In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and Character

Preview Our In-Game Wardrobe Change Interface

In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and CharacterROBLOX is working on a new feature that lets players change their character’s clothes and preview their appearance in-game. User Experience Engineer Ben Tkacheff is here today to demonstrate the interface he developed and offer some insider information on how he used ROBLOX’s tools to create it.

Part of the fun of ROBLOX is creating a persistent avatar and making it your own with the finest, most stylish ROBLOX attire. Traditionally, that customization happens on the ROBLOX website – outside the game engine – and requires you to enter a game to see whether the new look suits your fancy. Now, we’re polishing an interface that lets you change and preview your look in-game.

The in-game wardrobe change is a simple, intuitive feature. You’ll just press the tilde (~) key or click the backpack button at the bottom of the screen to open the menu, then click the wardrobe tab to start dragging hats, heads, faces, shirts, pants and more onto your character. You’ll be able to rotate your character so you can see how you look from every, important angle. Once you save your changes, we’ll automatically update your thumbnail image on the ROBLOX website.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”FXEB1BsG9tQ”/] Demo: In-game wardrobe change interface. We’ll be adding actual item icons for the official release.

We developed the feature using Lua, the same scripting language game creators use to write new gameplay and interfaces for their games. When approaching the design of the wardrobe interface, we wanted to ensure there were many ways for players to equip various wardrobe pieces to their character. For instance, drag and drop, right-click and left
In-game Wardrobe Change Menu Screenshot
double-click can all be used to adorn your character with an inventory item, giving all levels of users the best experience possible with the interface.

We also engineered the code as many small functions so we could re-use it for the various interaction methods; plus, it has the added advantage of better readability.

Game creators who don’t want players to change their appearance – for example, in a game where players have team colors or uniforms – can choose not to allow it. The rest of the time, we believe you’ll enjoy the convenience of changing your look on the fly.

About Ben Tkacheff

User Experience Engineer at ROBLOX.

949 thoughts on “Preview Our In-Game Wardrobe Change Interface

    1. JblockJa

      They didn’t take away the studio. You just have to get to it from:

      desktop>start menu>all programs>roblox>robloxstudio

    2. twilight5604

      If you installed ROBLOX, you have ROBLOX studio! Just go to roblox, then it will say ROBLOX studio!

  1. dazzlingbutts123

    Nahhh i like it. I mean i get to use my tnhings .
    like if peeps dont like my cloths i can change it. wen im in war groups i can just change into em

  2. Shock

    Heres a solution to all the people disliking because of FFs when using this feature.

    Make it configurable in your game’s settings. That way, lets say, fashion show games can enable it and war games can disable it. FFs allowed, easy problem solve.

  3. Mrbossyboots1337

    Hmph, Make it BC only and allow groups to NBCs but with an elevated price…

    It would deplete the void between BCs and NBCs slightly.

    1. Binchuya

      So you’re telling me I HAVE to pay $10 just to CHANGE my clothes in-game for a limited time for one month? I can do it the hard way by changing my clothes on the site and respawning in-game to change my stuff FOR FREE. Why would I pay $10 just for that?

  4. Epicisepic22

    I was thinking about this just last night. It could potentially break or disrupt some games (e.g. war games and morph games), but it’s a great feature that I can’t wait to see. This is something we need now: the timing to make it come out is, you know, correct. Well done developers, we needed this. Well done.

  5. Byebyby

    Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. NOOOOOOO DONT DO THIS I LIKE THE WARDROBE WE HAVE NOW. Srsly if you update this thing to THAT im quitting roblox AND ITS NOT FREE

    1. Byebyby

      Oh man. I should NOT have said that last bit. I should REALLY get my thinking cap on and rerember. To join roblox ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

      1. CaptainTyler2397

        I would agree with you about leaving, but it could benefit with other things. They might not even change the character screen. If they bothered, they could make the wardrobe BC related. If they haven’t had the idea, I just gave it to them.

      2. Matt

        You make no since. Why would you quit if you could change your wardrobe IN GAME. I mean come on! REALLY!??!?! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST UPDATES EVER!!!!!

      1. QuickBellaEdward

        I belive the same thing as you because I love this website it is the best website ever.

  6. X437

    1.model tool
    2. buy sets
    3. non bc get to earn 10 robux every montn
    4. more free packages

  7. Materking

    well if you dont get a force field on your self while you using this. people will abuse and kill you. and you should add taps for left arms right arms and legs and torso’s like i use 2 packages at once.

  8. AntionWhitmore

    let the body morph’s be FREE!!! pleas because the kids whitout Builders Club want’s a better body insted of a square body… anyone AGREE!!!

      1. Epicisepic22

        ROBLOX need money, and they get money via people buying BC. If bodies were free for NBC and BC, less people would buy BC because there is no need to buy it. So if bodies were free, ROBLOX’s services wouldn’t be as good as they are now, and there’d be less moderation, worse updates and a whole long list. No, keep the bodies BC only.

      1. Soviet

        Roblox’s service is fine it allways has been,Until recently,Its updates are TERRIBLE,i understand its being made more child friendly,But your takeing building options away from new players who dont know about roblox studio,Moderation is GONE,just gone.The only moderation that i’ve seen recently is computer generated filters,And as for updates? I’m learning to FEAR updates,because more of my building options could be taken away. I understand roblox needs money,But with the prices for confrences? With the CURRENT bc price,I think roblox will be FINE,just Fine.

      2. germanleopard

        no, u see this wouldn’t be good. if u read something on the builders club page, it says, “ROBLOX is free to play, but you can buy Builder’s Club for better enjoyment.” this is completely true. some ppl get BC only to get the morphs. making the morphs BC only is like a way to push ppl into buying the morphs. if u think about it, it makes sense to put them BC only.

      3. Anonymous

        I’m BC and i don’t ever even use body morphs so don’t go on crying about them being pricey because once you get them they get boring and you’ll like the original square body..

      4. matteylane

        ROBLOX is epic so if you want it to stay epic just let it make you get BC,TBC,OBC BECAUSE ITS FREE AND IM A OBCC!!

    1. luvthemuffin992

      here what i say make the torsos buyable with roblox and tix that we we all win and not BC!!!

      1. Jeff

        They won’t cause they need money, they will be giving away one of the best things about bc for free!

      2. Ellernate

        I personally prefer the original block body. Goes better with clothing and my dominus sits well on top of it. Sometimes I like to change to 3-d but square is still unique.

    2. Oppius

      I don’t agree. I paid my money, for BC and robux. It was worth it, but there isnt alot of items only for bc already, almost 1/3 of BC only items are packages. That would limit BC Buyers and hurt ROBLOX. And anyway, there is one, the undercover superhero.

    3. 523rd

      I think packages should be made nbc BUT more expensive (like 10 times more) because that would be unfair to those (Like me) who spent their hard earned money on packages.

  9. oiyut4

    Very good idea but i agree that it should not forcefield you while in this feature, otherwise while in war games players might use this to be unfair and survive longer.

    1. Twotome1234

      I agree i will use this when Im defending F.E.A.R.’s HQ so im not protecting base in my casual clothes but insead my official F.E.A.R. uniform!

      1. Oppius

        Can’t wait for this! Then i can change into my BLACK HORNETS uniform while im raiding!

  10. laxman15

    I like the idea but I can see a problem. Also I have an idea… The problem I see is for war games. Does the feature force field you so you don’t get killed while fighting. If not, good. People can avoid getting killed in a game by going in this menu to keep them safe. I can tell people would do this because… I would do it too. This is my thought of a concern but you may already have this covered. My idea is a favorites file or recently/most used items. I would want this along with the search engine because I have clothes that are 2 years old that I never use now. You may have had this and I did not see it in the video. Over all i have been waiting for this update to happen. Who ever made this “Good job. You keep impressing every update. Your keeping me in ROBLOX and not ever thinking of leaving.”

    1. CorvetteCole

      They say its an option for games, so all the war game owner has to do is disable it for his game.

  11. laxman15

    I like the idea. I have been waiting for this to come out. When it says “pause” does it create a force field or make your character disappear? I can see in war games people using it to save themselves. Also it didn’t show in the demo if you have to reset or it changes you automatically. A feature I would like to see in the program is being able to remove items from the list because they are items you do not use or be able to pick from favorites. I understand this is resolved by the search but this is my opinion. Over all, good job whoever created this. I’m a fan of your guys work and you keep impressing me.

  12. Frankhexlight13

    I will have to agree with Elfboy2001 that this must be the BEST idea they’ve thought of so far. I hope you add it soon…

  13. SweetTooth5

    I love this update, try to hurry up. I hate when i have to go to a diff server to change color.

  14. AntionWhitmore

    ROBLX pleas let it be free body morphs so that i can change my body from a square body i hate that becuase i dont got Builders Club

  15. AntionWhitmore

    Pleas let the body morph’s be FREE so i cant change from being a square body pleas!!!

  16. TheWolfLover

    I read a comment about body colors not changing. I had that problem when I changed my body colors to blend in with the desert color of a game. However, my body color didn’t change until I went to a COMPLETELY different game. Does that fix this problem?

  17. Mellery

    Omg! they read me the mind some pasts days a was thinking that! and i sayed : ” im going to say to a moderator or to roblox(user)”
    WOW its spectacular!

  18. elfboy2001

    soooooooo cool that has got to be one of

    the best ideas ROBLOX has ever thought of :)

      1. Bloxxerchamp35

        Yeah,I had to reset EVERY time I wanted to look epic. But yeah,since I wasn’t in 07,I guess I want to…but…this idea is TO good.

  19. LordBombs

    I love it less WOs and it just seems more effiect.
    But yes fix the Eploiting problems and the lagg!

  20. mangafanatic0

    I think he means like when you first join a game or you die or something, because that’s when you have a force-field already.

  21. RadioactiveWafflez

    Bad idea ROBLOX. You need to fix all the exploits first, and also, all these new ingame features are causing much lag, for those who can’t afford a new computer. This would be great after you solve those to problems.

  22. saske20

    please uptade is top good and cool for change you style in game
    please please please and


  23. leatherwork

    Yea try to hurry a lil bit. I hate having to get killed. THEN my clolors dont change. Its a reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal pain.

  24. CBeastgregar

    I think this isn’t a good idea. The first reason is lag ROBLOX hasn’t balancing lag a little bit with those new GUIs. Some people don’t lag but some people do so please before you release this please fix the lag /)

  25. klaq2

    Next in line: Outfits? (The ability to save a certain combination of clothing so you can switch whole sets instead of changing each clothing item one at a time)

    1. Jeffisingma

      I think thats better, lets say you have over 600 pages of shirtss and pants llooking for one shirt aand the cirten pant will take forever

  26. Random dude

    Stop updateing so much on useless things. :( good idea Roblox but can you fix exploiting problems first???

  27. twilight5604

    I’ve been dreaming of this update to come! Thank you ROBLOX staff! You done a really good job improving the game! Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done! I can’t wait until this is added!

  28. chillysuper12345

    Wouldn’t it seem weird if your avatar was just spinning like in the video.

  29. Awesome

    Well Atleast Using AFK Command, And Then It Goes Away After You Move.

  30. SM64Roblox88

    I have Golden and Super VIP in Movie Theater Tycoon, and want them at the same time, so this is a great feature!

  31. dannyways

    i think an update were you could

    make 5 robux instead of 10 tickets it cost all of us people who want afford builders club a lot less trouble

      1. Shock

        I agree Chopper, maybe they could reduce the transfer values if it was implemented?

  32. Happycat32210

    I’ve been waiting for this feature for a pretty long time. I can’t wait until it’s officially added!

  33. MatthewBr6

    WHOA EPIC I CANT WAIT TO DO THAT i’ve been wanting to change my apperence a lot with out reseting so i can keep the gear and my place in the game!

  34. BobTheBlockhead

    I think a good update would be having an everlasting force-field around you that lasts till you move your character in any way, equipping a gear, moving your mouse, or just moving. This will put a stop to AFK killing and spawn-killing

    1. Talariaishiana

      No. Because people will abuse it by not moving when they are un-afk to cheat in fighting

  35. Chris110000

    I will actualy like this update.I didn’t like the idea of the terrain baseplates but this idea is AWESOME!

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