ROBLOX Studio 2.0

ROBLOX Studio 2.0 Nearing Public Beta Testing

ROBLOX Studio 2.0

Update, 2/1/2013: the ROBLOX Studio 2.0 beta has ended and this blog post is now completely, totally, utterly out of date! For information and download instructions on the latest and greatest build, ROBLOX Studio 2013, please see this article.

ROBLOX is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ROBLOX Studio 2.0, the application that lets you create, test and publish ROBLOX games. While Studio 2.0 features a cleaned-up and polished interface, we’re especially excited about the platform-independent framework on which we built it.

We currently maintain separate versions of ROBLOX Studio for PC and Mac. With Studio 2.0, we’re transitioning the PC version from a five-year-old, Microsoft-based framework to the modern, platform-independent framework we use for the Mac version. This not only means the user experience will be consistent across platforms, but also that, going forward, it’ll be easier for us to implement new features and maintain Studio 2.0’s functionality and usability standards. In short, we’ll be able to deliver features faster and wrap them in a better user experience.

ROBLOX Studio 2.0 Screenshot

The interface will feature new buttons and let you dock tools easily. Studio 2.0 also opens the doors to a number of other features we’ll be implementing in the future:

  • Improved script editor
  • New part- and model-editing tools
  • Powerful game builders

Stay posted for a beta announcement, where we’ll tell you how to install and test Studio 2.0 alongside today’s production version. The initial release of Studio 2.0 will work on PC and Mac, but we expect the process of porting it to LINUX and other operating systems to be relatively easy.

For information on the cross-platform compatibility of ROBLOX games, check out this March blog post. To learn more about ROBLOX Studio and how you can create games for free, read its ROBLOX Wiki page.

580 thoughts on “ROBLOX Studio 2.0 Nearing Public Beta Testing

  1. Killercity82

    I Hate that i can’t use studio mode when i Go in game Just Clicking Build -.-
    I Hate using Roblox studio .-.
    It would be easier if it would be on when i just click Build :/

  2. epiclolzer

    Roblox lemme tell u something.Do u know ppl use roblox studio to messs with games?????!!!!they put cars in gaes they messs up the roads,etc.gotta fix this

    1. blablabla10

      That exploit was patched. There’s still one exploit in it they CAN’T patch without ruining the scripting completely.

  3. Chuctheganster

    hooray an update for Roblox Studio cant wait till’ its out hope its a good update :D

  4. Unknow

    Just make it normal. And why even work on Studio when you *need* to fix Build mode? It SUCKS! We can’t even add models or use tools anymore! It completely SUCKS.

    1. pokefan22j

      Just use studio. Its way better than build mode anyway. BTW if your on studio you can add models on build mode. Studio defiantly needs an update though.

  5. kirbymario1516

    Hopefully this won’t be one of those ugly and terrible updates like several others.

    1. JulieThomas17

      ikr? First the user-model deletion, then the blocky crud, then Studio could only be used on a program, then the whole Terrain dealio, then the new ROBLOX characters, then this. Why don’t they work on something WORTH their time, like the water/buoyancy thing?

  6. RIOrio1 / Anthony34567

    Okey Here Its comes XD IF We Make A GUI Threre In Left Corner Up Will It AUTO Move When U Play To The Same Corner In Play..? Cause I I Make GUI there With Old Laptop Then I Play With My New Laptop Then Is The GUI Hiden Off Scream (Sorry For My Bad English..)

  7. Paul13379001

    I am worried about this, because recently, ROBLOX has taken great ideas, like the trading system, and did some poor moron executing skills with it, such as making it Limited items only, and making it a BC feature.

    @Players who keep on saying “Go to the future not the past!”: The future is when nothing is originial, and everything is cheap and stupid. Like when plastic came to America.

    1. FinalNight

      ‘Course everything is cheap and stupid in America. It’s not like there’s a world-wide depression going on. Oh wait, there is.

      It makes sense to make the hats Limited-only trading… just think of trying to find someone to trade a normal hat to. They have a fixed price, unlike Limiteds. And hat selling is a BC feature, so trading should be as well. Why? Because it doesn’t make since to trade hats as a NBC and buy them as a BC.

      1. MrX4353

        Remind me of that when you find a NBC with that extremely rare hat you really want or you will implode because no one else has it. And you can’t trade because he needs BC to trade with you. I personally think that BC trading sucks. NBC/BC trading would open up more possiblities and please a whole lot more people.

  8. TacoConsumer

    I really don’t want to learn an entirely different ROBLOX Studio. Can users opt out?

  9. xSceptilex

    Im used to the “old” one. Can you just make it where we can choose to do the “old” version or version 2.0?

    1. Dragoons176

      No and the fun part is that this will make roblox studio a chore to use if its anything like the updates roblox has put for it in the past… No ease of use will be implimented, just a increased amount of repetetive nonesense that will triple youre time needed to build something… and thats if youre lucky…

      1. FinalNight

        Cool story bro. You know, you could just use Plug-In’s, they made those. :P Those would help, and the current interface isn’t so bad. I don’t know what your saying about “triple youre time needed to build something”.

  10. why care for name

    i like how you update all the time.

    but it seems to be that your just trying to make it harder to build in roblox studio and make ppl begin to use nomal build mode with out roblox studio.

    just saying

  11. awesomelobo

    i hope it turns out in a good update not like the bad building 1s if u know wut i mean *cough*stamper tool

  12. otto8888

    Cont see much point it it this system alredy works your are turning roblox into this odd game the morphs are bad enough work on the lag not what it looks like

  13. VIncent

    The current PC roblox studio is better and easier to use then the previous MAC roblox studio. Making the PC roblox studio work more like the MAC roblox studio will frankly just cause glitches, more lag, and worse game play. Instead of making the PC roblox studio more like the MAC roblox studio, instead make the MAC studio more like the PC virsion. I agree with the Improved script editor, New part- and model-editing tools, and Powerful game builders though.

  14. FMC

    Roblox Studio is already confusing for me now. I hope I won’t have this problem with 2.0. This will be a MAJOR improvement for me.

  15. VerizonGuy

    Awesome? Why don’t you program an easier version of Lua for the new scripting system? The easiest one with just print commands the same.

    1. Anonymous

      I wiash scripting was loke all u do is type in something lik” do this after this” instead of all the game.workspace.part stuff….

  16. BuilderBoyJacob

    Wow. Looks like another great add-on to roblox. Can’t wait to script with this.

  17. brad

    new scripting system? im just learning how to script so that would be hard with a new script maker.

  18. My name or account? What ever...

    Mac aready have 2.0, it’s not a huge deal… It’s just new framework…

  19. rocklee2016

    At least it is an update that is ACTUALLY needed. Looking forward to it. Try to keep everything located in the same general area and same names, it would help.

  20. cocopop2000

    If this happens it looks less dull and uninnviteing. Belive me when I first started to use the current studio it put me off and then I went through that free model phase. This was before the stamper in game was introduced.

  21. JayReady

    I am over excited to read about this new Roblox Studio 2.0 – What excites me the most is the comment of New easier ways to script.

    -Waiting Patiently JayReady

  22. MightyColossus

    I already have Roblox studio2.0 i have mac and mac users already have roblox studio 2.0 so yay :D mac users rock

    1. Anonymous

      Of we can play roblox on MAC and MAC is apple why cant we play from ipads? I have a ipad2 but i dont wanna use any apps like RDP becase they can kill it and i dont wanna destroy my $500 ipad2 plz help me pm me at coolkarim121 on roblox

  23. Anonymous

    Finally somthing good, also roblox if you catch any exploits don’t “Delete” stuff, patch them cause i liked the studio bottun in Menu before, now due to exploiters it’s gone, cant u bring it back but no hacks?

  24. Imspartan9002

    Looks clunky, but I hope it will be neater before the official release. Well done guys!

  25. Laxman15

    I have a question for the real not beta Studio 2.0. Will there be a new icon? With Windows 7 the favorite task bar make it hard to remember which is which. On what I have seen Looks Awesome.

  26. The Dark Knight

    Hmph, Impressive, looks like roblox has outdone themselves, but minecraft can do better.

  27. killa41 The veteran

    Please keep 1.0 on, what if i dont like 2.0 i want togo to 1.0 or if i wanna do a less modern item or script i need it so please keep 1.0

  28. Emoticon64

    Encore! Mac users already have 2.0. It’s awesome! It’s a lot easier to do simple things like recolor or mesh things :>

      1. KidTech101

        I agree with Muppert. There are WONDROUS builders out there already. What happens if they don’t like the new studio? Make it optional to change back to 1.0.

      2. rocklee2016

        Some people prefer other things. 2.0 might fail and everyone might want 1.0. 1.0 might be easier to use, etc.

  29. GameArcade

    Fail! Seriously. Its ruining the old ROBLOX. Nothing like 2006! I mean the exploiting and hacking has gone up atleast 10%! All our favorite player orbs,insert places,model making,and many other things will be completly wipedout of ROBLOX! Listen,PM me on ROBLOX is you agree or disagree! >:(

    1. Crazman120

      Dude, that is in the past. Remember that we are advancing towards the future in Technology. The old ROBLOX was fun and all. The new one will be awesome.

    2. Anonymous

      Ahhhh!! ROBLOX this idea sounds great! I am very much looking forward to this. But make sure to include an option between using the new studio, or the old.. Also, please try to fix the catalog glitch soon!

    1. Anonymous

      go to start (or whatever it is) and find a folder named roblox in the all folders thing then click roblox studio

    2. Davy999

      Go in your start menu (on your pc) and type roblox,
      then u will see Roblox and Roblox Studio. You click Rblox Studio.

    3. jimmysnow02

      You gotta download ROBLOX and if you already did then you gotta go to your start menu and type studio and find ROBLOX studio with an R icon.

  30. coolezio123

    I hope this includes the terrain water I have been waiting for ever so patiently…

  31. Dante_Roblox

    This Update Is Not Bad..It’s Gonna Be Easier To Use “Roblox Studio” Right?
    – Darteinas

    1. brooklynfern

      how do i say what i want to say? i now you have to type it on a bar but it isint there i want the type bar!!!

      :D :-)

  32. RobloxGuy6403

    As long as you don’t break the scripts and functions of games, i’am fine with this.
    And as long as we can still use custom models, not the stamper.

    1. brooklynfern

      your game can be an fair some times on sand box nbc
      someyone was able to make Robloxins in can’t i want to be able to that to!!!!!!

      1. neesh11

        I do not know the whole of what you just said. but i think i got the point. sandbox does not use the stamper tool. it uses a tool made by the creator(or maybe i’m only half right and he uses a stamper tool that he edited like crazy.)

  33. brad

    i hope this update will let u rotate bricks in any place and i hope that there is no brick size limit

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