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Sneak Peek: Trading System

Trade System ScreenshotThe time is nigh! One of the most anticipated ROBLOX features is nearing completion. Beta testing of the trading system will begin within the next few weeks. As many of our more economically inclined users know, it can be difficult to exchange items with one another when all of an account’s equity is locked away in assets. This is especially true for rare and high value items. The Trading System will allow Builders Club members to exchange limited items with one another without needing to have cash on hand.

How Will It Work?

1. Go to the profile of a user with whom you wish to trade. There will be a “Trade” button on their inventory.
2. Clicking this button will open a window, showing each user’s tradable items.

Tradable Items3. Each of the displayed items will have an “Add to Trade” action available.
4. Once you’ve built the trade to your liking, you can submit it.

Trade Sent5. Submitting a new trade will notify the user via private message.
6. Outstanding and completed trade offers will also be listed in a new tab on the My Money page.

My Money7. Viewing an outstanding offer opens a modal allowing the user to “Accept”, “Decline” and “Counter Offer” the trade.

Trade Request

Trade System FAQ

Note: These rules will likely evolve as we learn how the system is used.

Q: Who will be able to make trades?
A: The trading system is a premium feature for paying members. You will need a current Builders Club membership in order to execute trades.

Q: Will users be able to exchange non-limited items?
A: No. Only trade of limited items will be allowed. We want to preserve the option to offer items in the future that you can only get by earning them, rather than through trade.

Q: What about off-sale non-limited items?
A: Concurrent with the release of the Trade System, we plan to go through a backlog of off-sale catalog items and make them limited.

Q: Will the Trade System be real-time or request based?
A: The initial release of the Trade System will be request based, however the system architecture is designed to support real-time trading. Real-time trading is a feature we may introduce later depending on demand.

Q: Do Trade Requests expire?
A: Yes. Trade offers that you create will have an expiration period. If they expire before the other party accepts, they will no longer be valid.

Q: Is there a fee for making a trade?
A: There is no fee to make a trade.

Q: Can I make more than one trade at a time?
A: Yes. You can have multiple outstanding trades.

Q: …With the same items?
A: Yes. You can have the same item in multiple outstanding trades. Only one of those trades will be able to complete successfully.

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1,024 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Trading System

  1. dynamicroblob123

    i was so anxious but when i heard that you have to have bc i was sad , i have bc (tbc) on dynamicroblob123, but i have a dominus on my non bc account, i was really hoping to trade that for my empyrean reignment

  2. PawnMan10

    personally i dont get the point of trading if it is only limited items…somebody had to pay for iy you know…

  3. izoas

    I’m really excited about this update as soon I’m gonna get my BC. I don’t get the big fuss about everything, because without the PAYING builders club members the company would be bankrupt! No offense meant. Friend me and tell me what u think of my place! (on roblox)

  4. Noblux

    WAY TO RUIN IT ROBLOX, you just HAD to make it BC only and you just HAD to make it limited items only. Way to be cheap and ruin our old trading dreams. I’m sick of membership crap in this world.

  5. T-855

    I have been waiting so long for this to come out, but it always has to be frikin’ bc.

  6. Me

    ROBLOX is a Corporation, not a lending library. Of course they’re going to make it BC only, its called making money.

  7. Robbery821

    If your going to make this. Well when it comes to hacker then Boom all stuff is lost. And its for BC only and make Roblox P2P Pay 2 play not F2P.

  8. Anonymous

    This Is The By Far The Most Outstanding Achievment That Roblox Has Made For Us!

      1. swat1715

        ya i agree but not really cuz u need BC to trade and which my other account has been banned for 7 days cuz they thought i posted the comment to get free roux but didn’t.And my account that has been banned for 7 days the BC has expired.OMG u need BC to trade can’t believe that

  9. Rob3112

    Stupid. I can’t believe you can’t trade non-limiteds, and it’s BC only. Seriously, ROBLOX? Why not just make roblox a pay-to-play game, if you’re letting BC members do everything on roblox.

  10. WetSummer3415

    This trade system is copied from Steam.This also give hackers the chance to switch their lame stuff for the hacked account’s valuable stuff

  11. YourDiscernment

    Well, it’s only BC so this isn’t good. And only limited items, not good. Oh, there aren’t many bad comments? That’s because they “moderate” the comments first. It must be tough going through thousands of insults for this trading system.

  12. YourDiscernment

    NO NON-LIMITED TRADIN?! Oh, you want us to “EARN” the non-limiteds by buying more Robux and BC. AIN’T THAT RIGHT AND THIS SYSTEM IS ONLY FOR BC PEOPLE! Well, back to Roblox’s black market, yet another fail for Roblox.

  13. supersmasher89

    i think this is a good idea but make it non-bc to i mean im bc but non-bcs have been wanting this for ages i wanted this to happen when i was a non-bc MAKE IT NON-BC!!!! cmon roblox

    1. Theplaner

      ROBLOX does this for a few reasons.
      1. So people will buy there BC
      2. They dislike people switching accounts, I have no idea why though.
      3. I doubt NBC really HAS any limiteds anyway. This would be useless to them.

  14. Kostakis340

    Make it for all hats, then we could get classic hats which isn’t for sale anymore.

  15. eklant51

    I have a limited “hydra horned soldier”
    and when this comes out im happy to trade if for somet good

  16. thunder1222

    It’s not very fair how you guys make everything BC only. You may be making money, but lots of people are quiting. I’ve been really looking forward for this, but you should make a demo-ish feature for nbcers that can at least trade up to 1000R$. So it’s fair.

  17. Kyle

    There’s a reason it’s BC only. Because you could just make dozens of accounts during an event and send it to your main account. This is because NBC’ers don’t know how to handle features of ROBLOX.

  18. rapper500

    This really sucks, BC-only, the first person who thought of the idea of the trade system was NON-BC, if he still played ROBLOX, then he would be really disapointed about the news that the trade system is BC-only

    ._insert random text here_.




    1. Thefunkman

      Listen its not about money dude and nbs should be-able to trde bc is just for wimps that waste they’re time spending money.

  20. Whatafailer

    In my opinion I don’t think this is a very good thing.I mean NBC people have been waiting for a trading system for years I bet.BC has enough features so I think that NBC people deserve a little something too

    1. Anon

      NBC’ers don’t know how to handle a feature without exploiting or screwing it over. I’m glad it’s BC only.

      1. Greenmoney285

        Nbcs deserve this. I’ve been playing roblox for years waiting for it to come out. Even though I’m planing to get bc NBCers been waiting to. Everyone deserves this.


      2. Person

        @Anon NBCs do know how to handle features.
        Stop stereotyping NBC, after all when you loose BC you become NBC, an if you loose BC you loose your trading.

    2. TwitterBomb


      Your trying to rob our money!!! MAKE IT NBC!!!!!!

  21. robly101

    Make it non-bc seriously. Alot of players want it non-bc and alot of players have been waiting for this feature. I now how much you hungry for money are. But you gotta belive in your community. Satisfied community attracts more players.

  22. Sackboysmarts

    hmmm….. Well i like the idea. But!! You should make Non-limuted items availble for trade…..

    @Somebodywhodosentwantmessages, Your right…

  23. Imright

    Well, people who do pay should be able to have some advantage. They need to make money if you don’t remember. It is very fair, and some people may not be able to spare $5, but some of you can. Well, no need to complain.

  24. Penguins1337

    I hope they add something that will let you try on stuff before you buy them…..

  25. youngmoney1331

    this is great idea! now that i lost my tbc add me on roblox youngmoney1331! there should be no more limited and every roblox user should get atleast 10 tix and 10 robux everyday >.>

  26. lopnom3D

    wow…the trade system is coooooooooooooooooooooooooool hope it comes befoe mai bc ends

  27. Mort90210

    Beta testing? You mean on the test site?

    How do you propose to do that, seeing that the test site is about four or five months outdated?

  28. domick21

    i hate roblox now cause this is bc im ganna talk bad about it now to people and say this game is not free and i bet later on youl make aroblox have to be payed for oryour acount gets deleted and its 50 dollars a month i mean what the heck roblox!?

  29. Redguyj

    ROBLOX, please don’t take away the trading system from NBC. (Non-Builders Club) We couldn’t do the personal server, neither the trade system. Well, if you still make it requiring Builders Club, at least make the items Non-Limited Items. I’m sure ROBLOXians wont be trading all the time. Its a trade, remember, so you can always trade back your hats! So please let us at least get Non-Builders Club a chance or make the things Non-Limited items, thanks ROBLOX, sincerely, Redguyj.




  31. Somebodywhodosentwantmessages

    Ok, Roblox, I’ve Been Thinking that We
    Should Be ABle To (<– Glitch -.-) Trade Non- Limited Items, Shirts, Pants, Faces, And Whatever Alse You Have.
    Also, NBC's Should Be Able To Trade Items, But Make Bc-Only Items (Or Rewards and whatever) Avalible only to bc, If You Want It Like That.

    Oh Yeah, The Username isent mine, And I Wont Reveal. Beceuse I'm (Username)!

  32. Username

    First they make BC, which was just an upgrade. Then Telamon (Shedletsky) that promotes buying BC.
    Then they make BC places, which is very unfair to NBC users. Next, they make BC items and BC limited item selling, and now they’ve made BC limited item trading? I’m an NBC user and I have limited items from when I was BC. (Predictions ahead.) After, they will Studio’s Edit Mode for BCers, then BC bricks, then former BCers will be forced to close their places except one. 5 years later? That would be something like this; “Oops! Roblox has not detected lifetime Outrageous Builders Club on your account. Please buy it in the next hour or we will terminate your account ASAP.” It’s very likely, I’ve got my user ready to leave for when it does happen. The name I have put on this comment is not my real username.

    1. owner234

      wow really the trade system is only for BC??!!? thats so unfair to the people who once had BC and the people who dont have BC, i was looking forward to the trading system but since its BC i dont care about it anymore :(

  33. byebyby

    Yes. I am very excited for this. For all those months in 2011 and eraly 2012 it has finally come. Roblox has made a change that matters. Now there is an EASYER way to get a top hat. A fedora or ANYTHING that costs alot. Thanks roblox

    1. miked

      Yeah. Except for the fact its NBC only. Grow up, you disgusting money sucking slobs. And really, using ME? Am I your next BC mascot!?

  34. mudmario123

    hey any nbc’s who want to get rid of their v2 pacages first delete them them pm me the price and ill give you money

  35. Cosmicguy

    When i read the words “Builders club members”, i almost exploded with rage.

  36. Shooter01

    Guys.. Guys.. It’s BC to encourage NBC members to buy BC even more. It gives more reason for buying BC too. Without members buying BC Roblox would go bankrupt. BC and Buying R$ is mainly what keeps Roblox going. More BC members = More money = More updates.

  37. DawgINC

    Admins look at this and you don’t care about people that don’t have bc because all you want is your money in the past it is equal and everything was fun everybody had block bodies everybody was nice now its two separate groups, NBC & BC, which to me is why I am fixing to quit roblox stop making new stuff actually try fixing bugs and stop making everything for people with BC! Now that you are done reading this go to that link its a forum post that was posted May 18, 2012 and already has 84 pages!

    1. theian

      For goodness sakes. I have read your post and honestly, you are soo outrageously ridiculous. First off, you state it was because of NBC we are here today. What exactly do NBC contribute in terms of maintenance, salary, updates, continuation? Nothing. BC actually contributes with money and helps fuel ROBLOX, and you have the nerve to say you help keep this running? Secondly I or anyone else for that matter, will not bat so much as a eyelash if you “leave”. Thirdly, This is promotion. Everyone does it. Now stop crying and go buy BC if you want this that much, however I do think it is Slightly unfair that NBC het no upgrades. It may be fair to allow NBC to atleast be allowed to SELL their items for RS. If you agree or disagree with this my username is the same as this posts, send me a PM.

  38. Aaaddddhg

    I heard that it might be for everyone, they’re thinking about it..but if it’s BC Only, I will not be a happy camper, its funny because I have more limiteds than the average BC’er, ROBLOX doesn’t understand that the more people who can trade, the more people would be enjoying this new feature. Add me — Aaaddddhg

  39. Anonymous

    I’m a Nbcer I have alot of limited items but I perfer the classics so I don’t wear em anymore. Nbcers should be able to take part in this by only being able to sell there merch

  40. Miked

    At least let the NBCs trade. By making us pay 20 Tim or something for each request.

  41. Animorphs135

    As a normal BC member, I still think free accounts should be allowed to trade. If they’ve managed to save up enough to buy a limited, they should be allowed to trade it for something else. Or maybe it could be made to trade all items, but NBC can only trade limiteds. I DO believe that there are a few BC only features that are good, like the places and items, but this is a little too far. I’ve also seen a couple of EXTREMELY unfair stereotypes in this comment list, like that no NBCs have limiteds, and that being BC somehow makes you more mature. How does buying a monthly membership increase maturity?

    1. Thefunkman

      I agree im a free member and we have no rights at first i thought ROBLOX would be cool,And it was,But this IS WAY TO FAR i belive that nbc members should be treated fairly and get as much as bc,tbc,or obc does that just sucks.Listen NBC members i belive that we can be a lil annoying but not that annoying.this is your roblox friend Thefunk :)

  42. MoonWolf11

    ROBLOX. You better make the Epic Face able to trade. I really want it, and many others do also. If the Epic Face does NOT become available to trade, I will be very disappointed. PLEASE do it ROBLOX.. For us.

  43. kert109

    :( BC only. Wish they do a cool update for non bcs to. (Or ALEST make it to where if you were an BC once then you get to use it. :DDDDD)

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