Character Exploration

Character Explorations v3


Character Exploration

Over the past few weeks, we have shown the ROBLOX community various character explorations that include new head, body, arm and hand shapes for both male and female characters. We have a few examples of what these renderings would look like in ROBLOX. Check out the video of some new characters, and let us know what you think.

For previous examples, you can learn more in our first and second character exploration post.

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1,331 thoughts on “Character Explorations v3

  1. Dillanator

    This is not right. Roblox has been with these blocky bodies for years.

    The people who have been playing Roblox for a few years are going to hate this, such as me.
    Just keep it the way it is! It’s actually very true how you are ignoring the player’s intrests.
    Trade System and exploitation do need to get worked on. Forget this terrain water and body exploration. We really don’t need that. You might as well have a pole of what we want to have done here. Roblox is a Democracy, not a Dictatorship.

      1. hacker1leo

        I do not fully agree. Water/buoyancy exploration is very useful and innovative – I am excited about that. However, Terrain and bodies aren’t as useful. Not by a long shot. Exploiting, and the Trade system are top priorities. If ROBLOX doesn’t focus on that, then there is no reason to stay with ROBLOX.

  2. DrToxicus

    I actualy like it and i asked a lot of people if they want the change and they said yes..
    But for people who dont want the change make it optional.

  3. Travianer999

    The BIGGEST REASON that made me interested in ROBLOX while I was a noob, was that it was mysterious and blocky. The characters are at it’s finest right now. But even if you DO add the bodies, PLEASE, make them BUYABLE, not throw them into our faces and make us WEAR them. You COULD make priorities. For instance, the one on the top could be the Trading System we’re YELLING all about. WE WANT IT BADLY. Oh, and PLEASE, fix various exploiting problems!(BTW, that first costume looked like Spock from Star Trek. I see what you did there. :3)

  4. Anonymous siete.

    If they create it you don’t have to wear it (I think) it will probaly like a package so you can still have your good old blocky look!
    (And roblox…Fix the exploiting stuff if you are actualy reading these comments. Because games get messed up pretty bad.)

  5. Hugo124hugo

    I like this body and also the bloxy body,so i got a idea.
    Roblox should add this body but also add a “Robloxian 1.0” button! Who likes my Idea?

  6. dug42

    I think the new morphs are great! Robloxian 1.0 is getting old and 2.0 Is nice but this beats all! GREAT WORK ROBLOX!

    1. Bob McCool (Piemanman)

      …THe Block is the good, Old fashioned body and If anyone knows any history, the original blocky body didn’t have any animation, Then It used to have leg animations and finaly the animations as we know today. The 2.0 body is really what brought the ODers in just due to how realistic it looks. Imagine this, The most realistic body ever known to ROBLOX, ALL the ODers of 2010-2011(It’s finally died down now) Times two, THen divide the number of classic players (07ers-09ers) Then, They’d be out thousands of players. That’s millions of dollars seeing as almost all of us classic players have haad, Or do have, Some type of BC.~I do enjoy the beards off of bearded faces, That’s about it for this update~

  7. Homerboy4


  8. Atm111

    It is called ROBLOX for a reason. As in Robotic Blocks, as in the characters. And, seriously, everybody wants a trade system, not some stupid new bodies, NOBODY wants the new bodies.

  9. qiutmeee

    I like the LEGO look but I like the original one but I’ll like it if you make that update.

  10. EliteShockTroop680

    The original block parts are great… If you’re going to change the bodies, at least make it an option or make a package with the newer parts, so the people who like the blocky parts can have it. And before you go adding all these updates, FIX THE EXPLOITING PROBLEM. Clans can’t even have their regular everyday events because of exploiting. No one really cares if we get new bodies, the things people ask for are the things they don’t get. The trade system would be nice, as people have been waiting a long time for that. People are going to make against-ROBLOX-rules trades until you publish that also.

  11. Your Average Classic Robloxian

    Ugh. Its HIDEOUS. Wanna know how noobish the community is getting? A WHOLE SERVER ripped on me for wearing the classic face.

  12. Linkmon99

    Any one who wants this, is not a true roblox player. Of course roblox will make these anyways like idiots.

  13. josh50000

    Just get the trading system done, we have been waiting for about 2 years and this is the main thing all robloxians want

  14. Anonymouse


    1. Faces.
    ROBLOX is meant to be a KIDS site, where KIDS play.
    KIDS don’t have such a beard.
    And why isn’t the face happy? Isn’t appealing to KIDS.

    2. Body
    Looks too much like Lego. ROBLOX, Not RoMesh or Terramesh (I like terrain, but the mesh for the body, eulgh!)
    Why does the body have a NECK?
    It looks wrong in my opinion…

    If our bodies change automatically, I am going to tell Lego to sue you and KRE-O.

  15. Nigel1999

    I do not like it it’s good as the way it is now.. there can be more done about the bc tbc and Obc catagory’s like also adding a way of paying Obc or tbc or bc with a debit card cuz in europe there is not rlly a chance to get bc or tbc or obc it is cool if ppl in europe can get bc tbc obc too.

  16. jobro13

    Roblox, you have set your OWN style of gaming:



    Using blocks.

    Why oh WHY do you guys need to RUIN this making those, in your eyes, “cool” looking characters? I think you are ruining your own style… We dont want better graphics or whatever… Roblox is epic because its so blocky.

    I have another example: minecraft. Lets imagine minecraft is gonna do a huge graphical update. The grass is now meshes, etc. That will RUIN the game. People will desperately want to find a way for the old version. Why? Its nostalgia, its the feeling of the game. Dont ruin that guys… Dont! Please!

  17. No.

    ROBLOX, when you released the meshes for our avatar in 2010, there was a increase in Online Dating. Didn’t it occur to you that Online Daters will take advantage of these bodies too?

  18. RLR59

    This Is A Roblox Good Update…..Just Appricate What Roblox Update (Didnt Spell That Right)…But Yeah Do The Update Its Epic

  19. Sean

    What is wrong with you people. Listening is a social skill needed in life, ROBLOX you appear to lack it.

  20. Superpenguin55

    I have a mixed opinion about this. They look good and will appeal to older kids. But some, like me, prefer the 1.0 body. If this body does get implemented, make sure to still have the 1.0, and 2.0 body as an option.

  21. Luffy3460

    This is sad, more than it should be. You’re slowly letting yourselves be taken over by Hasbro, and that’s going to make you guys lose every player that isn’t under the age of 5. Granted, that’s still a moderately large player base considering, but you lose the people who make the good games, the people who actually have enough brain power to script and build, and when it comes down to it, it’s not the hats, the gear, or the catalog in it’s entirety that makes ROBLOX popular, it’s the games that the people make. I will admit that it’s an interesting concept, but right now that’s not what ROBLOX needs. There’s serious problems with the exploitations happening in ROBLOX right now, and you seem to be ignoring it all completely. The trade system should most definitely be worked on, and what ever happened to dynamic lighting? All I’m saying is, try and focus on the people who actually made you all this money.


  22. code96

    come on roblox really no one likes this will you pach the hacks and make a trade thing i mean this just looks like a rip off of legos

  23. pikachu5432

    ROBLOX has been a traditional experience, but it wouldn’t be the same if the bodies would change. Many things had change such as building, clothing, Web updates, game experience, different terms, and unusual new vehicles, but most people think that ROBLOX is great how it is!

  24. EpikYummeh

    I’m still trying to figure out what you guys changed other than new body packages, heads, and faces. There really isn’t anything “special”, “revolutionary”, or “amazing” here. As you can see from comments here and in previous posts, many players really don’t care about these player aesthetic updates; they want exploit problems fixed and new building features. So do I.

  25. HamMan6789

    Nobody wants this. Nobody wants anything Roblox does but they do it anyway. They haven’t cared about their users for years. I don’t even know why I’m saying this because they obviously don’t read their own comments. It’s crap like this that made all those great builders and scripters quit.

  26. Anonymous

    Honestly, I hate to tell you but err, I can’t stand this. It doesn’t even make sense. The best update of all time would be if you would take more suggestions from the players. Thanks for the hard work you do.

  27. Randomtoasterwaffle

    No. Just no. I will not have those bodies. If it is changed to default I will probably have to rage quit roblox. Does anyone agree?



    seriously Roblox?? Your making our character’s look like Lego Duplo characters, serious- we are NOT babys!

  29. RobloxTradeSystem

    I do not understand why you guys are attempting to change the way our characters look. I think the original “bloxy” character is perfect the way it is. I will say that some of those 2.0 things are cool but This is uncalled for. The character does not even look that great. Everywhere I go on roblox people are screaming for a trade system. I think you guys should give everybody what they want instead of changing the way our robloxians look. (they look fine right now)

    1. ScaryLiamb752/Liamb752

      I agree… It looks like they are going to copy “Lego”…

      I like the ROBLOX 2.0 body better.
      What’s wrong ROBLOX? ROBLOX isn’t looking ROBLOXY anymore. It’s starting to look like LEGO~!

    2. griffindude12

      Well ROBLOX With these new updates could we be able to change them to our original heads and packages?

    3. COOLTV

      Uhhhhh WTF is this i mean the body sucks and we don’t want any more of this crap we want trade system ,and exploit fixed ,i mean its like everyone hates this game because of the updates and if you do listen to us don’t make it like this! i joined in 09 that the year everyone was chilling then the next year you made us have to learn how to use our tools because they where being changed and then body’s came out and made people jealous ,ROBLOX was supposed to be a building game not a fashion show!!!! and WTF is up with builders club only that sucks and there wasn’t BC back in the day….im not saying take it off im just saying listen to us and get rid of the new terrain its sucky ,heck i might even go to minecraft it cost money but they don’t update all the time like roblox…I really am getting ticked off. Roblox you need to listen ,think ,and chose whats best ,not ignore ,stare of into space ,and chose what SUCKS

    4. yummydoglover

      ROBLOX are NOT trying to change the way our characters look, they are experimenting and seeing what we ALL think about it.

  30. JohnBonham

    Seriously, fix the exploiting problem and make a trade system. You’re ignoring what’s in the player’s interest.

  31. Kanealii

    I like it. Its a nice change from 1.0 bodies and if it works flawlessly like the 1.0 bodies do, than I see no problems with implementing this. I like the look of the scruffy face because, Im older than 17+ so this suits me.

    Good stuff Roblox.

  32. TheAmazeman

    I am so sick of this. I have been a member of ROBLOX since 2008. You need to start connecting to your fans like you did then. It is like you ignore us now. We don’t want this. We don’t want terrain. Terrain makes ROBLOX look like a? Minecraft clone. So get back on track and start listening to your community. Terrain and these new bodies HAVE TO GO!

    1. Waitman

      Bro, I LOVE the terrain. It makes me have a more wider range of building. And it’s not a minecraft clone. If you think so then you have no sense.

  33. TheDarkDerek

    These are horrible. I don’t want Roblox to turn into Lego Universe. Let us remain Roblox, and not Lego.

  34. kingmatt2

    I don’t like it, but i do like it.The face does not have a nose. And the arm dosent conect. but i like the boby and feet. the neck it needs some work. I cant tell if there is fingers. but you should make some. but, not fingers that ware tiny, or huge. normal ones that stay together and spred apart. And i think you should fix the lag problem, and the expoiting promlom.

  35. Kingcreatorlabs

    To be honest ROBLOX your making updates these days that the community doesn’t want. Your supposed to get feedback from the ROBLOX’s many fans not create pointless things that these people don’t want or need. Please ROBLOX don’t make a silly version of lego ROBLOX is supposed to be unique.

  36. Akatsukipein3

    Guys, I think Roblox will make this optional, and make these bodies about.. let’s say..1000 Robux? If you guys don’t realize it, roblox turned from Good people willing to make people happy from the fun of roblox to Greedy people ignoring roblox problems and make more of these things that would cost above 500 robux so they can get more money.

  37. DullTitan

    Okay, really ROBLOX? This just looks way to legoish. The lego people look like this is you happen to have any lego toys. Just STOP with the updates and patch the exploiting problems. No, don’t have telamon go again and say, “I will make it bc only so I can have there mains”. No just no. It doesn’t work like that, you need to find out HOW they are getting through your security, fix it, then get better secutity and block all exploiting.

    1. lazycat1000

      Yeah,y should there be packages WITHOUT builders club members?These normal ones r UGLY! seriosly!

  38. Supertyphlosion12345

    I do not want these as the default. It takes away some of the wonderful creativity in ROBLOX. Its okay if you can make these new things ROBLOX, but please make them able to buy like a package in the catalog. If you do make this a default, then ROBLOX might lose a high percentage of its players: less BC, less people on ROBLOX, less money.

  39. thedestroyer115

    There should be a vote in the notifications. Is this really going to be added? D:

  40. Bluester22

    This is just a new package, there’s nothing wrong with it is there? This doesn’t change the impact for ROBLOX that much, if it doesn’t affect Games negatively I am in with your idea ROBLOX.

    I Support

    1. HamMan6789

      The problem is that they’re doing this stuff instead of fixing bugs and implementing features that the community is asking for.

  41. mikedragon13

    I don’t like the characters, but I am just one person and I will think of other people, by saying make it an option to stay the same way as we are now; or change to this. Yes we want the trade system!

    1. lazycat1000

      I like it,but think about the other ROBLOXians.What would u do to the guests? and wut about options and votes? i would like dat idea! :D

  42. DevilishPyro

    This looks pathetic, this must not be implemented for the sake of the ROBLOX community’s prosperity and coexistence.

  43. DragonDX1

    Why don’t you work on something more productive? Like fixing the ammount of exploits in the gameplay rather then focusing on pointless crap like this.

  44. JASON3089

    This should be free for all robloxians i have TBC & i say it should be a free packager

  45. LD2RLBX

    No, just no.
    This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.
    And I’m not joking. This is extremely stupid. And the ODer noobs will love it.

  46. Skatertater

    If you’re going to make the game more reliant on meshes, at least make shadows and ambient occlusion work on EVERYTHING that is 3D in the game.

  47. Nick

    This is awesome, but I think you should work on patching all the exploits going around ROBLOX right now. That is becoming a #1 issue. Your members can’t play front page games because just about every one is exploited.

  48. Robot5630

    I Really Think It Looks A Little… Odd But I Like The Bodies That We Already have. I Dont Want Roblox To Look Like Humans. I Want It To Be as it is now. ~Robot5630~

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