KRE-O Battleship Showdown

ROBLOX and Hasbro Present KRE-O BATTLESHIP Games

KRE-O Battleship ShowdownROBLOX has teamed up with Hasbro to bring you two new games, KRE-O BATTLESHIP Showdown and KRE-O BATTLESHIP Scavenger Hunt, both based on the KRE-O BATTLESHIP playsets. While the BATTLESHIP movie releases in theatres on May 18th, the KRE-O BATTLESHIP playsets and ROBLOX games are available now.


You’re Admiral Shane or Lieutenant Hopper. You and your teammates are aboard the USS Missouri. It’s your duty to man the ship’s turrets and fend off legions of alien invaders until a squad of marines can destroy the alien base. It’s not easy, so you’ll need to take advantage of all the gattling guns and missile turrets your ship has to offer.

KRE-O Battleship Showdown ScreenshotIf you earn the highest score on your team, you have a chance to play as the alien commander – and full control over the invading aliens.


In the KRE-O BATTLESHIP Scavenger Hunt, you play as Hopper – a dashing, young lieutenant – and search for missing pieces of your battleship. Collect the missing parts and build a working ship, and you’ll collect an item that gives you the upper hand in KRE-O BATTLESHIP Showdown.

Play our KRE-O BATTLESHIP games today and earn up to three virtual prizes, depending upon your in-game achievements.


Hopper's HatHopper’s Hat: Find this by completing the KRE-O BATTLESHIP Scavenger Hunt.
Admiral Shane's CapAdmiral Shane’s Cap: Win this by prevailing as the humans in KRE-O BATTLESHIP Showdown.
KRE-O Battleship TrophyKRE-O BATTLESHIP Trophy: Win this by being a victorious alien commander in KRE-O BATTLESHIP Showdown.


KRE-O and BATTLESHIP are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2012 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. BATTLESHIP motion picture ©2012 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
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97 thoughts on “ROBLOX and Hasbro Present KRE-O BATTLESHIP Games

  1. iliketrains1111

    will the kreo adniral package be sold or will it be or limited item or like any other regular package????h

  2. Fjfjfj123

    Overall, Pretty good game. But it means Experienced players will have a chance on getting the Alien badge rather than a new player.

  3. sharkandy12

    How do u get the body some1 send me a message my roblox account is the same as above

  4. slappy1245

    lol my two fav things are in the movie

    1. destruction
    2. sinking boats and/or blowing up

  5. ood0darkfang999

    wierd. i can talk here. this is ood0’s newest account speaking!(ok i only made this account cuz i was bored with having 2 members in my/ood0’s group)

  6. FCEFEAR on roblox

    k-reo Was Made Like This:

    Hasbro Didn’t Want To Pay Lego To Make Transformers
    so they invented k-reo
    then to advertise k-reo the made a with roblox to make a sponsored contest so people would by k-reo

  7. unlegomaster

    I thought at the bottom of the ROBLOX page, it said that ROBLOX didn’t ahve to do with HASBRO

  8. Villi

    So…ROBLOX and Hasbro? Does that mean we can have Pony bodies? I would like that…um…if you don’t mind…

  9. Paul13379001

    Some parents do not like the use of guns, and do not support things like blood and warfare, to help keep their kids safe, and not give them ideas. Quite frankly, this is one event that I think supports the use of ranged weapons, and might give kids the idea of, “Oh! This game is pretty fun! This means that shooting people in general must be fun too!”.

    1. CandyRabbit

      Thats like saying that those games where you drive a car off of a cliff is teaching kids to commit suicide by driving cars off of buildings and such.

      Go back to wherever people get their common sense, thanks.

  10. Garyw1

    i thought kreo just made this but kewl i guess all the kids that like fighting will like this

  11. Joe941

    Honestly, I think Roblox isnt getting any marketing back for all of this. This happened with Disney XD. TWICE. Roblox gave them free advertising for Zeke and Luther AND Lab Rats and what do they get in return? Hats and Gears. The same thing goes for The Three Stooges , but that was a pretty fun game.There are many more out there but thats the more recent ones.


    1. litozinnamon

      You have no idea.. they get PAID for letting these companies advertise for them. Do you not get it? Builders club fees isn’t enough to keep roblox running, since it’s growing so fast

  12. What is going on Roblox

    Ok is this an excuse not to get sued by lego because you are coppying there bodies because if it is you are still coppying lego by coppying a company that is copying lego. ROBLOX WAS NOT MEANT TO BE ANYTHING BUT A BLOCKY WORLD NOT A HUMAN LOOKING GAME BUT PLASTIC BRICKS WITH A FEW MESHES

    1. Ellis110121

      the game if you be alien commander you must attack the uss missouri use the commander bar to attack

    2. jjlmckay

      You do realize that ROBLOX asked Lego to use bodies and if Lego wasn’t OK with it, then ROBLOX would be shut down… I have studied law for four years. And not even in college.

  13. Pow

    gloc kstill doesnt work, im tired of constantly going through the scavenger hunt to get to this non-existant glock. fix it!

    1. Ajc08

      ikr, all i need is the glock. I go through the scavenger hunt, and never get it. They need to fix this. Also, how did the other three people get it?! If it doesn’t work, how come they were able to get it.

      1. Miles222

        Okay guys all i can tell you is its behind a stack of the boxes in a where house

    1. Discorded Flaky

      I don’t want ROBLOX ruining the Brony fandom. The brony community here are already ruining MLP.

      1. Villi

        I agree. Although, I DO want Pony bodies…Blocky Ponies to be exact…Not realistic ones…if you don’t mind…

  14. SecretAgentWolf

    ROBLOX! DO ME A FAVOR! Keep the “Hold the Line” game up. Everyone loves it. it’s awesome, addicting, and could probably haul over some more customers/player to Roblox.

  15. kingbencool

    I got all hats and prizes,I dont play this anymore because i have all of the prizes,for proof,check in my hats.

  16. Aaaddddhg

    Relax guys, ROBLOX and KRE-O are just teaming up for publicity purposes. It is a win-win for both of them, hopefully ROBLOX is getting payed a lot from KRE-O and hopefully KRE-O is getting more publicity, therefor ROBLOX will thrive financially and we’ll all be happy.

  17. cole7778

    I like the game it’s so much fun but the bodies wil lbring so much Online daters to roblox…

  18. The Anonymous User

    OMG, ROBLOX your teaming up with another copy of LEGOS.
    Stop thinking that you can take down LEGOS, your acting a Jared.

    1. Fjfjfj123

      If ROBLOX wanted to take down LEGO, they would make another brick thing in real life not as an online gaming site.

    1. Discorded Flaky

      Isn’t it obvious? ROBLOX and Hasbro have partnered. KRE-O is just a brand (like Transformers and My Little Pony) that has the license to use Battleship which in turn allows ROBLOX to make a game since they and Hasbro have partnered.

  19. ApplePy

    Great… now the tix I just spent on an ad are in a bidding war with a company that is paying money to advertise…

  20. centraltrains

    Why do you have to have kre-o as a sponser??? I bet your not even goign to apprive this as they pay you to only post ‘nice’ comments!

  21. DanMan106

    It took me 5 mins to complrtr the scavenger hunt and 10 mins to win both hats at the showdown. Easy peasy

  22. wolfman451

    I am losing respect for Roblox… the shape of the KREO characters looks suspiciously like the beta versions of the characters that Roblox has been testing…

  23. Goldschat

    Lol this allience WAS out since last sunday. Late already Shedletsky?

    Btw 1st commant and the team up was pretty decent.

  24. Buildmaster

    So anyways……. how’s the anti-exploiting development coming along? I hope the admins haven’t forgotten about that, with all these new things they are working on.

    1. master64546

      Anti-Exploiting isn’t possible. You can’t make something added to a game (besides a bug fix) to stop exploits.

    1. Blobbem

      I doubt it. You can’t sue someone for taking an idea. Ideas can’t be copyrighted.

      1. poisonstings

        LEGO has a patent. You can take the idea and change it a little bit and then use it but you can’t straight on copy. So you can sue someone for stealing your idea and not changing it (the name doesn’t count as a change).

    1. 69scott69

      Read the top part again, it tells you if you get the top score you get to be the alien leader. When you get to be leader you can drag/drop your ships outside the red circle so they can attack the battleship.

    1. ChanceDavo

      Wow, It so good game battles with aliens, it so fun! But I want you make Captain’s body package, it so epic! It alot better than Robloxian 2.0! It so awesome! Please put it! :D

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