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Using “Wait” Wisely

Stop WatchMany scripts want to run little bits of code at frequent intervals. For example, a script might update the behavior of a zombie. It needs to update conditions repeatedly, like checking the location of the nearest player. 

Today, ROBLOX’s Chief Scientist, Erik Cassel, discusses proper use of the wait function.

The Problem

A very common way to do this in ROBLOX is with the handy “wait” statement. Here is an example:

Wait Example 1There is one problem with this code. Can you see it? The wait function takes an optional argument, which is the time that the script should sleep. If you don’t supply an argument, then the function will typically return in 0.03 seconds. That means the script is looking for an enemy to attack 30 times a second! The findClosestEnemy function isn’t cheap. It probably needs to iterate over all the players and find the closest one. That might be fine if you have one zombie in your game, but what about a hoard of 50 zombies? Do you really want 50 zombies rethinking who they will attack 30 times a second? That amounts to 1,500 enemy updates per second.

This isn’t a contrived example. I’ve been analyzing laggy games. A large fraction of them are laggy because of scripts that suck up all the compute time.

The Solution

Let’s think about zombies for a minute. Zombies are stupid. Once a zombie finds an enemy, he is unlikely to change his mind and go after a new enemy for a while. Let’s make a tiny change to our script:

Wait Example 2We supplied a reasonable wait time of five seconds. Once the zombie spots a player, it will go after him for five seconds before looking to see if anybody else is closer. Now our 50-zombie game does 10 updates per second, rather than 1,500.

I have found games that try to wait for 0.0000001 seconds. That means they try to run complex operations 10 million times per second. We may have fast computers these days, but not that fast! These kinds of games suffer from terrible lag.

If your game is laggy, check your script performance. In ROBLOX Studio, there is a great Script Performance panel. Look down the Activity column. It will tell you what percentage of your overall time that a script is taking up. Anything greater than 3% should set off alarm bells.

Script Performance

Better Resuming from a Wait

Another thing to keep in mind is that wait is not guaranteed to return in precisely the time interval you requested. Let’s say your game fills up with 1,000 zombies. Even our optimized scripts might take up a lot of time in aggregate. In that case, ROBLOX will decide that it can’t run all the scripts fast enough, and it will automatically wait longer than requested. We do this because ROBLOX needs to run other processes, like networking, physics and rendering. By “throttling” the script code, we can try to avoid lag.

Let’s write a script that gradually changes the time of day. If you put this script in a game you will see the sun gradually rising:
Wait Example 4The script asks to wait for one quarter of a second. However, let’s say that your game is temporarily running out of CPU time. In that case ROBLOX will decide to make your script wait longer than 0.25 seconds, and the sun will rise slower! Here is the solution to the problem:

Wait Example 5As stated in the documentation, the wait function returns the actual elapsed time. With that bit of information, we can adjust the time of day accordingly. If the elapsed time is longer than 0.25 seconds, then we’ll skip the time of day forward proportionally.


Lag is often preventable. I’ve found that many games are laggy because of runaway scripts that spend valuable compute time on unnecessarily frequent computation. If you use wait correctly, you’ll be on the way to lag-free game building.

About Erik Cassel

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of ROBLOX. @CasselErik on Twitter

154 thoughts on “Using “Wait” Wisely

  1. DXPower

    Great tutorial. Although in my game, I have SMART AI’s, so they navigate around obstacles and jump over/climb over them. Really advanced coding. Anyways, since it does SO many calculations to find out if the player/target is to the left/right/above/below/behind something, this is REALLY useful. And it is also very BAD too. Because if it needs to jump over something, it will wait 5 seconds to jump. So, I shall make it .25 seconds and use some handy-dandy globals to remove some lag. :D

  2. laxman15

    I haven’t had this problem before but I’ll try it with my scripts. I hope people use this in zombie games. Now I can help my buddies without getting attacked instantly. I get maybe 2 – 5 seconds to kill it! :D

    1. matthew42398

      I agree with you there. I can kind of make sense of some of the stuff in scripts, but most of it is gibberish to me.

      1. Shock

        At first I felt this way then I learned a bit of Java language (thanks code!) and it is practically the same language. Never realized the similarity.

  3. gust112

    this is awesome but what about 20 zombies you can get one too chase that person but how do you get the rest of 19 zombies to chase that person too alsoi how do you make yourown gunn and your own zombie

    1. Brian

      Solution to Zombies Following Other Zombies:

      In the FindNearestTorso function in the Script in the zombie is this line:

      if (temp2.className == “Model”) and (temp2 ~= script.Parent) — Is target a model, and not me?

      Change it to something like this:

      if (temp2.className == “Model”) and (temp2 ~= script.Parent) and (temp2.Name ~= script.Parent.Name) and (temp2.Name ~= “A.I.”)then — Is target also, not named the same as me, and not named “A.I”?


    1. Candymaniac

      No, this is just an advice. People will still have to change their scripts to avoid wait(). Simply saying people to change their scripts does NOT immediately create less lag. -.-

  4. friendMEHmyNAMEisBOBhahahaXD

    Thank you for the help. This will really help speed up my games. I use too many


  5. Marshallmario


    They wont add this to games the creator dose,it’s his/her loss if they don’t see this.

  6. notLazyAaronRodgers

    what is wrong with the games i play when i click play it takes about 20 minutes to come up and sometimes never comes up!

  7. RA2lover

    is there a way to override the default lowest-possible delay time? what i’m trying to do mostly relates to being able to tween a GUI object’s transparency, and 1/30 second doesn’t look like it’s smooth enough.

    1. Trappingnoobs

      That’s impossible. Use your common sense. wait() runs at the frame-rate. You can’t just say “I want the game to go twice as fast”, the reason wait() isn’t running quickly enough is your processor isn’t fast enough to process the action fast enough (Or in the case of a non-local script, roblox’s servers)

      1. vampire2512

        Actually, on free models, I found a transparency Intro-GUI that had perfectly filtered transparency fade. It wasn’t fast, it just had a filter. I was blown away.

        My code had PP in it. =3

  8. breuning

    While true do?
    While loops with no real statement.
    Learn to use events, bros.

  9. Turkish55

    Roblox’s Typical zombies are have brown chestpalte and brown legs and green head and green arms…
    What Changes Doing in The Stamper Zombie…

    Ideas: We have a Zombie Hat Using this OR
    Make a New Meshes [like terordactyl]Moving and atacking…
    We Know it Easter zombies Are Stupid, they says “BLOAAHHRGH BLUULUARGHHH BLUUUUGH”
    They Make A New Sound I Think…
    And They Useful in stamper tool+with a cage xd

  10. Eletrowiz

    Then type of zombie functioning is fine, however it would be better to baych process them…

  11. Gaara51

    I’ve played ROBLOX for 4, almost 5 years now.. I know how to use “wait” correctly. Thanks for taking the time in making this though.

  12. ultimatecreatorA1

    This has really helped me since I am just starting scripting and did not fully understand the “wait” function. Now I do!
    Also I am making a plugin so anyone who can help, PM me at ultimatecreatorA1.


  13. HALOBoy788

    Thanks for the hint, i have games with one brick and like one script that lag you out when you enter. Now I know not to use wait(0.00000000000000001)

    1. Quenty

      The problem: wait(0.00000000001) will actually be the same as wait()

      Anything less then one ‘Frame’, or 0.03 or so will be adjusted to wait().

      But yes. I would suggest doing wait(0.7) for most tight loops, and wait(5+) for loose ones.

  14. Conson84

    Thank you Roblox, I was having trouble understanding the wait concept until now. :)

  15. helloq

    If you do not understand this article you probably aren’t that familiar with studio or lua. this article helps.

  16. lackingstriker1000

    That’s good now we can finally have less laggy games Are you going to ad this to every game on roblox?

    1. Gingka2k10

      Lackingstriker1000,This isn’t an update,Its optimizing the script so it runs smoothly without creating lag.The creators of the place themselves need to do this to their scripts.

      1. Minimaster7

        Lackingstriker1000, Gingka2k10’s right this isn’t a update it’s just advice. -_-
        (I’m a bad scripter and this won’t help me much.)

      2. Shock

        In my game, I use other peoples scripts, so people like me won’t have any effects unless we download an updated script, which I’m too lazy to do :b

  17. BCGames

    Another way to reduce lag is by simply NOT using ‘wait()’. In this example, p is the player, and kills in the Kills stat in the leaderboard:

    while true do
    if kills.Value >= 50 then

    That will run 2000 times EVERY second. In most cases, that script would be in the leaderboard. So say you have a full server of 30, it will be running 60,000 times a SECOND.

    Try this instead:

    if kills.Value >= 50 then

    This will only run when the stat changes.

  18. Smiley

    hey what is going on with roblox? pengychat2 is having problems while playing roblox. someone might be using a exploit that kicks everyone off their servers.

  19. unlegomaster

    This seems very interesting and very helpful. Hmmm, now if only I knew how to script.

  20. JohnElijah

    Interesting, but my form of scripting is better that this layout. Dont need this. (Opionion)

  21. hobokenman

    But say You have 1,00 zombies in your place. You edit a wait script into one for maybe… 5.0 seconds.

    After that zombie starts to follow you you then want the other 999 zombies to chase that player. How can that be fixed?

    1. RA2lover

      findClosestEnemy() would simply return as the closest enemy the one closest to a specific point – you solve this by having the script on every zombie to track from a position relative to them(say, closest to that zombie’s torso for instance)

    2. neongoo51

      You have to split the wait-time.
      If you have 5 seconds of waiting, you would have to put 2.5 seconds before the findClosestEnyme function, and the other 2.5 after it.

  22. TheBlockMan55

    That’s a great way to reduce lag especially in any zombie games I would plan on making in the future. Thanks, for the tips it was really understandable.

  23. roboninja22

    If I can do the same with the zombie and a gun I can maybe think of making a aimbot.

  24. Alk

    Makes sense, but being wise with wait()s isn’t going to make every game out there not-laggy. My game lags because of physics. Now if it were possible to somehow downgrade the quality of physics, make it be less precise, that could maybe help also.

  25. BarbaricBrandon

    My Roblox Studio won’t show the little screen to let me customize my scripts :(
    If you know how, message me on Roblox please. My username is BarbaricBrandon

  26. blackboy167thst

    thanks a lot, i actually needed this, my games were pretty laggy and now i could change that.

  27. MettaurSp

    Another important thing to remember: before starting a script with a “while” loop ALWAYS double check for the wait function or it will lag up the game as well.

    1. RA2lover

      firing the function every time the zombie moved would cause bugs, and also be very inefficient(the events pretty much fire every frame, which means that it will be just as worse as a simple no argument wait() function call.

  28. cjcool12345

    Weird, I never get lag anywhere even with infinite loops waiting only 0.0000000001 seconds (the wait time my zombies normally use for both ray-casting, interpolated path finding, and enemy tracking) per cycle.

    1. RA2lover

      your 0.0000000001 seconds are automatically rounded to 1/30 second, courtesy of roblox’s lag management system.

      1. Trappingnoobs

        Not sure if trolling or stupid. It’s not a ‘lag managermenet system’, it’s called roblox’s framerate.

    1. ScaryLiamb752/Liamb752

      Dude, they’re improving ROBLOX. What do you expect them to do. Read the conclusion.

  29. Greg Bufik

    That is very intresting but i have to be true, i didn’t understand 20% of that.

      1. takeovertom

        There have no Script Performance panel in the “View” or anywhere else that I can find.

        WERE IS IT ? !!

  30. 68jewels

    Wait how do I script? is it a code for scripting? or do I say it in the game then something happens?

  31. Discorded Flaky

    Nice post, but considering the community I doubt anyone would learn anything from this and those who have a brain know this already.

  32. EpikYummeh

    The real issue, though, is that the people with these terribly laggy games don’t have the know-how to remedy the lag or just really don’t care.

    Despite the latter, this post sheds some light on dark areas of the wait function and I understand it better as an advanced scripter.

  33. lookathis

    Great post, will help alot of new places with lag, good to know there is a proper way without removing bricks etc

  34. KB97

    Thanks for the article! I hadn’t thought of using the elapsed time to adjust the code accordingly. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind in the future.

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