Character Exploration

Character Explorations v3


Character Exploration

Over the past few weeks, we have shown the ROBLOX community various character explorations that include new head, body, arm and hand shapes for both male and female characters. We have a few examples of what these renderings would look like in ROBLOX. Check out the video of some new characters, and let us know what you think.

For previous examples, you can learn more in our first and second character exploration post.

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1,331 thoughts on “Character Explorations v3

  1. brad1018

    Although it’s not quite… original… if you are going to release these, despite the majority voting against it, at least make it optional like 2.0 is.

  2. Snakehunt

    When is Roblox going to listen to its users? Almost all of them hated the idea from the first post of these made, but you just ignore them and made these? What lousy listeners….Roblox really wants to make these when almost everybody hates it? We all know what happens when Roblox does this… fails….miserably….

  3. mrsmarthead

    why roblox do a trade in sistem plese and allso you need to lissen to people of the years 7 to 900 can you

  4. Forg0t

    This doesn’t seem orignal there are tons of games that use similar bodies like this and personaly I don’t like how it looks and it doesn’t fit roblox

  5. Mikolaj

    Why? Why did you remove round studs? Why did you add new bodies? Why are there no more contests? Why are Builder’s Club members worshiped? Why change what we know and love. These questions need to be answered.

  6. gamio

    do it but plz make roblox a little less hacked plz cus sum of my friends keep getting hacked and so are the games on it ive been on roblox since 2006 so im a vet and i would never play a game that is hacked

  7. Tyranitar123

    STOP. DOING. THIS. ITS WRONG. Seriously, not every kid wants to look like some old creep in a leather jacket.

  8. funnyjo

    Why would you waste your time updating characters? They are perfectly fine right now.

  9. Marky1116

    Please roblox, stop making silly updates that only noobies like. A lot of your updates have caused veteran Robloxians to quit out of disgust, and this will simply continue that tradition I guess. The 1.0 is the best, and being more like Lego isn’t going to make the site more popular… Also, if you keep stressing that this is a kids game, why are you making the character with a beard?

  10. RobyTobyRobot66

    Look everyone, if you let the old ROBLOX take over yourself, then that’s not good. It could ruin your future. I’m trying to put a positive spin on this. But, if you let the old ROBLOX hold you back, your future may not be as great. I like the progression of ROBLOX. But I agree. The faces looks like ODer faces, which do not belong. But the body seems neat.

  11. whit(GODDZILLA24)

    Before i watched the video:
    forget this, fix the exploiting and make a trade system!!!at the very least, make it OPTIONAL!

    After i watched the video:
    IT LOOKS LIKE LEGO! its ugly to! the head looks WAY to big for the body!

  12. xxtheblockxx

    It sort of looks liek legos, but not exactly, also i agree that, these shouldnt replace anything, but be onsale as free packages, such as the girl body.

    1. Lionblaze1212

      Roblox if you approve this you WILL ruin Roblox! This 3.0 thing is your most worst idea.

  13. cheesetoon

    Stop only going for the kids! Go for all ages! ROBLOX has really been only going for the kids nowadays! What happened to coolness of all ages?

  14. Razer100

    It’s ugly, we want a trade system.

    If you make it, make it an option for players.

    i.e (male or female) type of layout.


  15. DamageGamerBoy

    LISTEN ROBLOX, THIS IS STUPID.. I mean, why would I want to play a game that I look like I am 50 and OD’erish. Just stop.

  16. RazorChiken

    Take our advice ROBLOX. Stop it with the terrible looking bodies and textures, everyone loves the 1.0 design how it was. Why not do what everyone wants and implement a trade system or fix the exploiting problem???

  17. NMJ

    This is getting ugly.
    I should literally write an essay titled “the downfall of roblox – year 2012”.
    this is like part 30 of the downfall, if you haven’t noticed.

    1. 022981

      It started with that retarted theme back in 2010. The OLD OLD Theme was the best, but it sounded kinda RuneScape like.

  18. MrRobloxxer

    I think Roblox should just make this new “body” upgrade JUST a new Package that’s free to all players. Honestly Roblox wouldn’t be its own thing if this was permanent, it’s too much like Lego people.

  19. rockintyler8

    Lego = Blocky and roblox wants to get out of the lego style and into their own style.

  20. redchicks300

    I think these bodies are good, But not as good as the old bodies, ROBLOX is for kids, And now ROBLOX is trying to get adults play ROBLOX? Or are they making this Online Dating faces appear? Seriously i hate them.

  21. matthew42398

    I’m kind of a Roblox traditionalist. I think that using these new bodies should be optional. If they’re set as everyone’s avatar body, I (and probably a lot of other people) will be very displeased.

  22. Dryzeak

    i agree with cyborgdino…the only thing that looks…”ODish”is the face and you look awesome if you put on war clothes it will look like your a solider..and i like the hair..if you…how is this bad?……seriously..they keep doing explorations..they will decide their self..who cares if you quit roblox?its not your website…its the admins…

  23. Shade10247

    No. Please god no.

    Please fire the genius who came up with this stupid crap. It burns my eyes.

  24. Sonicjr723

    Look, you’re not adding this. If you do you’re just plain fools. Even when you do, if you’re thhat dumb, it had BETTER be optional. Because unlike you morons I don’t want to look like crap and copy LEGO and ruin ROBLOX.

  25. TinyBerry3

    I agree with the new bodies, but the new faces are just horrible. It takes away from the roblox expirience and makes it look like a LEGOs gone wrong. So basicly, add the new bodies, but keep the faces out of roblox.

  26. Someone

    Guys t just like 2.0 i think so its not defult YAY so its not gonna be forced just like 2.0 we buy them so hopfully this will not be default plz dont let it =(

  27. junkbot

    If the idea does come through, sell it as a body for free.
    (For the whiney kids)
    And then those who dont want it do have to get it
    Everyone is happy.
    ALMOST everyone
    Im still angry about the fact you dont listin to the comunity

  28. wertymon1

    Why do you people complain? Who cares if ROBLOX wasnt the same it was 5 years ago? This idea isnt completely going to change we play, just suck up and deal with it!

  29. hi

    people who say bcers use blocky form, i dont. i have one of the bodies. well actually a few. dont make excuses. i want these bodies and heads.

  30. Cup100

    Ok If you do do this then I’m quiting. Robbox yOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING!! ITS CALLED ROBLOX!! NOT LEGOPEOPLEBLOX!! That guy in the video looks like some thief going to rob the bank or something!!

  31. Kirby Rider

    I wonder if our Faces/Bodies/Etc. are being Limited or something. Because I really enjoy my very own 2.0 body.

  32. noah9564

    I’m fine with these, as long as we can switch body types. This would add a bit more realism into the game, as the people look alittle like us humans, but not entirely. Also, they should NOT be BC only. I’m BC, but it would be unfair to the NBCers who would like to have these bodies.

  33. Minimaster7

    Three things:

    1) I like the packeges they have now.
    2) The ones shown in that video look WIERD; I don’t like em’
    3) They should make more non-BC packeges. (Yes, I’m BC!)

    But seriusly ROBLOX, please Don’t pass those bodys they’re BAD!!!!!!! :|

  34. IHateNewBodies

    Really? Why won’t you just listen? We OBVIOUSLY HATE these bodies, why are you putting them on the site? Get them the hell out of here.

  35. MBM88

    Really guys… Just learn to deal with change… People say roblox has too many updates but hey.. nothing can stay the same forever so just go with the flow and learn to like what we have.

    1. chance9025

      Well i don’t like it and i wont just “go with the flow” Im standing up against what i (and about 80 % of us) hate.

  36. blockjack78

    This is the worst idea roblox has ever had, they say this is not like megablox and lego but look at this! I liked it when the traditional insert tool where you can insert your own stuff instead of dumb prebuilt roblox things, and RAYCAST!!! Who freaking cares about making things look like you are shooting lasers, it was already done, and it also caused the health glitch. The new HUD and I like the 2.0 bodies but making this look like lego instead of blocks.

  37. WOW25

    We’ve gone through 3 of these! NO! We’ve said it hundreds of times. NOOOO!! What is so hard to understand about that?!

  38. Xanderal32

    That doesn’t look too good in my opinion.
    Instead of making Lego ripoffs, why not tell us you’re doing something about all this hacking that’s been going on?

  39. FlyBoy245

    ok guys cmon these things would be ok if and only if they are free to ALL Robloxians.

    To RoBLOX:
    if u dont go through with it like some stuff,at leats make a bearded face because iv’e been lookin’ 4 1 4 evr.

    Best Regards-
    c/SGT.Leon Jones

  40. Anonymous

    Unfortunetly, if these changes continue, I am afraid i will terminate my account.

  41. dogcatrabbit

    What happened to actually caring about the community and adding features that will revolutionize the game? Oh wait, if it doesn’t put our money in their pockets it’s not going to be added. smh

  42. Salads are amazing

    I’m not positive why we’re wasting time making this. They don’t look that great to begin with, and there’s not a real reason to waste time designing this. I’m all for change, but this isn’t going to help anything.

  43. mrjoe9

    That picture scares me. If I didn’t know I was on the Roblox Blog I wouldn’t have known that was Roblox.

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