In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and Character

Preview Our In-Game Wardrobe Change Interface

In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and CharacterROBLOX is working on a new feature that lets players change their character’s clothes and preview their appearance in-game. User Experience Engineer Ben Tkacheff is here today to demonstrate the interface he developed and offer some insider information on how he used ROBLOX’s tools to create it.

Part of the fun of ROBLOX is creating a persistent avatar and making it your own with the finest, most stylish ROBLOX attire. Traditionally, that customization happens on the ROBLOX website – outside the game engine – and requires you to enter a game to see whether the new look suits your fancy. Now, we’re polishing an interface that lets you change and preview your look in-game.

The in-game wardrobe change is a simple, intuitive feature. You’ll just press the tilde (~) key or click the backpack button at the bottom of the screen to open the menu, then click the wardrobe tab to start dragging hats, heads, faces, shirts, pants and more onto your character. You’ll be able to rotate your character so you can see how you look from every, important angle. Once you save your changes, we’ll automatically update your thumbnail image on the ROBLOX website.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”FXEB1BsG9tQ”/] Demo: In-game wardrobe change interface. We’ll be adding actual item icons for the official release.

We developed the feature using Lua, the same scripting language game creators use to write new gameplay and interfaces for their games. When approaching the design of the wardrobe interface, we wanted to ensure there were many ways for players to equip various wardrobe pieces to their character. For instance, drag and drop, right-click and left
In-game Wardrobe Change Menu Screenshot
double-click can all be used to adorn your character with an inventory item, giving all levels of users the best experience possible with the interface.

We also engineered the code as many small functions so we could re-use it for the various interaction methods; plus, it has the added advantage of better readability.

Game creators who don’t want players to change their appearance – for example, in a game where players have team colors or uniforms – can choose not to allow it. The rest of the time, we believe you’ll enjoy the convenience of changing your look on the fly.

About Ben Tkacheff

User Experience Engineer at ROBLOX.

949 thoughts on “Preview Our In-Game Wardrobe Change Interface

  1. Becky Lee Herndon

    To you guys saying we should do Trade System first – you should know that trade system is a Web feature, not an in-game feature. Ben works on the game interface team, so he can’t make the trade system come out any faster than it already is. Each team is working as fast as they can.

    1. CloneTrooper1019

      Thanks for the info. But it would be very cool if the trading system was part of the inventory. Do you guys have any other plans other than the character changing for the “~” shortcut?

  2. Zagiz

    I have one question. When your in using your, “In-Game Wardrobe” can someone kill you with a weapon? I want to know because it would stink if people keep interrupt you while your trying to change your looks.

    1. legostawars28

      There is a feature where you can pause the game while you change, so perhaps you have a force field and you’re anchored, or your body is taken from the game so you can’t be killed.

  3. Max3965

    Hey, i check the roblox catalog recently so i can keep up with new items. i love the clothing on roblox,so this is a big thing for me!

  4. Bob1234458:882828272737722827:6

    I love this idea!!!! But FF while changing because If you were in war you will have to keep switching back-forth for clothes,so keep up the good work and put FF!!

    1. Bastien192

      I would say Dont put FF

      Because some players will abuse of this to becore unkillable when they will be suposed to die
      If you dont want to die while changing your character just do it in a safe place

  5. spidermat311

    I have a great idea!They should put the morphs in the wardrobe for every game!

  6. Krodon

    This will be good in war clans, the person doesn’t have to go BRB while changing uniforms.

  7. Astrogguardian5000

    you should have like an option to accsess your clthes and gear and hats in game, that would be soo cool!

  8. Kit Cat =3

    Epic Win roblox, now my friends wont have an excuse to ditch me on games XD.

  9. mjemje

    You can already do this.
    If you change your appearance without exiting a game, it will update the next time you respawn!

    1. Talariaishiana

      ROBLOX already knows that. So this time, we don’t HAVE to respawn ourselves. DUH

  10. Coolsk8terboy8

    This sounds like an epic feature but if its a Bc only feature,Im gonna quit roblox -.-
    It seems like roblox got more careless each year.No offence roblox but its true

  11. Huner2

    I think this idea is a great idea!I also like how we will be able to allow it or not in our games.I saw this idea in S&I a couple times and said the same exact thing.

  12. Godfire173

    My friend is going to love this. He changes clothes every five seconds, and mostly because he can’t see the back of his character!

  13. Qwertygiy

    Looks nice. Having only ever really had 3 outfits in 2 years of playing Roblox, I can’t say as I would be using it any, but I know other players who often change looks every other day.

  14. q382yhr

    I said something about this in comments but I said it would be a gear but… dunno

  15. YelloAllo

    We could always do this with Roblox studio.

    Insert shirt, trousers, face, t-shirt and body parts.
    Type in IDs for each.

    Insert hat and part.
    Insert mesh ID into hat and head.

  16. SundownMKII

    Finally an update that’s going to make it easier on us who like to change our appearances to match our mood.
    All we need now are “Costumes”, as I shall call them, full kits that we can just click and use instantly.

  17. awsomedude33

    Man this is way better than changing on the website because usually on the website there’s that big “?”.

  18. amy180

    i NEED this, me and my friend ALSO change our outfits like EVERY minute, plus it wastes KO’s resetting

  19. zxthad

    Before you release this, add 2 things:
    Number 1: THE TRADE SYSTEM!!!!
    Number 2: A thing where you can make your own pre-set looks, which only you can see(ex. If you put 1 shirt, 1 pants, 1/2/3 hats(optional) 1 torso(optional), 2 legs(optional and one for each side) 2 arms (optional and one for each side) and 1 t-shirt(optional)!!!!!!!!!

    Do this and then ROBLOX will be EVEN MORE EPIC =D

    P.S Please do these ideas if you see this comment!!!!

  20. SN0X

    Put this, water, and ropes in gametest, pl0x.

    Why not? It needs testing…and people are intrested…so why don’t you put eet in gametest?

  21. JohnElijah

    I can see how this will lag. I atleast I can configure it’s settings. If this is done by lua can’t you have it open source? That would be nice since allot of noobs are making poor games these days. Besides the point, this update is ‘almost’ useless. Focus on the task at hand roblox we need what we have been asking for. This my friends is not what we asked for. Lets face it we have been begging for sound for the last idk, 2 years.

  22. lachlanu

    this would make a big change to leaving games and lose all your good stuff to just change colour.

  23. VeryCuteVampire1

    This would help out alot! Now you won’t have to go to the website and change clothes then reset and go find your friends! Not you can just change with them! Please make this happen!

  24. LoveKitten8

    I was thinking, when i got to change, it was in the game. But i recently joined then. Then i found out, how to change. And i’ve been hoping for this to happen!! :D! I’ve always wanted to this! Im so exited!! Thanks ROBLOX! You’re the best!! :D!!

  25. Thedeathmaster01

    Looks great, I want to ask, they should let us disable it by scripting something like this:
    if game.Workspace.Camera.InGameWordrobe==true then

    I forgot how to do the =’s in the first line.

  26. Cobra Ball

    Looks nice. A great tool for changing camo to blend in with largely varying terrain.

  27. CloneTrooper1019

    I see an advantage to this character changing interface. But I can see the bad side to this too. The clever users who edit the CoreGui may find ways of putting anything including non existant items on their characters. Hopefully, the functions implanted will have security though ;)

  28. AnimatedDUDE

    I don’t always agree with ROBLOX updates, but when I do, I choose this one.

  29. Togy

    They should be focusing on the trading system, not this. Never the less I still like it but, I’m just saying….

  30. Phong890

    This seriously opens up a whole new generation of gaming on roblox without having to change in the browser! ^-^ This will seriously impliment greatly on RPG or Roleplaying places

  31. BOB

    YA yhis i going to be epic. i hate having too like minumize my game then change and die

    1. Dragon431267

      This is great. But let the character rotate in the CATALOG so we can see the back and sides of clothes/pants/hats/faces we’re buying.

  32. nick614

    This is so awesome, good work, and keep it up! i love diz. yummy. yummy juicey juciey juice! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i <3 NY sorry if this looks like a span

  33. Jjx676676

    This idea is epic! This is what I like to see from roblox! Keep up the good work! Please publish this and while we do it can you put us on FF so that we don’t die?

    1. Empire8595

      What if some games revolve around you not getting FFs? For example a Clans and Guilds base. People could open up this menu and just wait till they heal. I think this should be an activatable feature with the option of an ff in the game configuration menu.

    2. Telamistic

      I agree with you. That is a good idea so you wont get destroyed while changing clothes.

  34. JmanBuild

    Epic. I have a bunch of hats and stuff. And now you dont have to die to get rid of ugly VIPs-And with some types of VIPs, it would be like you never HAD vip.

  35. Sam

    I have a completely unrelated question: When is that outfit from the preview going to be a actual outfit?

    1. Gingka2k10

      Sam , Its already out , Redsteel Ranger
      You get it from Reedeming a 40$ Roblox card.


      All of those items are out. In the video, the character is wearing the Zombie package. The dinosaur hat was included in the limited time Awesomesaurus Rex package. If you mean the character rendered in the first image, it is wearing the Redsteel Ranger package, which also includes a gun and is obtainable only through redeeming a $40 two-pegged game card from Gamestop.

    3. blazerGansta12

      Actally it is a real outfit. You can get it by buying a ROBLOX gift card from to be 20$ or up though.

    1. Tower07

      You could easily abuse that.
      Like when your about to die all you have to do would be to change your clothes.

      1. patricklaser4

        Yeah I agree. In battle games like Sword Fights on the Heights you could abuse it. Like when someone is running toward you to kill you, you would turn on Wardrobe change and defend yourself. So probably no FF

  36. 88854

    this is a really good idea for vip shirts =3

    and me and my friend when were rp we change our outfits like every 5 mins…

  37. xXRaleighROXXx

    When is it coming out io rlly want this to come out. I am so excited!!!

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