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Sneak Peek: Trading System

Trade System ScreenshotThe time is nigh! One of the most anticipated ROBLOX features is nearing completion. Beta testing of the trading system will begin within the next few weeks. As many of our more economically inclined users know, it can be difficult to exchange items with one another when all of an account’s equity is locked away in assets. This is especially true for rare and high value items. The Trading System will allow Builders Club members to exchange limited items with one another without needing to have cash on hand.

How Will It Work?

1. Go to the profile of a user with whom you wish to trade. There will be a “Trade” button on their inventory.
2. Clicking this button will open a window, showing each user’s tradable items.

Tradable Items3. Each of the displayed items will have an “Add to Trade” action available.
4. Once you’ve built the trade to your liking, you can submit it.

Trade Sent5. Submitting a new trade will notify the user via private message.
6. Outstanding and completed trade offers will also be listed in a new tab on the My Money page.

My Money7. Viewing an outstanding offer opens a modal allowing the user to “Accept”, “Decline” and “Counter Offer” the trade.

Trade Request

Trade System FAQ

Note: These rules will likely evolve as we learn how the system is used.

Q: Who will be able to make trades?
A: The trading system is a premium feature for paying members. You will need a current Builders Club membership in order to execute trades.

Q: Will users be able to exchange non-limited items?
A: No. Only trade of limited items will be allowed. We want to preserve the option to offer items in the future that you can only get by earning them, rather than through trade.

Q: What about off-sale non-limited items?
A: Concurrent with the release of the Trade System, we plan to go through a backlog of off-sale catalog items and make them limited.

Q: Will the Trade System be real-time or request based?
A: The initial release of the Trade System will be request based, however the system architecture is designed to support real-time trading. Real-time trading is a feature we may introduce later depending on demand.

Q: Do Trade Requests expire?
A: Yes. Trade offers that you create will have an expiration period. If they expire before the other party accepts, they will no longer be valid.

Q: Is there a fee for making a trade?
A: There is no fee to make a trade.

Q: Can I make more than one trade at a time?
A: Yes. You can have multiple outstanding trades.

Q: …With the same items?
A: Yes. You can have the same item in multiple outstanding trades. Only one of those trades will be able to complete successfully.

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1,024 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Trading System

  1. virus7407

    This is acually unfair! This is WORST then minecraft! Why do you want our money so bad! Like seriously! Why don’t you care for us NBC’S! Update it?????? Maybe soon it will be only for obc i bet. Someday you’ll need to pay 11.95 $ to even play roblox! (DON’T EVEN TRY!)

  2. flame707

    Ok here is the deal, Roblox lots of people would enjoy to trade limiteds to others for another limited they love! But if you are making it for only bc memebers that have limiteds whats the point for people who are nbc memebers and have limited to trade. So please make the trading system for everyone even NBC members. Thank you and please do I really want to trade last time I did I got scammed >.>

    1. ?

      I have bc!but i kinda dont like the idea of making it bc’s only!i think NBC’s should get the privalage to use this trade system!

  3. Legorocker247

    First games for BC, now trading for BC!?!?!? really roblox, whats next? A 5 ticket tax for everyday!?!?! You’ve gone to far. We deserve to atleast get 5 robux each day or a free trading system. We play this game to help you get lots of players on it, but now your just lowering the numbers with all this BC stuff. If you want to get billions of people to play roblox more, then you should stop adding BC things. Most of the billions of players on Roblox are NBC players. If you want a deserted website, then thats your choice. Its either let us NBC players have liberty or have a website with about 100 players.

  4. sunshine0299

    Nbc’s arent allowed to trade because they dident pay, How does roblox manage to pay the weakly or monthly website fee? With bc members money, So if you aint gunna help pay off roblox then you cant be a good part of roblox.

  5. Goldschat

    At first when I saw this update, I thought this was actully gonna be a good update, But when I saw it was BC only, I was ready to give up all hope of ROBLOX making a good update (Execpt the water update). ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT YOU HAVE TO SPEND $5.99 MINUMIN JUST TO TRADE HATS? This is a perfect example of an update that EVERYBOCY needs. ROBLOX, \/\/TF WERE YOU THINKING!?

  6. bambamman11

    whould we be able to sell event items like easter eggs things from events like lab rats battleship etc

  7. Oh gosh pay to trade

    NO roblox,if you are reading this,less users will come,look on ROBLOX forums,they were so exited,so were the nbc,now your crushing our dreams to trade…..

    1. ?

      Dude roblox is making there game better!give them some credit!dude they made this game to entertain people!not to make people unhappy!Be greatful for what roblox has givin you!

  8. AshPallet

    Look guys, Stop complaining. NBC aren’t allowed to sell limiteds even now, and you dealt with it. Now that there is an upcoming trade system, NBCers are going to have to deal with this aswell.

  9. CommanderAriel

    wow seriously, roblox keeps getting worse I can’t get much money, I have really wanted to trade with other people and now it comes out and I can’t. this sucks, nbc can’t do anything new that comes out

  10. Stanleyisawsome

    Looking forward to it, Fourmers will go crazy when this comes out! I will have many things to trade! :D

  11. taylw006

    It needs a money feature aswell or else people will scam others saying that they want money aswell

    1. ultraagreement

      please make it obc only or tbc only because bc and nbc are going to do rubbish trading such as the picture that your giving a dmoino crown for a double rainbow hat

  12. InvaderZim501

    Guys, I think that if you pay for the game you should be able to do things that other people dont pay for.

  13. fixbot

    I really think that easter eggs should be limited and, I had BC for a few months then TBC then OBC then TBC again then BC. I think people who have bought OBC but had to quit should still be able to use it!

    1. carapar3334

      Yea you’re right, people who once had BC(any kind)should still have some features like multi places, make personal severs and trade. But no daliy robux, or BC games, or privage to make MEGA PLACES. Also allow trading any items you have.


  14. Hammer124

    “Concurrent with the release of the Trade System, we plan to go through a backlog of off-sale catalog items and make them limited.”

    Such as the dominus messor?

  15. Mackenzie

    i think every body should be able to do
    anything that BC can do only BC cause it not really fair ppl will call u a noob if ur not bc i just think its not fair I hope you understand.. -makenzie249

    1. VGameMaster0

      No because roblox inc. will shutdown if they cant pay their bills so they made bc

  16. hunterr17

    This will be very cool it would be cool also if it can trade robux and tickets and it dont look hard

  17. didi1849

    Dudes… Roblox Is Free… BC is only an extra. I don’t have BC today but I will sometime soon, NBCers please don’t complain.

    One thing Roblox:Make it non-limeted items tradable. K?

  18. Anonymous

    Agreed, i am also OBC but ROBLOX has gone too far, they are only doing what they want and like to do, they dont care about your ideas, they just want to make ROBLOX funner and more money making for themselves, i sometimes think that adult children are incharge. OH and enough with the realy anoying night etc helmets which cost a fortune, have something we WOULD wear.

  19. Zedon00

    I like that your finaly listening from what the your fans want you to hear. Just the fact that the trade system has been wanted since about 2008, well, I guess we won’t be getting rid of the V2 packages until 2017

  20. johny52

    “Leaked a trading system to Twitter and the crowd goes wild.” -Shedletsky’s “Right Now I’m” status a long time ago.

    That’s how I expected this.

  21. Quoictnox

    what!!! nooooo it should NOT be BC only,
    becasue I HAVE 3 limited Us.
    make it NBC TOO!!!!!!

  22. Jo Cobain

    I now remember why I only log into this site every month or so, it always favors the paying. Thus, even driving me further away from the game that changed my life.

  23. Woulfy

    Roblox, this is an AMAZING announcement! For years every Robloxian has been yearning for a trading system, and now you are bringing it! The downside: You need BC to use it. Roblox is meant to be a free game, and I have no doubt that it is! But it seems that all of the new items, hats and gear are for BC only. You should, at least, make a “Premium” feature to reward players who have had BC in the past. Features such as 5 places, premium/BC items and this new Trading feature could be used by these loyal players. (excluding elite things like selling hats and getting a daily Robux bonus) Look at Dungeons and Dragons Online for a good example.

    Thank you for spending the time to read this, I hope that you at least look into it.

  24. NarutoNow

    When I saw this I was so excited then I scrolled down and saw builders club only and limited items only. WHY HAS ROBLOX BETRAYED ME!

  25. Sifira

    Omg….Are u kidding me with the “BC only” again…I mean, come on. At least have it for all. I would understand bodies cuz i dont like them, but god plz make it for all…. I hate limits.

  26. Ding129

    I have obc but what about the poor nbcs we say roblox should be free for everyone.

  27. SundownMKII

    I’m annoyed. It’s BC only? What about the NBCers / ex-BCers with Limiteds that want to make some money?
    The limit: “Unlock” it when you get a Limited. That way, players are encouraged to get money without having to restrict it to this “paid premium service”.

  28. Destroyer165

    This is a good system, although NBC players should be able to trade. Although hackers have alts that are NBC that can be used to hack the trade system, all people should be allowed to trade except for those who have a history of at least 1 ban for hacking/exploiting.

  29. Splecki

    I’m so excited for this! I can’t wait until it comes out. This will solve many problems.

  30. Lord London

    I really don’t mind this being kept from non-Builder’s Club. Roblox is free, but with the intent of being fun enough to pay for. F2P games WANT you to play the free part, and then start spending your money on the paid part because you enjoy the original product so much. Just look at TF2; F2P does not equal no payments.

  31. nathanthe123

    please make iy all items i would trade evrything i have for one of the three domino corwns

  32. UnknownBCer1337

    @All those complainers, I’m from 2008 and I have BC, I think its good for this to be BC only, cause really, if you don’t have BC, That means you cant really handle stuff like this. Most *mature* robloxians have BC, Which means you NBCers are just not ready for this. And besides, You’ve been practically dieing for this update, and now your upset its here? That makes no sense which proves you guys aren’t mature enough. ~UnknownBCer1337

  33. Fluzzymcguzz9435

    Thank you for your blessing. And thank you for making this a premium feature

  34. TitaniumTitan9575

    Roblox… So I didnt like the new bodies but this is something… You’ve done a real good job with this… This will make Roblox much better… But one thing that bugs me is then people will stop paying for the limiteds, if they see a limited they want they’ll just go all out on trading, so you might not get as many limited buyings, just limited TRADINGS… But still, great job!

  35. Spongey247

    ROBLOX! This is not FAIR! You expect to become the best online game in the world? HA! Your losing to Minecraft right now because your forcing people to buy Bc for stuff they NEED to do! NBCs are all very cool people. ROBLOX, i’m very dissapointed with you. I may have created this, but one thing? I AM NOT TOLERATING THIS ANYMORE! I’M QUITTING!

  36. someone

    Ok, so look, NBCers have limiteds (at least the ones who have ex-BC, that is me, or the ones who got it from events) so why can’t you make it for all?

  37. This needs to be revised

    This is awesome, but I hate the prototype bodies, and you are stillworking on them, even with the dispostion of almost everyone on roblox. Second, this should be free. Since we NBC’ers can’t even sell stuff, let alone afford to buy things, we should at least be allowed to make trades. If you don’t make it NBC, then no one will like it. You shouldn’t have to pay for some stupid membership to be able to do the most modest tasks.

  38. Unknown

    Well, since I quit roblox I don’t really care if it’s BC or not. It seems very dull that most of the features in this game are now BC.

  39. ANH! Roblox: I'ts Free! OR IS IT?

    First you gotta make it non bc. 2 let non limited items be traded! Do you think someone is gonna have all the limited things in the world? and 3-Catalog Heaven. Play that and see why this is a bad idea.

  40. YoshidudeEx

    Aw. D:
    Comeon. Seriously? D:
    I just lost bc this month and the trade system I’ve been waiting for in years is now here -_-

    1. Crunch226

      that’s not true at all most NBC have limited items that they would want to sell

  41. ZacharyKE

    Wow…this is really unfair to the nbcers I was an obc and roblox was perfect since but then now the bodies? Really are you just trying to make the company butter? Well you’re making it worst and more people are quitting. I suggest you bring roblox back. But why bother asking? You never listen to us.

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