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User Feedback v3

ROBLOX Office ConferenceEver since we made the request for your ROBLOX “Top Three,” we’ve been combing through the feedback and responding to your most insightful comments and questions. This week, John Shedletsky, ROBLOX’s Creative Director and Content Lead, elaborates on a variety of topics, including camera properties, aerodynamics, new terrain, an “animation studio” and more. Check out v1 and v2 for more.

ErrorlessRBLX: Aerodynamics – I want to be able to build an airplane using certain shaped bricks, and when I apply force to it, the wings generate thrust. The more forward force, the greater the thrust (depending on wing types).

Of course, it’s possible to script this in ROBLOX today. The problem that you will encounter is that the mathematics for solving this realistically are gnarly. I haven’t seen a game outside of Flight Simulator that even attempts to do this generically for all physical objects (even flight sims only do it for the planes, which radically simplifies the math).

We’re doing some similar work with our bouyancy physics for water – boats with a wider cross-section will have greater drag than more narrow boats, but we’re not attempting to solve the generic case.

Users have built some flight simulators in ROBLOX using special-case physics for aircraft. This works reasonably well and is not too complicated. Check out Crazyman32’s Freeflight. It’s awesome.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”NBWbxL2EdXQ”/]

James Mason: Dynamic destruction – Destruction would be a nice feature, especially if it were realistic. Optimally, each material will have its own list of destruction options. You get to choose what’s inside the wall or under the street. For example, I could use Concrete with a “wall” setting. When a rocket punches a hole in this wall, wires will dangle out, etc.

We want our physical materials to act in a predictable way – it would be weird, for instance, to have a “wall” setting on a concrete block. Instead, if you want to blow up a wall and see metal trusses when you blow it up, put metal trusses inside of your walls (a demo of this). In the future ROBLOX materials will get more realistic. That means that maybe concrete will be more likely to be powderized by a concussive explosion – so if you want a bomb-resistant wall, you actually need to reinforce it with metal.

Stealth Pilot In Da Wardrove!: New Terrain ”Textures” – Textures are really good. But what about new ones like Snow and Water? Water must be “Swim-able”.

Water will be swimable! The ultimate ROBLOX water will flow downhill and also be freezable, creating ice, or boilable, creating steam. This is our vision for ROBLOX: all materials interact in a physically realistic way. You should see our design docs for this. We envision wood that burns when it gets too hot. Ice that melts when you hit it with a flamethrower. Plutonium that is highly radioactive and damages unshielded characters…

RedDawg: I play a lot of Ro-Sports, which are sports on Roblox. It would be cool if we could upload our own stadium sounds, such as cheering when something happens, like in real life. It would also be cool to have the ability to add more sounds for various different objects, such as hitting a ball with a baseball bat or tackling an opponent in football. These sounds would be, of course, moderated for content, but the result would be more customized places.

Allowing builders to upload sounds to use in their games makes a ton of sense and it is something that we will definitely do at some point in the future.

Markairux: Have a “Mouse” property of the Player instance. I think that a “Mouse” property would be generally useful for scripters here on ROBLOX because it would increase efficiency, instead of having to use invisible Graphical User Interface instances to cover the user’s entire screen just to record events related to the Mouse instance. Also, HopperBin and Tool instances would no longer be necessary to get the player’s Mouse. A very good change, I think.

I’ve been thinking about global Mouse and KeyBoard services for a while. I agree that it would simplify a lot of coding tasks.

ROBLOX Base Wars Weaponsmat852: A sensitivity property to the Camera object. When the Field Of View is changed too high, so does your mouse sensitivity. You should implement some sort of control algorithm or just an easy property to set the sensitivity.

We noticed this too when we were scripting the sniper rifle for Base Wars. When you are zoomed in, it is hard to aim. We will add this feature at some point in the future.

mat852: Animation Studio. It’s really nice to animate with Welds and Motors today, but in the long run it gets annoying, like my orange. With the help of some sort of animation GUI or studio itself, we could create fast, smooth, and overall good looking animations. Rather than using a ‘for’ statement, or an algorithm, we could have an animation studio with key frames, rotation points, and easy editing. When a player is done from animating in this studio or GUI – once they hit ‘done’ or whatever clever key you programmers would like to use – it will create some sort of animation object, with all the key frames saved inside it. Insert this into a brick, add a :play(), :stop(), :resume() function, and sir, we have a fluid and smooth animation.

Agree. As previously discussed, the animation tools we have in-house right now are not adequate (which is why they haven’t been made public). We need to create a suite of animation-editing plugins for ROBLOX Studio that is both powerful and easy to use.

jobro13: Global data saving: You must index other players’ data, too. You can create REAL leaderboards then!

Yeah. This suggestion is a tiny fraction of all the things I want for data persistence. This is a story that we’ve recently been thinking a lot about. Serious upgrades to the data API are on the 2012 product roadmap. The main use case that we want to unlock is massive multi-level games with a common backend data store. This would be particularly useful for building RPGs, I think.

Personal Build Server "Island" Screenshot

Markairux: Release some more dynamic properties for the Camera instance. Numerous people have been wanting to increase the content of their game and asking for this. (And before you tell me that HotThoth recently came out with some new properties for the Camera instance, I know already.) What I suggest is that the ROBLOX staff work together to release new applications for it, such as properties, methods, or even events. Doing this can give users more control over their experience, as well as enhancing it overall.

HotThoth’s recent improvements are mostly aimed at making it much easier to script cutscenes. We like to add functionality incrementally to ROBLOX, as we develop better understanding of the types of things ROBLOXians are trying to script. I don’t think anyone is pushing the limit on the current API yet, so gumming it up with extra stuff that we’re only guessing people need seems premature.

Markairux: Create a new method for ROBLOX Lua called GetRank. A lot of people who forum on Clans and Guilds have been asking for something like this, and although I personally don’t forum there, I believe it would be a nice addition to the game. This way, only people in a certain echelon or higher in a group could access certain areas in a place, or obtain items specifically designated for them. The way the method could work might be a little tedious, especially on the server, but it’s well worth it. One argument would be required for it to function, the identity integer of the group (for example, 100). The method would have to perform a check to see if the player is actually in the group in inquiry, perhaps calling IsInGroup. If the player in question isn’t part of the group, a value of nil is returned. Otherwise, the integer of the player’s current rank is returned. This way, one can check to see if someone is in a high rank in a group (or higher).

We have these APIs right now, but they may currently be marked “ROBLOX only” because they are still under development.

It’s a very safe bet that in the future it will be possible to access social APIs like this from within games.

About John Shedletsky

ROBLOX Creative Director @Shedletsky on Twitter

245 thoughts on “User Feedback v3

  1. Gripie123

    Here’s one that me and bunches of my friends have been wanting… Multiplayer ROBLOX Studio. You could have floating waypoints representing each character with their names over them as people move their cameras around, and have the waypoint color correspond to the color that their name is to make it easier to distinguish each user from a long range. You could also implement an option to go into something like “solo” mode, but just make a button to change from a waypoint to your avatar. That way, users could collaborate on projects far more elaborate than personal servers offer. Adding onto this, you could even make this an option when you’re creating a personal server: “Advanced personal server” being the studio version, or “Classic personal server” being the one we have right now (Stamper stuff).

  2. SuperSy

    Make local parts easier to use. I know you think they aren’t very realistic, but when it comes to RPGs and adventure maps you don’t necessarily want realistic things in it. Local parts would be great for adventure maps that aren’t team oriented. That way I could solve a one person puzzle WITHOUT being interrupted by other players pressing lots of buttons and whatnot. Then, when I solve the problem the door would open but only for ME, because it would be a local part. Local parts shouldn’t be like “Check the box” easy, because new players might not understand what they could be doing and try to make lots of things local.

    Local lighting would also be pretty useful, because if I’m outside in a field I don’t want any fog, but if I’m in a cave I DO want dark fog.

    I know it’s unrealistic, and I’d agree with you if ROBLOX was based on only FPS games, but a lot of games are RPGs, adventure maps, and obbies, which all could make an improvement if local parts were more accessible without AS much scripting.

  3. SuperSy

    Allow the mouse GUI to be changed easily. I know it can probably be done through scripting, but there should be an option for it. Upload a decal to use as the mouse icon.

  4. SuperSy

    I think ROBLOX should focus on local parts. I realize that they’re unrealistic, but what about RPGs? You can’t have a one player game in ROBLOX, so local parts are pretty good for RPGs and adventure maps. I think local parts should be easier to use, and require less scripting for the intermediate players who are experienced enough with ROBLOX to know when and how to use them.

    This way, if you’re playing a, let’s say, Ancient Egyptian Pyramid game, and you beat a puzzle, the door only opens for YOU, because it was a one person puzzle.

    Local lighting would also be pretty useful. I KNOW you took it away, but it would work for cave games. If I’m outside at noon, I don’t want really any fog. If, in the same game, I go into a cave, I was dark fog for the darkness effect. However currently we can’t do that in ROBLOX without it affecting other players.

    I’m not going to suggest how you go around local services, but I think that it would be very useful for certain games. For first person shooters, obviously it’s unrealistic, but for RPGs I think it would make a great addition to make it easier to use. Otherwise, I think you’re doing a great job with ROBLOX, can’t wait to see what you have planned at the Rally..

    1. SuperSy

      Yeah I think they should be optional for the more advanced builders who use studio.

  5. maxgualtieri3km8

    What i think whould be cool is realistic lava and quick sand. like with lava your body parts will burn up. and quick sand will pull you into the ground depending how deep you make it. i just thought that whould be cool.

  6. coolwinky1

    Make effects more realistic.

    For example, if a wall was blown up, it would not have just a big square perfectly cut out but little and tiny and not perfectly shaped holes. Also, I would like to see curved terrain blocks like an oval block where the center is sucked in. Like a bowl.

    1. SuperSy

      I hope you know that the creator can do that, but that requires making smaller bricks. It would be very hard for ROBLOX to do something like that, in fact, even if they did it wouldn’t be worth it. What would have to happen is the rocket would hit the wall and it would have to “split the bricks” by deleting the bricks that were blown up and putting tiny bricks in its place. I’d leave it to the creator to make the wall size.

  7. foodllover

    it would be great if you could add music in the game as long as it was apporpriate but to be able to add it without all the scripting

    1. SuperSy

      You wouldn’t be able to upload from iTunes or any other songs. Most songs are copyrighted, we can’t just upload any song we want. Instead, we could have default INSTRUMENTAL songs that ROBLOX has for the taking.

  8. Nick

    How about a Weight property for BasePart objects? The default would be determined by the size, and you could change it to your liking.

  9. Qdog145bakup

    1.)-Patch Exploits-
    2.)-NBCs more rights-
    3.)-Search games by the Year they were made in.

    Comments- Patch exploits as soon as they pop up.
    Do not allow Cheat Engines to open when ROBLOX is opened.-

    – NBCs should get 5 Robucks a day.
    NBCs should be able to use the trade system (MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!)
    NBCs should be able to sell Limited items,defined by their price. Average Price+1.5k Robucks

    -In the GameSearch bar make it say under Categories:Year Made.Then veterans who miss the old games can go search them up.

    1. SuperSy

      NBCs should be able to use the trade system (MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!)

      I get that you want to use the trade system, but involve limited items only, which are LIMITED to BC only. ROBUX are also one of the big magnets from NBC to BC, ROBLOX would never make that NBC, and even if I was NBC I’d agree with them. Be glad you can play the game, not all games are free.

      NBCs should be able to sell Limited items,defined by their price. Average Price+1.5k Robucks

      That would mess up the whole thing. NBCers selling for ROBUX? And, NBC only selling for average prices? That would screw up a lot, if ROBLOX is going to let NBC use limited items they wouldn’t have to be limited to the ‘average’

    2. Paul13379001

      Giving NBC Players 5 ROBUX a day is basically saying “Hey, You dont need to buy BC anymore!”. Roblox would lose more money.

  10. kozumi

    id like something that’s quite simple: being able to create terrain slants from the stamper, instead of having to blow it up or go on studio. plus, id like the holiday to change, since we’re way past christmas, and add some teleporters and rails for carts and trains. that would be fun.

  11. SPIRITn

    It would be cool if ROBLOX could have: If ROBLOX is about creativity, then why limit us the the GUI fonts we have now? I say, that for a better gaming experience, we have more fonts for GUI’s.
    Examples of where this would come in use:
    1. You are making a RP game, and you want to use an ‘old’ looking font, to match your game, but all there is is arial, arial bold, and legacy, those don’t look ‘old’ so this would come in handy for that part.
    2. You are making a futuristic game, and all the fonts look modern, so you want to use a diffrent font, for diffrent things, that is where his would be helpful.

    We don’t have to have a lot of fonts, maybe just more than ‘arial, arial bold, or legacy’.

    1. SuperSy

      We can do those with decals, but I agree it would be a lot more helpful to have it available.

  12. M0RGOTH

    New Group Feature Request: A nice group feature would be so that BC members can upload shirts and pants not to their stuff, but to a group’s stuff. In this way, only group members can access the group’s uniforms, etc. With this, you could then add an option in the configuration settings of models that allows only certain ranks to purchase them. This could also work for group models. Of course, you would have to add this to the permission settings so that only certain ranks (and possibly even certain users) can upload and edit configuration settings on the group’s stuff. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and I hope it gets implemented!

    1. yackydo2

      I agree but not for BC only. It doesn’t make sense but I think to be fair It won’t generate any income it would be free for that group only.

  13. rp069

    I would love aerodynamics and GetRank() service, but another few things you could make, which would be a huge task, are hydraulics and pneumatics, so the empty space in a game acts as a general block, and so does any brick placed in Terrain named “Water”, so the water becomes viscous and maneuverable, allowing for hydraulic pistons and other great things, and air acts as a ‘Buffer’ for Aerodynamics, which makes sure that nothing’s getting too serious in game.

    also, fun fact: I made a cessna with proper wings because I personally don’t like it when planes have flat wings. it just doesn’t look right to me

  14. BCGames

    As a possible API, I’d like to be able to see if a user has EVER owned a specific item. Like UserHasBadge, only UserHadBadge. You could even tweak UserHasBadge to check backlogs.

  15. MettaurSp

    Here is a cool class part suggestion or two or three and one provides a way to sell models without copiers ( don’t care if this is the wrong spot). A script with a ClaimOwnership method or something, and it cannot be opened or saved as a model by anyone other then the one who claimed ownership. Also a system to link scripts together directly would be nice so you can spread out where the script can reach and use one variable or function for multiple scripts without typing it in each script. Also there should be a setting for the Camera to make it rotate freely on all axis for jet games.

  16. josh50000

    Better acsess out of a tool or hopperbin for the mouse object is a great idea. It will definatly make models such as gui games a lot easier to script and you wouldnt need to select an annoying tool to play it

  17. Abillityx

    Can you guys add a new method to RBX.Lua? The new method I want is GetRank(). It’s usefull for clans. It’d also be VERY helpful to us all.

  18. Bobafett567

    weapons:they need detail,for example,bazookas against a hard wall would mean an explosian mark.gun-guns would need to leave bullet holes/ for swords,for some when it slices horizontal,it cuts where it slit

      1. Samiret123

        You can’t script it, you will have to hack into the brick to make it have a slit-mark. It’s a Mesh animation, you can only slit meshes, but ROBLOX doesn’t allow meshes.

  19. sithv2

    Fix the studio not responding error, I hate when I am building and it crashes, I do not like saving every time I make an edit to my map, and it ALWAYS crashes .

  20. tib0172

    I am really hoping for bricks that create light… I could think of millions of uses for that…

  21. Elfoxy

    I think that the old website themes (1.0 and 2.0) should be back in the account settings, I prefer them to the new one.

  22. JackFred

    I think multiplayer studio would be great. You could choose who could join you, and if they can, you have to accept them, and could kick anyone of them, at anytime, as a “studio host”.

  23. 022981

    I’m having a problem with raycast. When ever I move/copy/cut a raycast script, the script breaks. This is very annoying and I hate using outdated paintball scripts.

  24. gunman24788

    It would be great if there was lava too and if water and lava met it would make molten rock also lava could start fires and flow just like water only when you went in it you would start to loose health and you moved slower in it thean you do in water please read this John

  25. HissCopperhead

    I play alot of Base Wars: The Land by d4rk886. I think that it would be a good idea for ROBLOX to make guns like m4’s, Ak’s, [etc.]

    Make realistic guns. Most guns that people make are just a block, or a glitchy laggy gun.

    So please make some REAL guns by ROBLOX

    1. tecku1

      You should make a WWE game, and make it realistic. So you can do a RKO or a F-5. It would be a good idea for you to do that, thus you could advertise on WWE (RAW or Smackdown) as you do with KERO with Battleship.
      Also you’d need morphs for the wrestlers. Maybie add a rankings GUI for how many wins you get or organise special fights for chamiponship titles, you could add new names for those like; the RWE Championship, Interbloxia Title and Bloxia Heavyweight title.

    2. Alleteration

      Weapons as a gear that are real weapons should not be made, this is a kids game and unless you want to teach the next generation that shooting and killing is OK i suggest you leave weapons to 13+ games

    3. sithv2

      You should try using Manofthelol’s guns, He makes some really nice well made non lagy weapons that look realistic, Also, Warain Firearms and Heckler and Koch groups make really nice weapons, and they sometimes modify some other well made weapons by other user’s such as Manofthelol’s.

  26. Cataphract

    Nice, a lot of these questions you have answered are the kind of things I am concerned about! I would like to hear your reaction to the feedback of the 3.0 bodies also, because we know there is a lot of mixed opinions on that subject.

  27. docselmo

    I love what your doing with the terrain EPIC!!! (and I dont use epic very often)

  28. Extreme Evilness

    You guys should add gears. Gears can be used for making clocks, advanced robots, cars, and many very cool creations. It would be much stronger and more effective than using a henge or motor.

      1. Empire8595

        [I mean that as a bad thing not good becuase it scripting is a backbone of ROBLOX]

    1. Quorton

      Muilti-user building in studio, so 2 users can see each other build, and watch where there mouse goes. The user you are controlling’s mouse will be white, and the other user’s will be red. Now we can see what other users are building in studio, and how they do it.


      gears are a very good idea. it would make the game more function and make it more life-like. also it would add edgicational factors to the game and make building machines more fun. scripting is impractical. it takes time and not every one has the know-how to do it, so gears are a great idea that would make the game better. i’m a mechanic’s son so don’t argue with me. lol

  29. Anonymous

    1. Allow the capability of turning multiple bricks into one mesh.

    2. Get local lighting.

    3. Make the insert service be able to get free models, I don`t care about the security issues, the creator of the game can deal with that.

  30. doctorwhosmith2000

    Can you add a chat silencer so when someone is annoying you, you can just click their name and silence them.

  31. modernfish

    they should not give ALL bc abilities to members but open up more things that non bc members can do like they should have a way for nbc members to pay lets say 1000 robux/tix to buy another place so we too can have more than one place or put a free one month trial for regular bc so we can see if it’s worth it or not because the main reason most people won’t buy bc is because their main question is “is it worth all that money” and once they see how awesome it is for themselves then when their trial is over they will want to buy it!!
    also nbc members should be allowed to sell up to 5 items with a price limit so we can experience more on roblox lately about 20 of my friends left because they said its not as much fun because they can’t make money quickly and they dont have a way to get bc because their parents wont let them or they have no money so if we could sell something it would keep alot of robloxians from leaving the site forever

    thxs and PM me anytime @modernfish on roblox!!!

  32. Balte

    How about a like button on user comments, wall posts, shouts etc. Maybe use the facebook API??

  33. spear593

    First comment!

    It looks awesome, I’d definitely rather have this than the monthly gear. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with some of you, and it was great, being able to pick some of the staff’s brains was great. I can only imagine what news we’ll see after this is implemented.

    Happy coding,


    1. Zxczxczbfgman

      No, not THAT Base Wars. This is the FPS on the “Games” account, rather than Base Wars: The Land.

  34. Anonymous

    All these updates may be very nice, but there’s one thing which many builders and scripters are very concerned about: The rendering service. Programmers can render the map into small pieces; you don’t need to update that; the problem is the lack of meshes. I would suggest that you make a new type of model object called an GroupMesh. This would render similar to the way terrain does; it would take all parts of the model, and consider them to be one. There’s only one problem: all subcategories of the GroupMesh literally create a mesh, all parts under the GroupMesh cannot move unless connected to a part outside the GroupMesh. GroupMeshes are also considered one part, so even on explosions, the model doesn’t come apart. My second request is to simply to make the insert service to the same potency as it had before. Yes, exploiters could abuse it, but they actually still can by simply going to the creator’s models. The point of the Insert Service was to get public models that are not in your game, and use them somehow. We can still use it, yes, but its current redundancy is pathetic. If the service isn’t used well, that’s the creator’s fault, unless it’s exploited. Speaking of exploiting, would it be possible to create a certain variable that functions won’t be able to work without called a key? The variable cannot be replaced, and the key can only be stated once. It would be a new programming concept and would disallow exploiters from using certain functions/methods.

  35. jobro13

    Yay, Im in there :) Thanks guys, its good to see you all are really listening to feedback from users more than before. It still needs work on some points (the listening to feedback), but keep up the good work! (the site on uservoice is a perfect example of how you need to do it!).

  36. 12speed

    Lets say the game has the water terrain and the place allows bombs… Lets say you trow one in the water will the particles disappear???

    One other question what is the song of the video?

    1. Talariaishiana

      I suggest that the water should splash instead of disappear. like in reality. but the terrian under it (water surface) should leave a mark like regular terrian does.

  37. DziazasJudzinskas

    Add more realistic reflection physics, so players could create a realistic mirror and water reflections. Otherwise add the realistic reflections to your new water physics, so if a player is near a water or a mirror gets reflected like in real life.

  38. Destin715

    A sport series? We could have different sport teams battle each other. We can have little leagues, major leagues, etc based on how good you are. I think this would be very popular.

  39. Sethalonian

    So can we get Ideas for when you will be working on these? I am anxious for the GetRank(), Sounds, and Animation Studio.

  40. Rukiryo

    I think that ROBLOX needs to encourage scripting. It took me 2 years to become very fluent in RBX.Lua and it was no easy task trying to learn. The ROBLOX wiki tutorials are for specific things, and are outdated, and basically copy and paste tutorials where nothing is learned. Encouraging scripting would be a great way to get more people into the world of RBX.Lua.

    1. SuperSy

      Totally agree. Scripting needs to be a little easier. Lua coding is easier than Spanish, and I think if Lua had some tutorials that were taught as if it were a different language would make Lua a piece of cake!

  41. joshualightsaber

    This is my email I sent to ROBLOX. I blocked out some stuff for my personal safety:
    First, may this be sent to Dom please. If so, thank you. If he is not
    available I am fine with waiting. One thing that I think would help ROBLOX
    is for each game in the Game Menu have a help center, where they can work
    as a helper or a learner. The learner would ask a question that gets sent
    to all players signed in as a helper on that game. The helper then recieves
    their message in game, and responds to it. This feature should be available
    for all Robloxians. This should also be an optianal in game feature,
    decided to be used or not by the user playing the game.

    Another feature would be to hire 2-3 admins to work as “Noob Controlers”
    that get reports of people being Noobs. By Noobs I do not mean Guests nor
    New players, I mean people that spam games, and annoy people on pupose.
    This should also be considered when in Forums, and comments. In
    forum/comments people being reported are of site links, and advertisements
    for games. Punishments would be less harsh, Worse bein a ban from the game
    you were a noob in. First one being banned temporarily from the game you
    were a noob in. People asking for help will NOT be banned because they are
    not intentionally doing anything wrong, and are just asking for help. If
    this goes through, I would want to volunteer to be one. If not possible I
    am not complaining.

    If any of these features are taken into deeper consideration, please
    contact me at –My email–


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