In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and Character

Preview Our In-Game Wardrobe Change Interface

In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and CharacterROBLOX is working on a new feature that lets players change their character’s clothes and preview their appearance in-game. User Experience Engineer Ben Tkacheff is here today to demonstrate the interface he developed and offer some insider information on how he used ROBLOX’s tools to create it.

Part of the fun of ROBLOX is creating a persistent avatar and making it your own with the finest, most stylish ROBLOX attire. Traditionally, that customization happens on the ROBLOX website – outside the game engine – and requires you to enter a game to see whether the new look suits your fancy. Now, we’re polishing an interface that lets you change and preview your look in-game.

The in-game wardrobe change is a simple, intuitive feature. You’ll just press the tilde (~) key or click the backpack button at the bottom of the screen to open the menu, then click the wardrobe tab to start dragging hats, heads, faces, shirts, pants and more onto your character. You’ll be able to rotate your character so you can see how you look from every, important angle. Once you save your changes, we’ll automatically update your thumbnail image on the ROBLOX website.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”FXEB1BsG9tQ”/] Demo: In-game wardrobe change interface. We’ll be adding actual item icons for the official release.

We developed the feature using Lua, the same scripting language game creators use to write new gameplay and interfaces for their games. When approaching the design of the wardrobe interface, we wanted to ensure there were many ways for players to equip various wardrobe pieces to their character. For instance, drag and drop, right-click and left
In-game Wardrobe Change Menu Screenshot
double-click can all be used to adorn your character with an inventory item, giving all levels of users the best experience possible with the interface.

We also engineered the code as many small functions so we could re-use it for the various interaction methods; plus, it has the added advantage of better readability.

Game creators who don’t want players to change their appearance – for example, in a game where players have team colors or uniforms – can choose not to allow it. The rest of the time, we believe you’ll enjoy the convenience of changing your look on the fly.

About Ben Tkacheff

User Experience Engineer at ROBLOX.

949 thoughts on “Preview Our In-Game Wardrobe Change Interface

  1. 21lightkill

    Okay, if they add this, then what was the point buying hat’s and packages? P_P

  2. speedracer33

    Now watch as they make this BC only just because you want them to make it for NBC too.

  3. wolflink103

    Roblox should make you have unlimited life when changing out fits,so people dont rapidly kill you in a game.

  4. byebyby

    Trust me it would be a pain in the but if i had to learn how to change my character ALL OVER AGAIN

  5. joeyd718alt

    man i have been waiting for this forever, i have a kinda slow computer, and when i go in a game it takes up all my CPU, so if i wanna change i gotta leave the game, or browsing the main website will cause me so much lag, and this will help with that so much, and i think they should make like a test, cause i have all these body morphs, and on the website it only shows how it will look on the default body, so i would like it if they made this so you can see what the stuff will look like on you with your body morphs on, before you go buying, i know i made a few purchases that i regret because they just don’t look as nice on a body morph than on the default body :/


  6. DaGoldenHippo

    roblox fix the patches before you go making features cuz roblox will get destroyed on day by hackers now please stop making features and start making patches stop being careless

  7. 17888becky

    amazing :D but please let this be NBC because really i checked this other cool update out i was happy then i saw “This will be BC only” then my heart sank >:o

      1. lyingpopy

        yeah, there not even working on it though! there working on the trading thing D:

  8. Happycat32210

    Are you wondering how this will affect the gameplay? Here’s a list of a few uses:

    You can change your face to reflect your mood.

    If you’re playing a war game, you can wear the enemy team’s uniform when invading their base. Once you’re you can switch to your team’s uniform.

    If you like roleplays, you may find lots of uses for this.

    You can change your color and remove all items to blend in with the background.

    You can make your character look like the average person, to avoid people getting suspicious.

    You can use it for TONS of humorous reasons!

    And many, many more! Even though I’m OBC, I agree that this should be for NBCs also.

  9. Cowlesy

    This Would Make Gameplay much Easier, Now we won’t have to reset to change our looks, plus its possible to change the skin colour.

  10. mrsmarthead

    thois is so mush better than the 3.0 boddy im looking forord to this toevryone

  11. piterpater

    When is this coming out its going to take forever isent it :( i realy want this so i can be a normal person then quick change into a super heroe and troll people :3

  12. bryceaboo0

    WOW! I cannot wait until this comes out. Now I won’t have to go “brb” every second just to change! I believe this is one of the best ROBLOX updates yet.

  13. Jas1066

    This thing is amazing, we’ve waiting for this for years and its finally coming out:D I only have 2 snags: 1. What if you on a war game and you suddenly start rotation? Its worse than saying “KILL ME, I’M BRB” 2. This MUST be NBC, I’m a BC but it would just take things too far if it when BC only

    1. joeyd718

      actually, your actual character isent spinning, it makes a model of your character and that spins, if ROBLOX is smart, them will make it so when you open this your actual character gets frozen (so you dont cheat while the next feature is in use -_-) and you get a FF, that way no one can kill you while you are getting changed

  14. Person

    Interesting… They should make it, then let it be like a “test” for awhile until actually making it like… permanent?

    And ROBLOX should/needs to make this for NBC too, and make more NBC hats, that NBC can actually afford.

  15. Jonman1705

    Really roblox? Ingame? Work on making the game actually work better, we don’t want new features, we want you to improve the game, snip the new updates that even broke some of your gear items, work on making the game less laggy, we can change our appearance just by clicking back on the roblox page, putting on the clothes we want, and clicking the little reset button, we don’t need this useless update!

    1. ???

      It won’t because trhis won’t let you try other suff but catalog heavon has suff to try but this won’t.I look forward to this new feature.

    2. ORLY?

      It will not it will improve all games in roblox GREATLY I am sure 1000s and 1000s of robloxians will love this for rps and other games because its like a portable “edit character” button you can bring IN GAME so also you dont have to reset to change clothes and have to go to vip rooms and get certain types of gears and stuff all over its just quick and easy and will make rps so much better.

    1. Seirosly? -5jupiteralt

      Come on. It is great, and in a great spot. It makes the backpack even more useful.

  16. Shasta7359

    I like this idea, I can’t wait to see this in the game But don’t make a Bc only thing make it for all robloxians.

  17. laxman15

    Do you guys have 2 versions? Because with the character explorations coming (Sadly.) is it compatible with it?

  18. EpicBuilder455

    Please dont make this BC,TBC or OBC i beg you,please cause i will never be BC D:.Anyway it looks cool :D.

    1. tblox10

      yeah ikr they should make it for every 1 cuz i probably wont get bc 4 a while or maybe not ever! D;

  19. jrcorr

    I think this is a good idea . but for example i was nbc when i wanted to change look. but i look at the waldrobe. BAM! not for nbc. please make it bc and nbc. Anyone agree

  20. Abcat123

    Please do not make this bc only if you do it will make of of the nbcrs so anrgy that they will boycott roblox! its possible so dont let it happen!

  21. Thgamwe

    Neat good idea! i dont have to change my character all the time! :D dont make it bc only thoughmake it open to evrey user plzz

  22. don'tcry

    I think ROBLOX shouldn’t have currency. ROBLOX should be FREE like it says in the commercial.. Everything should be free. Anyone who agrees?

  23. konni900

    Now this is an improvement. But please, DO NOT make it BC-Only. BCers have more features than they need. Also it would be pointless to keep a in-game wardrobe system away from the NBCers.

  24. DJfunkey101911

    I think this is a beautiful thing. When I’m playing Complex rp or something, I can change into PJs instead of minimizing, going to wardrobe, changing, and having to reset. And reseting sometimes in a game will make u lose any gears or hats u borrowed and that’s nerve breaking. :D GO ROBLOX! Keep it coming with the updates

    1. laxman15

      If your saying this because when you go into games it not there its because its not released yet.
      Also, nice name… Bob.

    1. Binchuya

      Why would they do that? You can go to MY ROBLOX and change your stuff there. All they’re doing is making it easier.

  25. Lauren78910

    This is very cool and the wardobe is in a GAME so you can change your SKIN now and it is much quicker and simple. It’s a very nice update do not quit because it is improving roblox that’s all.

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