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Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: May 6, 2012

Weekly ROBLOX Roundup logoEvery week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology, and our place in the gaming and technology industries. For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, the Weekly ROBLOX Roundup collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week.

In-game Wardrobe Change Interface and CharacterGetting Dressed Can Be Exciting

This week, we gave you a preview of our not-yet-released in-game wardrobe change feature. Without leaving ROBLOX, you’ll be able to swap hats, heads, faces, shirts, pants and more; we’ll even update your character thumbnail almost instantaneously with your new look. Check out the story and video demo for all the details.

User Feedback, Round Two

Want to know why some things in ROBLOX are the way they are? We’re continuing to comb through your responses to our April blog survey, Your ROBLOX Top-Three List, and providing answers. This time, Creative Director John Shedletsky responds to requests for local services (for sound, light, etc.), expanded Insert Service functionality, canned animations, physics tweaks and more.

This Week in ROBLOX Tech

Software Engineer Navin Lal went in-depth on ROBLOX’s website architecture, and its shift toward MVC (models, views and controllers) and pagelets. While MVC allows faster development and a higher quality web experience, our pagelet infrastructure – akin to Facebook’s BigPipe – will redefine the way ROBLOX serves up webpages and make our website faster and more responsive.

Still not satisfied? You can read an article about ROBLOX, including CFO Matt Finick’s insights into our platform and future direction, at Blistered Thumbs.


ROBLOX on Social Networks

Facebook Likes: 200kIf you already follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you might know we reached a milestone this week with our 200,000th Facebook fan. To celebrate, we gave 10 fans 2,000 Robux. Winners: Enjoy your spoils of riches. Just don’t spend it all on one hat.

Of course, we offer more than just free money via Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on either network – or, better yet, both – to have exclusive content and interesting updates fed right to your device of choice. It doesn’t get any easier.

And now, for an abstract collage of deep thoughts, cryptic math and what appears to be a cluster of ROBLOX bricks (or a third of a Rubix cube), straight from the walls of the ROBLOX headquarters:

A ROBLOX Whiteboard
Can you glean any meaning from a ROBLOX whiteboard?
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165 thoughts on “Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: May 6, 2012

  1. Zelios

    By the looks of it there are meassurements of GUIs, 3D objects, mass, volume and it also looks like they are planning up something about water…

  2. kpersfan

    i wonder if it has something to do with a brick update as you can see it has bricks in it and detailed writng

  3. ShadowNinjaWarrier

    it looks like they are trying to get an idea of the hand, like how to make the wrist work
    thats the cilinder and they aloso are doing fingers too it looks like, nice the triangles are for thumb

    1. ShadowNinjaWarrier

      but looking at it again, looks more like water physics and effects

      like drowning options maybe

      ok so i can tell that they are looking at UNDER water now
      and water working with gravatational physics

      or a “flood” ability

      man i got a bunch of ideas and methods that could help them on this, i know geomitry pretty well

      and i do this kind of stuff on scratch paper (some times too much in school)
      but unfortunutly you cant become an intern till 18

      2 more years I have to wait

      vbut yeah

      ya i see float properties with the
      |- |
      |- |
      but also water shaping

      they want a brick sorta like this the letter “n” instead of a wedge

      as in a curved line for the hypotenuse
      editing all the wedges with curves
      and how that would work with the physics of the water itself

      yeah i seee it now


      1. ShadowNinjaWarrier

        and water gracity or flood ability

        man i got ideas on how this could be done

        if interns could be 16 here

        if only

  4. ZaphodIgnited

    Something to do with triangles, angles, circles and a fighting game. Something about the new water physics as well, maybe?
    I could only understand the pictures and “cos” :/

  5. Piiiiiii777

    looks like a new engine rendering thing

    also could be a good swordfight :3

    Sword Fight on the Equations :p

  6. Christo111M

    instead of making making a trillion little updates, just make one big one every week or every month. it would be something to look forward to and wonder what awesome things the update would hold.

    1. crazykilla15

      what about weekly big updates and little updates every few days(like a little update every 3 days)

    2. mprodcer

      why wait for the awesomest update that could ever come to roblox when you can ease into and barely notice it?

  7. Electricpretzel0

    Roblox people are just trolling us with that board. They don’t expect anyone to know.

  8. Candymaniac

    I see trigonometry, equations, blocks, and triangles, I’m guessing a new formula for the engine’s rendering?

  9. princeofepicns

    Ok admins the updates are great but plz do something about the exploiters!oh and the whitebored is just stuff to make an awesome war game….

  10. Rayblon

    Water base wars and terrain generation, the stuff is completely useless that they gave us.

  11. Mr.Failure

    i see base wars a new leader board i see terrain maps and….. a poster of ladys on the left?

  12. TheGamer101

    Ok ROBLOX. Ive waited long enough. You REALLY need to stop these silly updates. Dont over do it. Its time to postpone these little updates and FOCUS on the in game exploits. We know these patches take time. But weve been very patient. But this is taking too long. Do you know if this is even happening? Pay attention to how the security is being breached. Fix it. What are you going to do? Sit there and stare?
    Good things so far
    Head rendering
    In game changing
    A new player list and forcefield
    New bodies
    BuildInsert (its hard to build with stamper)

  13. Jacob478

    Just saying this for a reminder. Back during the OBC cast video series, they showed us new block shapes. Will those ever be finished?

  14. Don Mann

    Its really sad how the majority of you people whine about how roblox is taking to long to roll out features. I’ve done my fair share at raging about their choice of features, but seriously, they will finish the features when they are ready so you don’t whine about bugs. Let’s see how fast your massive online building game gets new features :I

  15. Tovamoxie

    It has something to do with GUIs for different weapon groups. Also it is a type of battle plan

      1. glosgreen2

        It says “Base Wars”. It’s Either Plans For An Update, Plans Used To Build The Current Game, Or A New Version Of The FPS. [Base Wars Also Needs It’s Genre Changed To FPS]

  16. grimy12

    Why is it so hard for you guys to tell us something about what your doing with all these exploiters running ramped. You obviously have time since you have time to write these weekly and some times daily blogs. Write something about the exploiter issue. It’s so bad that I went through 10 servers of Thegamer101’s popular game, when I finally did find one, not even a minuet later, an exploiter comes.

  17. Obsoleteterminator

    I think its the lua for the water script they have been working on and the lua for the new in-game wardrobe thingy. :P

  18. ZizZazZuz

    The whiteboard is a series of calculations and visual aids for the new water feature and how to make it interact with parts and various containers.

  19. Krodon

    It’s about a new leader board? Maybe for a game?
    It has Kills Death Captures and idk
    But on the side it says sniper and assault and support.

  20. NarutoNow

    I think it has to do with Roblox…and pie…and Epk face….and……..PIE

  21. murigun

    I see the drawings of the water physics, the equations for ragdoll and inertia movements, and eqations for water buyoancy.

  22. MettaurSp

    I just want water and the “Universe” function added or at least just an option to connect the data persistence data to multiple games. As for the whiteboard, there is obviously ideas for Base Wars, and that cylinder with a bottom half shaded may be water, the right corner with what appears to be physics of parts or different parts/ terrain shapes, the math in the middle I would have to say is physics on different movements of parts, and lastly the bottom right corner my guess is about the terrain.

  23. willgreat

    I see that you are looking to desighn a war game. The Thomson means,Im guessing WWII era? The 6 boxes in the lower left hand corner are sights.Radious length and daimeter are making me think. Bullets? I think the 9 cubes have something to do with terrain generation.So do some of the more complex figures to the upper right hand corner.Oh ,its Base War. I think and below base war is the different classes.The arrows leading to the right, suggest player stats such as kill,deaths captures and, im just guessing.Headshots?

  24. jonman11

    The math is a complicated formula to help with the coding for the trade system.

  25. mynameislosetodonut

    its clearly for leaderboard. i see the words kos, captures, and wo’s. btw for ingame change thing you can do the same thing by easily minimizing ur screen then changing your look, and when you die you get what you changed. and now almost every vip u dont have to wear in game so its like almost not really needed.

  26. Shadowfan925

    Like Lets Say In-Game I Put On Domino Crown And Some People Dont Know About The In-Game Putting On Thing And They Think I Have Domino Crown And BTW You Dont Need That System Theres Games Where You Can Try On Stuff So I Am Personally Against This~Shadowfan925

  27. Smh.

    You guys wanna make the high scalabililty update by giving us water and more high scalability parts? it’d be much appreciated, i would want that before some wardrobe thing that’s not nearly as important.

  28. madjak5

    Apparently this whiteboard shows something like water able to be flowing. I’ll look forward to the addition of water then.

  29. Ulquiorra98

    I obviously (do not) understand the complex equations presented to us on the whiteboard.

  30. Fleskhjerta

    Wow ROBLOX You are going late with the updates like the trading system is have like 6 months since you told us you were gonna make it and you focus on other updates Can you please FOCUS Now on the TRADING SISTEM?

    1. Samiret123

      Wow, do you even know how hard game developing is? There might be loose ends, stress, and MADNESS. Game developing isn’t like putting a candle on a birthday cake. It takes a long time. I like to see you make a Trade system under 3 months.

    2. Deathshiva

      Hold your horses, the longer saved, the better comes out. Like having hamburgers. Like eating a tapeworm infested meat? The admins need to make it better. Make it all fun and useful.

      I don’t even care about the trade system. I care about the water and music.

  31. Darkgamer1003

    I think that you should just be able to dress as any robloxian or even put dominuses to dress yourself because that would make it more good because it will allow you to look better than your usual look.

  32. VastSniper

    Keep up the good work. Upper left of whiteboard looks a bit like the cylinder submerging in water equation.

    1. nitro78n\

      Heh the white board is just the system they use for teams with KOS WOS Captures, and such.

      1. Tovamoxie

        This has to do with the cards. I say that they gear from the cards should sometimes go limited

  33. panzer1701

    the only thing I can see is that they need
    A more then one whiteboard. OR
    B they need a erasor. :P

  34. jimsters2

    Can’t get any meaning from that white board. Maybe making it so players can have more bricks in game? Too small to be sure.

    1. Samiret123

      Not in two days, they just started devolping it. It will take a long time, they need to fix loose ends, they might get stress, they might get mad, etc.. This stuff takes month and/or years!

  35. gk223854

    Uh, maybe order those things on the whiteboard according to the step number instead of having them jumbled up. This is probably why the trade system is taking so long, no admins can figure out what step is what. Whatever, all I know is, I blame John.

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