Character Exploration

Character Explorations v3


Character Exploration

Over the past few weeks, we have shown the ROBLOX community various character explorations that include new head, body, arm and hand shapes for both male and female characters. We have a few examples of what these renderings would look like in ROBLOX. Check out the video of some new characters, and let us know what you think.

For previous examples, you can learn more in our first and second character exploration post.

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1,331 thoughts on “Character Explorations v3

  1. jimmysnow02

    I think they should make it a package like Robloxian 2.0 and they should name it Robloxian 3.0

  2. frankyfarrell

    I’d love it if it were an optional package, I mean what harm could it do? It looks cool, And this way those who like it, get the package, and those who dont can stay as they are. Everybody wins. :D

  3. killa41 The veteran

    one reason ill let these HORRIBLE bodies go through, if their optional so i can make fun of the noobs who dont know that its caleed ROBLOX not KRE-O world.

  4. Leftyright22

    The further down you go on the comments, the more hateful they are.

    And bonestly idc about these morphs, yes the facial hair is kinda, uh pedo, it wont matter you can change the face.

  5. Gombloh

    Ugh come on this is still BLOX! I want you guys don’t leave. I am still going forward to the future. NOT backward to the past.

  6. PlatinumSteelZ

    Robloxian 1.0 and Robloxian 2.0 are the best.

    But 3.0 with facial hair? It’s a kids game.

  7. Cowlesy

    My Honest opinion is that they look preety cool, but at lest make them a choice because like most people say if we are forced to look mlike this it will take the Blox Out of Roblox. I Understand Your Trying To Make Better Gameplay for us players, but i would like my classic look to stay, If we are forced to have these morphs and not have a choice, I Will quit Roblox.

  8. brad

    At first i hated it but now im actualy starting to like it and now i want it to happen.

    1. ghostfly123

      It won’t be BC only, it will probably be a new starting body
      (read first and second character exploration post.)

  9. nopenopenope22

    I agree with the many comments already there,i mean for goodness sake the guy in the vid looks like freakin mr sulu!so please donate 1 pound a month to have the creators of roblox assasinated and replaced with someone with half a brain, oh i know how about a piece of lego with some feaces in it?

  10. IAMMAD

    Did you here the song! It said she doesn’t believe in god omg! And also if this is NBC I wont be so mad at roblox anymore. :)

  11. ROBLOXian 1.0 supporter

    ROBLOX, I know you want to update and all. BUT COME ON! REALLY BODIES?!?! Want ideas for updates TAKE CARE OF SPAM,LAG THINGS THAT MATTER! I AGREE ITS RO !!!BLOX!!! Not ROvitar Create your own Chuck Norris person RO !!!BLOX!! IS ABOUT CREATING READ THIS THEN UPDATE!!!!!!!

  12. livewire66

    I hope they don’t force us to use this. Also, in a few years, when every ROBLOXian Man, Woman, and Child is wearing this and a “Robloxian 4.0” figure comes out, they’ll say: “NO! THIS ONE IS BETTER!!!”, and the OD’ers will go “lol i love it lol lol lol lol lol nubz”

    So now do you see my point?

  13. sombody

    this update will cut the age levels to 3-8 from 3-20. so if i played then i would be playing with 5 year old safe chat noobs.

  14. ROBLOX Troll

    That’s it. I’m done. I have moved to minecraft, because you do not listen. No longer will you take my money each month. Instead, I pay them once, ONCE, and they give me Minecraft, a game 100 times better than this… garbage. It has NOT been real, Roblox. It has been crappy.

  15. owner234

    they even look like chuck norris, Roblox is ruining everything and their turning Roblox into N00blox

  16. owner234

    this is the reason more little kids are comming into Roblox like more five year olds, seven year olds, and other little kids, all the people who are 13th and above like me are few in number if i dont have a classic body after this update im leaving because the first time i saw these bodies i was like oh god these are horrible

  17. A-talk-ative-guy

    I don’t care what people say or what Roblox does, It doesn’t matter because this may be a package.So…DONT BUY IT!Furthermore, who cares about this single morph?Buy different ones!Use Robloxian 2.0 .

  18. Jokie155

    I find it ironic that the supposedly ‘mature’ players are ‘quitting’ over this update. I myself having been here for three years, and already able to begin driving a car, see no problem with developers of a game keeping up with other MMO-sandbox games.

  19. FireNinja84

    Those are ugly bodies, I must say. If you make these, please just let it be an option.

  20. Rikuren

    It’s better to keep the bodies the way they are now. As long as the heads and faces.

  21. Anonymous

    Ok I believe that this is cool, but leave that option there for those who want it, like in the menu. Keep the old roblox stuff too.

  22. mangafanatic0

    Could we see the new female bodies in-game? I like the new bodies, as long as the bodies are optional.

  23. 5jupiteralt

    Uh, are you able to change faces still? What if you try to make yourself a kid and then people see a beard and a manly face? Lol.

  24. piterpater

    Guys just stop there not going to get rid of the bodys give up if they did it would be a waste of my robux and money and they would not do taht so just stop hating and deal with it no one is forcing you to use them ok?

  25. Rightfulblast

    This is too advanced. ROBLOX IS GOING TOO FAR! I like the way characters are as it is.

  26. Awesomeguy19991

    Me: Hey guy, wanna try out ROBLOX
    (Friend sees 3.0 and realistic faces)
    Friend: I thought you said ROBLOX, not HUMESH.

    Cool, buy please make a 1337 r$ package called *2005 – 2011 default body… :|

  27. ilovebacon21322

    i honestly hate this idea. you are ruining roBLOX by doing this. These only apeal to 7 year olds who only play because it looks ‘funny’. All the experienced layers are gone and only little kids play now. i am one of the only 13+ accounts left. PLEASE STOP IT NOW!

    1. Nate11nate, Truth Teller

      I do agree, This does not appeal to me. I am going too quit. If alot of people quit, roblox might take it away, and yes 7 year old safechat noobs that love legos will freak out over it… Well After what I thought, What Roblox is about is building and creating games, not customizing an Avatar, Maybe roblox should stop wasting time, or call roblox BodyBlox.

    2. Trishy

      Yes, I totally agree, even though I quit. I was thinking about comming back, but nvm now.

    3. Tyler240066

      Im also a 13+ account, we need to make a riot against the new roblox, I liek the lod days where the bricks were able to be easily shapable, now its just stupid squares, Roblox Studio is the only way to go, THIS IS MADDNESS, But im still staying to see if they litsen to the 13+ players

      1. JulieThomas17

        Truly, I don’t think they listen to anyone. BTW, I’m also 13+ account. And I only started playing in Jan. 2011, just one year ago, because I loved it back then and like you said, you could resize/reshape blocks to be any way you want, but really why I played it was because of the imagination and creativity you could get away with. Now everything is, like you say, cubey, premade CRAP. Where’s the creation that kept me playing this for a whole year? Where’s the imagination and coolness of the game. ROBLOX was the best game ever before last summer. *sigh* I was too late to live the good times of ROBLOX.

  28. archie

    is this a bad version of lego/KRE-O or the new skin. PLEASE BE THE FIRST OPTION!!!

  29. zarockelite

    if you cant accept changes to the game you will never move forward in the world new ideas and design are normal in this world

  30. Someguy

    Im pretty excited about this but I’ve been reading the comments and maybe we should come up with a compromise??
    I was thinking maybe leave the old bodies and make the new ones optional? That would work… Right?

  31. OMGPOP

    in the past there was on the default page something like: roblox is not copied from megablox, lego or x’nex(idk how they call it) but now there isent anything about that so it means… they advertise for money :O

  32. OMGPOP

    like the water is pretty… wow but the comming bodys are ruining the future of roblox

  33. CM

    Me: Hey dude, wanna try out ROBLOX
    (Friend sees 3.0 and realistic faces)
    Friend: I thought you said ROBLOX, not RO-Human.

    This will sadly fail.

  34. zombrovski

    Hello 09er here I really don’t want roblox to change. I bet none of you want it to happen either. But we can’t really do anything about it unless we actually go to the roblox HQ but I’m guessing that no one wants to do that so well we just can’t stop it From happening but if enough people complain about it then they may bring roblox 2.0 back. I don’t really think that the comments will do any thing.

  35. zombrovski

    Hello every one zombrovski here.
    I made a decal to try to stop roblox 3 it’s free for all of you to use you can make protest signs, posters for it because I’m not BC so you can even sell a protest sign to try and stop it from happening. Then follow roblox staff the pull out the protest signs then they may make roblox 3 not happen

    p.s. the decal is called stop roblox 3.0

  36. aviationrocks100

    I really like this but I also want to keep the square morphs and the ones we have now.

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