Character Exploration

Character Explorations v3


Character Exploration

Over the past few weeks, we have shown the ROBLOX community various character explorations that include new head, body, arm and hand shapes for both male and female characters. We have a few examples of what these renderings would look like in ROBLOX. Check out the video of some new characters, and let us know what you think.

For previous examples, you can learn more in our first and second character exploration post.

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1,331 thoughts on “Character Explorations v3

  1. Toxicwolfe

    When Are You Going To Listen To Us?

    We Hate The 3.0 Body We Said That On The Last Post This Is An 11’er Speaking Here And I No We Don’t Agree With The Body Repacement.

    1. JulieThomas17

      Everyone wants it to be optional, so I hope it is. I’m an 11-er too, and I’m

      1. JulieThomas17

        I’m fine with both bodies, but I’m sticking with the simple girl torso until I inspect the 3.0 girl bodies. (And btw, you do realize that character in the video is made to look exactly like John Shedletsky?)

  2. Maximumpainboy

    This is more of apunnishment then a gift it looks so stupid when you actualy have shirts and stuff on and make the legs different not just blocks with shoes it looks stupid bend knees forward like arms

  3. bloxking6960

    I don’t really care about the packages, the face looks cool though. I’d rather focus more on faces then new packages.

  4. This needs to be revised

    If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. You don’t need to add usless crap like this to the game that was once good. You are soiling on your own success. Roblox, as you add more of these ridiculous updates, more of us will quit, and less, and less will join. I’m telling you; if you want to be successful with what you have left of a once-awesome game, then get your act together, and make it that way. WE are your customers. WE can choose whether we want to play this game, or another one. We have the power to not play this game. If you want to be successful, then actually listen to your followers. Sincerely,

  5. manwholikesroblox

    ok my inpression of these morphs are:kreo head,lego man arms and ROBLOX legs with wierd shoes.


    1. championvsloser122

      ya it does, they should make the character change expressions at times

  6. Anonymouse

    When these ugly faces become the default faces for everyone, make it so you can get the :> face for free.

  7. trololololo

    this are kind of cool but i dont want the faces and hair i want to use my stuff so please roblox

  8. rapper500

    Hey, how about this really weird and crazy idea,anyone that gets banned for at least 1 day will become stuck with this for about a week, and the longer the ban the longer the player gets stuck with this body.Sort of like a “punishment” for breaking the rules.

  9. Medbot

    The 2.0 bodies were alright. But the block like body parts are a part of ROBLOX. The ROBLOX essence must be preserved. These 3.0 bodies will offend long time roblox players and could turn away new players. I do not support the new bodies. They look awful.

  10. tommyfun

    omg roblox, horrible move, dont update anything for a month or two, only do bug fixes, let the people who cant get used to stuff get used to it, then update every 2 months or so, only do bug fixes.
    Failed music choice XD

  11. AnonymousPosterIsAnonymous

    Make this body optional! I know some people like it, but I hate. If you just make it optional, everyone is happy.

    Also, what is this awesome song called? :3

  12. SuperEvilAzmil

    you know roblox, someone hate roblox 3.0 body so use old roblox if you dont want make people angry

  13. thebigpoliwag00

    i like the old bodies better because it shows more roblox then realistic like roblox is kinda like legos but theres an actual game about roblox and not for lego.

  14. ZekeZero

    Why do people like this?
    I hear comments saying it’ll make Roblox more realistic,or please put it on sale.
    That’s not the point!
    Roblox was originally blocky and simple, now it’s turn down to this, I bet the younger Robloxian audience wouldn’t understand. Roblox
    should not go this far out.

  15. Le Awesome Poster


  16. heatwine

    Booooo ths sucks I dont like it at all than is coming from a someone who likes legos.

    1. lihkid

      why did you even make this body its more better if you made bodys that do that we if they die they just fall and if they jump from a big height they get damaged and if they eat they F A T and they can move there head up and down and there arms every where thats all

    2. Bairdog35

      I will keep the old bodys that looks um that i dont think ill were that but ill buy it but not were it maybe but im not sure?

  17. ImDeath321

    im kinda used to the robloxian 2.0 package but that body aint half bad when it comes out i will still stick with robloxian 2.0 but might get that package a little while after it comes out just to see if its a popular package or not

  18. roblox bodys

    well i personaly like the original bodys they just give out the bloxy shape and do u have to have the faces and hair because i usaly have my stile of roblox 2010 summer time R&R&R

  19. thesonicfan211

    please roblox dont put it on Builders Club Please for the old users please :)

  20. hulkone

    Okay.. Roblox… It’s not a bad move… But really. Sometimes I wont be on ROBLOX for like 1 week and when I come back.. Theres new stuff! It’s hard to keep adapting to all the new changes. For Example, Edit Mode. Awhile ago, you changed the toolbox. I couldn’t figure out how to get to My Models! I finally found it after 10 minutes of looking. Basically, I’m used to one thing on ROBLOX. Then when you change it, I have to get used to that. Then you change it again…. And It’s hard to get used too! So, make changes more slowly… These new bodies seem like it will just confuse the heck out of me. XD


  21. personawsomelady:3

    just deal with it I kinda like the body it make roblox less blocky and more realistic. Dont get mad because I said this.

  22. DubstepParrot

    ROBLOX, How many times do we all have to say this… THIS IS A BAD IDEA! Improvements aren’t always good.

  23. EerieTheory

    Uhh… Well it’s not as bad as I thought It’d be, but if we’re forces to wear this, it will kind-of take away from the unique look of roblox.


    To be honest, im not looking forward to this at all. I still prefer the old body.

  25. SGTalpha43

    I mean the bodies aren’t bad but I’d like to keep ROBLOX original that’s what makes ROBLOx Cool
    It’s doesn’t look like anything else it’s cartoonish and unpredictable. If you’d put it in give us a choice make it a free package.

  26. Jamezx714

    when They change us to that i will be so mad and the faces are kinda amazing and the bodies Are bad.

  27. navysealsnake

    Wow you guys honestly think ROBLOX would FORCE YOU to wear these bodies it’s either going to be optional or something available only for BC members

  28. uiltimatemaster

    better scripting: ok

    packages: i can deal with that

    roblox 3.0 body: NO JUST NO

  29. Anonymus

    Dont Quit,Most Likely They Will Give A Option Either To Do New Or Stay Classic,Please Think Before You Type.

  30. lalagirl246

    How will the girls look like? Will the girls have lipstick on but really how would it look.

    1. ???

      guys dont be such haters they can do whatever they want with the website change is good you guys just have to deal with it ROBLOX is going to make some things you wont like but you will jut have to deal with it and have fun playing ROBLOX ok guys?

  31. Chris9163

    The faces are amazing, but the bodies, not so much. i mean its cool and stuff that rob lox is trying something new and I’m all for that, its just the bodies look more like legos or kreo battleship. I mean ROBLOX should have ambient shadows built for mac users like me then new bodies…Cool faces though.

  32. megabigbox12

    ok peeps are being harsh why cant we get along and just be roblox i dont think we should have to listen to you listen to us yea ur adminstraters but we are PROPER ROBLOXians we stick to rules and do things in our own time. let this be a lesson to taylor ad every adminstrater there. mega :) reply if u agree!!

  33. Janitorhater23

    I think that ROBLOX is making a great career move. I am almost positive they will make it so you can choose if you want it or not so leave them alone about it. ROBLOX is trying to get more teen ROBLOXians. ROBLOX wants older members and so do older members that are already on ROBLOX. Older members will buy BC more than the younger members and that will make ROBLOX richer. Also if there are older members that meens more people that can understand scripting will build. If this happens just think of what amazing creations will come up. And to all you people worrying about ROBLOX getting sued for “Copying” LEGO’s or KREE-O’s ideas. LEGO and KREE-O will sue each other before they sue ROBLOX.

    I am 100% with you on this ROBLOX. Do it. Reply if you aggree.

    1. rightfulhalo3killer

      dude dont you get it they only care about money and also if they get older players theres gonna be more ODing (Online Dating) and ODing is against the rules of ROBLOX,
      Btw younger kids get BC more than older kids cus the older kids parents might think there to old for ROBLOX and they wont buy them BC but younger kids whatever they want cus… you know… there younger.

      1. Janitorhater23

        I don’t think ANYONE will be encuraged to OD by these morphs. Nobody is atracted to animated “toys”.

    2. kilk3

      exactly this is a new changer and i like it b/c morphs r too expensive to get and this package thing already has one so im with u

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