot hem as ur building on edit mode or reguler build mode

  12. cooljimmy99

    Can you also make a money trading thing so people can give other people money without BC.that’s the one I rlly want to happen!

  13. cooljimmy99

    1.make roblox playable on tablets and I pads.
    2.make the water that is going to be launched look realistic.
    3.add more building things for people that don’t have BC,tbc or obc.
    I really want to add a fourth one so here it is:
    Plz make ppl pay less for obc.

  14. LordA

    Anyone else notice how they ignored the high demand for the trading feature? Almost everyone who posted on the top 3’s said they wanted a trading feature so admins you know what to do and if you still can’t take the hint I have 2 words for you… Trading Feature

    1. id15failure

      Trading system is a bad idea. What if someone does a bad trade, rages, and report that person that he traded with. VERY BAD IDEA.

  15. HeartbreakingBlaze

    1) Bring back the user-meshes, for the old time sake.
    2) GUI flexibility, rounded corners, better interfaces, etc.

    1+3) User-meshes were what ROBLOX loved. Though for some stupid reason they’re gone. Stop banning people for stupid reasons. Read the reports, you dumb skullcracked noobs. People get away with things such as cursing, and bullying. All you do is ban a good player for something stupid.

  16. Twintowers4u92

    1. Trade System.
    2. Trade System.
    3. Trade System.

    I would like trade system because every other thing we want, we get it. All but… this? The easiest one.

  17. crusherboy12345999

    NBC should be able to sell atleast t-shirts because the only way they can make profit is from their daily money and and making a successful place and there is a one out of a million chance that will happen. So plz take this into consideration.

  18. freshpro77

    You should more stuff to the menu chat. I mean I know you have some legit stuff but you should add more stuff so people can have better communication with people who can actually type.

  19. Pinci

    When you buy an item but you don’t want it anymore,when you delete it from your inventory,you get back your money.
    Well… that’s all.

  20. Ninjaking3737

    1) roblox on google+
    2) Admin day
    3) idk

    Admin day: One day that users give their thanks to the roblox admins. The admins could just travel through games and enjoying themselves in user-made games

  21. Captainarnolin

    1.Able to wear more hats.

    2.No animated adds.

    3.Roblox on andrioid tablet.

    Hello roblox produces.I would like to be able to wear more hats because since i can only wear three hats and theres many good combnations.

    I would like no animated adds because it lags up my laptop alot and gets very distracting and also hurts my eyes.

    I would like roblox on the android tablet because there is but when i trie to log in it cancels out my user and wont let us log in.I would like it to be able to play on roblox on the tablet also.

  22. PLZ read

    Please guys I think being able to make 1 group would be brilliant especially for me because I get humiliated at school for not aving any type of bc

  23. Elektromag

    1. Allow players to “Disable” gear, meaning that they still own the gear but do not bring it into places.

    2: Allow players to choose which version of the HUD they want to use.

    3: Split “Ranged weapon” into 3 classes: Long-range weapon, close-range weapon, and ranged toy.

  24. Anonymous

    1. Allow new BrickColor’s to be created from Color3 values
    2. Dynamic Lighting
    3. Extend GUI Control API

    In my #1 spot, I don’t mean the method we already have of getting the closest BrickColor to a specified Color3. I mean the ability to actually create BrickColor values from a Color3. Honestly I don’t understand how this doesn’t already happen. BrickColor is essentially just an enum, since every BrickColor has to correspond to an RGB (Color3) value. Obviously dynamic lighting – who doesn’t want that? And finally, right now controlling GUIs is a bit of a challenge. Yes, we have tweening, which is nice – I’m glad I don’t have to write my own animation code. However there are lots of nice things you could easily incorporate, like GUI rotation or rounded corners.

  25. Gaara725sand

    1. Less glitch
    2. More limiteds
    3. Less lag.

    Thanks for readin’ :3
    :) :P :3 :D :LP xD

  26. Anonymous

    1. Use actual font files instead of image sprites
    2. Add more GUI flexibility to GUIs – rounded corners, rotations, etc.
    3. Dynamic Lighting

    I think GUIs at the moment are way too underpowered. For a long time, if you don’t want a box, you need an image. Or else you can turn to the fixed color, transparency, and roundness of the Style enum. And even then, if you want rotation, you need an image. You also have very little options in terms of font size with simple image sprites. With something like a TrueType font, there are almost endless font sizes you can employ. And of course, dynamic lighting would much improve the look of the game.

  27. heroz8

    1.You should let us change our name for 100-1k robux I hate my name…..
    2.You should put new games on front page to get visits because Ads dont really work or help.
    3.You should let us put spaces in our name like the 06 days

  28. Ninjasheep

    1. Player-Player trading system
    2.Dynamic Lighting
    3.Roblox Universe (Project thought up durring Roblox Hack Week)

    A player-player trading system would significantly reduce the amount of item scams. Not to mention make the Lets Make a Deal forum more like a marketplace.
    Dynamic Lighting would be an interesting concept, and Roblox was close with the Time-of-Day update a few years back, as well as the recent Fog update. But an actual light source would be cool.
    Roblox’s idea for Roblox Universe, where data persistance travels with the player through place teleports would make combat groups wars more interesting, as they could ‘travel’ from one base to the other, keeping weapons/kills/teams/etc. As well as make some RPGs seem much more massive.

  29. tumpi2000

    I beg you ROBLOX creators just make BC,TBC and OBC a bit cheaper.I have OBC but it took me A LOT of time to convince my parents and to save that much money.And you should raise the daily robux please.

  30. Mike

    1)trade system

    Example:make it safe and secure and make a page that has ur item so u just pick one and add like a invite or thing that invite or add the user/player that wan to trade with u and pick a hat and stuff and the name of that item will appear in a box and when u press trade it will ask u are u sure or other stuff and add a code to that page that is ur character second password or something so people won’t hack into ur account and steal ur stuff

  31. BoysRule2013

    1. First trading system FOR ITEMS TOO
    2. A pass code for doing stuff like a code for posting a comment
    3. What about easier format of the website and roblox studio I cat really get around
    4. SORRY I HAVE ONE MORE also NBC players should not get robux you know what it doesn’t come THAT EASY. At least join BC for a month that is 450 so that will get you somewhere but if you do add NMC daily robux make it for veterans ONLY

  32. JOJ650s

    I can’t seem to remember if I posted before, Sorry if I had already.

    1. Clothes set system.
    2. Mirror bricks.
    3. Local Lighting.

    1.The clothes set system is basicly a way to save and swich to a custom set of clothes very quickly.
    Say I need to put on a uniform for a war group event. I just click on the set number. (Or picture)

    2. Mirror bricks basic act like real mirrors,
    though you could maybe add some effects to it also like fun house mirrors, or for a haunted house when you look in the mirror you don’t see your self or a monster take your place in the mirror.

    3. Local Lighting could be super useful, people could have the world foggy, but when a player walks into a house it could set off a user made script that removes the fog effect just for that person.

  33. First comment by sweetboy01 in roblox

    1)Roblox for 3ds
    2)Trade system
    3)Universe thing from hack week

  34. Sam

    1: Trade System
    2: More Options Avaible for Non-BC
    3: Advanced Building Objects

    Explination for 1:
    Having the ability to trade things like hats, models, etc. between players. For example: I have a hat i’d like to trade in for either Tix/Robux or for another hat of equal/lesser value.

    Explination for 2: Before TBC and OBC existed, roblox was a 75/25 game, 75% of features where availibe for NonBc, and 25% where for BC, like earning Robux each day. Example: NBCs get 2-4 players active at once, BC+ Gets 5+

    Explination for 3: This is pretty hard to explain at once, but its more like multiple things in one. Things like Sprites, a dedicated cframe tool that is similar to the advanded Building tools in studio, and Dynamic Lighting, which has been mention multiple times. Also, something a bit extreme, but possibly a Water-Type brick, something that lets players float or slows their motions while inside of it. It can belong to the Terrain Object witin roblox, to help reduce lag as well.

    (On a side note: I’m not some adult ranting on, I’m a 13+ player, not really willing to post real age here…)

  35. Daniel555552068

    1. Trade system.
    2. Lighting & glowing effects that can be added to the group.
    3.More rewards for 1/2/3/4/5/6 year veterans.

  36. jjphariss

    1:Tradeing system.
    2:25 tix daily insted of 10
    3:10R$ daily if you not doing 25tix daily :P

  37. BrickSwag

    1) Add a closet-like option in-game
    My idea behind this is that on the website you get to create a certain a outfit you would want to wear ( i.e a uniform ) and it just changes your clothes in-game, but won’t change your clothes that you really have on.

    2) Stop the exploiters
    They are constantly growing over Roblox, and for example a lot of servers on Shedletsky’s game, “Sword Fighting on the Heights” I have been on recently have been exploited somehow. For example, someone would have “God-Health” on or some user would change the colors of all the bricks.

    3) In-game features with a gui dashboard
    Make a dashboard you can access through the gui that gives you commands like “Whisper” and “Ignore” and etc.

  38. MrPachirisu

    1. Streamline the character page
    2. Add the ability to dedicate a forum thread to one of your groups.
    3. Restore the option to use the ROBLOX 1.0 site theme.

    1: It’s getting really annoying having to click through every page of hats or shirts just to find what you want to wear. You should make it so that you can scroll through every item you own on one big page. You should also make it so that the page doesn’t have to reload every time you choose a body color.

  39. jake1921

    1st. you sould let nonbc people have robux atleast 5 robux a week

    2nd. make all hats for non bc and bc

    3rd. people sould get 25 tix a week insted of 10 tix

  40. iLimitedU

    1. Trade System
    2. Trade System
    3. Trade System

    I really think you should add a trade system
    so I can trade the awesome hat I saw on my friend’s head.
    Trade system would be nice because
    I’ve got an awesome hat on my alt and would like to trade it.

  41. WindGuardian

    1. ROBLOX games for iOS
    2. Trading System
    3. Let people connect their Twitter Account with their ROBLOX account.

    I think ROBLOX games for iOS would bring a lot of players because people can play ROBLOX on the go! I think the Trading system would help too because it would stop people from scamming while trading and people could become a lot more trustable. I also think allowing people to connect their Twitter account to their ROBLOX one would help because it would allow people to easily follow people they want to follow. Hope you like my ideas! -Wind

  42. Shedletsky

    1. Trade System
    2. Trade System
    3. Trade System

    I really think you should add a trade system
    so I can trade the awesome hat I saw on my friend’s head.
    Trade system would be nice because
    I’ve got an awesome hat on my alt and would like to trade it.

  43. Merely

    1) Trading System so I can trade items safely
    2) The ‘TS’, trade system

    1. ledger

      1: Good idea, with a variable of how long it would take
      2: Scriptable
      3: Scriptable up to a point, then it would need to be a feature.

  44. Zakary99

    1. GUIs should have more ways of appearing then just Visible and, maybe make them gradient-in, if that is possible.

    2. Maybe edit the in-game core gui, and change the Chat Gui because compared to the playerlist and menu button, the chat gui doesn’t look very nice.

    3. Video advertisements for ads, you see that videos are a good addition to roblox. But I think maybe actual ads that go to random people all over roblox so that you can show them a little about the game.

  45. mabynke

    1. Add Linux-support
    2. Possibility to remove standard GUI-items
    3. Allow uploading of custom sounds

    The Linux-support is very important, as having to reboot into Windows every time I want to do something in Roblox is really keeping me from playing as much as I would like to.

    Less importantly, being able to remove especially the reset-button from the player’s GUI would be nice.

  46. deathskull345

    1.If you dont have bc you should get 10tix and 1 robux ever day not just for logging in.(Even though im obc im nic like that :3)
    2.Make it to wear people cant say the same thing more then 4 times untill another 4 mins are up so spamm doesnt happen.
    3.More peoples hats they make should be published.
    THats is what i think :3

  47. McCloud11

    1.) ROBLOX for iOS.
    2.) Redo ROBLOX Studio.
    3.) Change ROBLOX completely.

    These things need to happen badly because ROBLOX is having some serious issues but they are getting fixed so thanks.

  48. twist69

    3. Focus on things players want e.g. trade system, not fog.

    2. Give an option for players to experience weather by the season, like heatwaves in summer, snow in winter

    1. PLAYER MESHES!!!!!! We want them back! Like, player made meshes and hats ingame

  49. ultimategamer9500

    1.) When people have their BC expire, they should get a 250-5000 robux gift for purchasing ROBLOX BC and helping ROBLOX gaining money to keep the website up.

    2.) A Voice slot in the Catalog – You purchase a voice and in a game when someone says something, it will be repeated in the voice you purchased/wearing. So then, nobody will have to worry about people spamming the chats.

    3.) Inventory GUI/Starter Pack – When joining a game, there will be a GUI Somewhere on the screen where you click and it’ll show you’re stuff you’ve purchased from the catalog so that you won’t have to tab the game and go to your character and change it then go to the tab for your game and reset and start over. With this GUI, you will be able to change your character live in a game without reseting your character.

  50. Monkey

    1. Fix exploiting(hackers) games
    2. User meshes + sounds
    3. Trading system for limited hats/gear

    Obviously you would need to put a limit to sounds, And have them all allowed before people can actually use them ingame just like decals now. Fix the exploiting with plugins and other things. A trading system would also be useful I suppose.

  51. Fastbird555

    1. After BC stuff. -That means that someone who had BC and those who have it, are able to buy AfterBC stuff.

    2. Trade System. – That should be allowed for NBC users too. Point of that? Scans would decrease. That also means that ragequits will stop as well.

    3. More Codes. – Somebody hacked you. That somebody will trade your items, steal your Robux and Tix, delete your stuff, models, copy your places… To prevent that, every user should have it own 5digit code. It doesn’t matter how or why you get hacked. In settings, you could be able to set up your code settings. Like…
    Ask for code when posting on forum? Yes – No
    Ask for code when posting a comment? Yes – No
    Ask for code when trade? Yes – No
    Ask for code when buying stuff? Yes – No
    ETC. I hope that i will see some of those stuff in future. Fastbird555

  52. ultimategamer9500

    1. Anti-Hacker/Anti-Exploit
    2. Infinite terrains in Personal Servers
    3. NBC members get robux because my best friend, quinlan456 (NBC member) doesn’t like trading currency for robux. I think they should get at least 5 robux per week.

  53. Kyleman1990

    1) Allow the upload of user generated MIDI sound files.

    2) A 3d “Sprite” object.

    Explain 1) Sound files can’t easily be moderated without listening to the whole song, but MIDI files are purely tone-based music files, meaning no vulgar lyrics, etc. This adds a bit more ambient to the user worlds, without compromising the safety of younger users’ ears. (Possibly add a time limit/size limit.)

    Explain 2) This is much easier to explain using my diagrams:

  54. zhokwave

    1. Improve the Roblox forums by adding the ability to add posts and by adding BBcode (no [img][/img] because users might abuse it).
    2. Adding a cur brick tool, this tool will let users to separate a brick into two.
    3. Improve the efficiency and the quality of moderation across the site.

  55. jasonballwine

    most anyone would agree, the number 1 choice for me and many others would be the Trading System. With ROBLOX’s procrastination of this, you even proposed it to come out almost a month ago. We, as a whole, the ROBLOX community, would like a more efficient way to trade or even bargain. Please make this add-on as soon as possible.


    jasonballwine (LMaDer of ROBLOX)

  56. Silvu

    Another request of mine would be uploading your own music/sounds.

    Roblox could have a few moderators moderate uploaded music/sounds.

    I mean, think about it, ROBLOX is a great creative outlet for future architects, artists/graphic designers, programmers, etc., but not musicians.

  57. 40colt

    1) LUA should be simpler to use, ex. stacking blocks of code. If this was applied, our imaginations could truly be free.
    2) Don’t delay on dynamic lighting!!!
    3) Add blocks for simulating wheels with properties like psi, traction, hubcaps, etc. Cylinders look ugly when used as wheels.

  58. Anonymous

    1, and only one:Roll out ROBLOX for iOS!
    I’ve been anxious with my new iPad waiting for it.
    Maybe you can use split touch controls like MC.
    Also, have use with the gyrosensor.. heheh.

  59. Shadowkid5602

    Here is my personal wishlist:

    1. Dynamic lighting. You mentioned it earlier, and it could really be helpful to some games, not to mention I’ve wanted to see something of the sort here.

    2. NBC to sell Private Items they bought before losing BC, and the ability to sell Shirts/Pants. I’m not saying that BC should be ripped out completely, but we’d all like SOME kind of income, as items in the catalog rise in price.

    3. A music composer tool. For those who want to create their own melodies. Users can choose from a range of instruments, and use a drag/drop-type system to put the notes in place, y selecting them. LBP2 inspired this one.
    I’d say upload music as well but copyright and all that could affect it.

    These could all enhance building experience, except for the selling items option, and isn’t building what ROBLOX is about? I’ve been on this site for quite a while now, and I’ve seen what people can do with what they’ve already got. Imagine what they could do with MORE.

  60. xWOWZABOYx

    I was thinking of being able to talk through microphone, so people who can’t type well can just talk, and groups (Like war ones) when raiding or having events can sort things out easily. I realize it would be hard to content monitor, but simple voice recognition might suffice. There could also be a special line in the T&C’s where it says if you say something abusive using the feature you will be banned instantly as soon as 2 or more people report you. Loads of false reports could occur though, but I’m sure the creative department at ROBLOX can do a lot better than a 14 year old. I was also thinking of plugins for ROBLOX studio. Alexneutron’s browser has available user created plugins, though not reliable, could be a good feature for ROBLOX browser. Instead of user created they can be ROBLOX created. Maybe you have to buy them from the catalog?

  61. mikedragon13

    I just thought of an awesome idea, Mesh changing. What I mean is like where you can change a brick’s Material if it has a mesh in it, say for instance a BlockMesh, you can’t make the brick’s mesh differen’t than Plastic, but without it you can. But, the blocks look much better with the mesh.

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