Pirate Ship

The Water Is Running in ROBLOX

Pirate ShipWater has arrived in ROBLOX. What many see as an essential, but essentially mundane part of life, we see as a game-changer.

That’s because it’s more than just a texture. ROBLOX’s water comes with comprehensive physics simulation, meaning your ROBLOX character and the physical objects in your ROBLOX world behave as realistically in water as they do on land. You can wade on the surface and dive to the depths, create boats and motorized propellers, design rivers and falls with flowing rapids, and more. We’ve opened the floodgates to new genres of games and given game designers a new dynamic that begs experimentation.

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Getting started with water in ROBLOX

You can start creating your own water-based games and places today using ROBLOX Studio. If you need to spark your creativity, you can download one of our starter places, which we created so you can quickly fill either a lake or river with water and float in a raft. You can also read up on our implementation of water and buoyancy simulation from a technical standpoint in this blog post.

Quick tips

Some materials float, others don’t: The physical material you assign to a part determines whether it’ll float in water. Something made of wood will have more buoyancy, whereas something made of stone will sink.

Making a boat: Making a boat that floats in ROBLOX requires that you follow the same principles you would use to construct a boat in real life. Hint: following Archimedes’ Principle should help you create a successful boat.

Lakes are easy: It’s easy to create a lake using the Material Painter tool. Simply generate some flat terrain and drag the material painter over the area you want to convert to a lake, as seen in the above video.

We can’t wait to see what the ROBLOX community creates. In the meantime, what kinds of new water-based games are you most interested in creating and playing?

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420 thoughts on “The Water Is Running in ROBLOX

  1. lazycaper

    whats wronge with it i cant put it under the map its just stupid good withgametest but i dont realy like it

  2. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

    I’m making a WaterWheel. As soon as I figure out what it would power. And how to transmit power from the WaterWheel to the thing it’s powering. Cogs might work, and there are many effective ways to make Cogs. What ROBLOX needs is a Belt feature that you could click and drag to draw a belt around wheels or cylinders. This would also work with tanks to make caterpillar tracks. IDK how you’d do it tho… :/

    1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

      A cog mesh might work too but IDK how you’d do that either… then again Users are creating Cloud meshes so couldn’t an actual ROBLOX Staff member make a Cog/Gear mesh easily?

  3. tahu157

    Has anyone else noticed that water bouyancy does not extend to character bodies like it did on gametest.roblox.com? Why did it work so well on gametest but is just a frustration on normal ROBLOX

  4. Confused Robloxian

    I can’t use this in the roblox studio, can anyone help me? I wish to make a map with water in it on the roblox studio, does this feature only work with terrain?

      1. Rany100

        Actually there should be some icons where the plugins bar should be on Roblox Studio (1.0). I think it is a paint brush.

  5. RAWr207

    first of all: WHAT TOOK SO LONG TO MAKE WATER!?!? i sugested this years ago!!
    second:Why is it in terrain? terrain is such a fail..

  6. Conetree

    For heavens sake please fix this update for all the people who are glitched and can not see/interact with it, people like me who have been waiting so long for this update only to not be able to use it -.-

  7. Alex6467

    Everyone is talking about it and I want to put it in my game….except I have no idea how. Couldn’t they make a tutorial video on it? Well can someone PM me some intrictions, please?

    1. cristisinme

      this problem is easily solved by puting red/cancolide/anchered bricks 1 block high and your entire lake wide so it hides the water but you can still swim in it then script from there :p

    1. Alice

      There’s really no point of lava if you automatically die in lava. Also, moats are filled with water, just make a moat that has a force that pushed the items down into spikes.

  8. strangerman556

    I think you should add a lava in the High Scalibiblity! Thats a really good idea!

    1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

      Steamboats are cool. :P Buty how U gonna steer it? If it only has one propeller it won’t work exactly right. Ima make one too maybe, but I’m going to split the waterwheel into 2 parts so they can spin independantly, that way 1 can spin faster than the other and turn the boat. BTW ROBLOX I LOVE how U made the Paddleboats work with regular car seats! Although they need signifigantly more torque, speed and turnspeed… ah well it works great so why am I complaining? :3

  9. Kashudi

    Its funny because it says the water is running as a clever title, but the water doesn’t actually run into open spaces… even with no blockades.

  10. Pikaprox

    Very good! But I would suggest that when you use explosives on the water, it doesnt leave a crater. OR, make it so the water eventually refills the crater.

      1. TheRealGlobotLeader

        Actually, the boat itself is made of wood but the paddles are made of metal. It makes the boats have a little bit of weight so they can easily paddle through the roblox water.

  11. SageofSixPaths18

    I always have to take my hats off before I go into the water. And whenever I wear a big hat I sink. I hope Roblox can make the hats weightless

      1. SageofSixPaths18

        Maybe you could make a new hair that could wave around in the water and when you come out you the hair would be soaking

  12. TheSchoolChimes

    I am thinking about making an oar gear but I bet roblox will steal this idea. Watch this comment will be banned and the next day you will see a new oar gear

  13. lyingpopy

    those boats, and pirate ships should be vehicles that can be stamped with stamper tool

  14. freakstink23

    For the people who don’t know Archimedes’ Principle is basically the law of what can and cannot float on water… but first if you don’t know what density is you probably wont get this but, Water’s density is 1.00 and anything with a density greater than that will NOT float but anything under will… That’s also why water isn’t in huge supply underwater…so pick the light things when trying to build a boat or a majestic mermaid(honestly don’t know how that would work xD)

    1. freakstink23

      sorry meant air… air isn’t in huge supply under water…need to reread more… xD

      1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

        No he was right. Water density, with no pollutants (Our ROBLOX water is free of those) is exactly 1.0. Read up more on stuff like this B4 U post it and know what UR talking about. :P

  15. tehbeast12

    Please make lava, and ropes. Think about physics, ROBLOX. You can’t swim without water on the bottom, And it is poor, I feel like a noob using it

    1. darkfire261

      To make it more realistic, make the area you want the water to be as deep as you want, then fill the whole thing with water bricks, not just the top to make it more like a real lake.

  16. tehbeast12

    This is awesome. In your regular place, I made a lake that is so epic that I made a cottage to go with it!

  17. funman1111

    i had no idae that meany pisiks wint into this water 1 qweston how do i cage a moters spead it will help to no

  18. All people in Roblox

    WOW! AWESOME! …but it uses terrain, so, fail.
    Terrain was a fail since beginning

  19. Robinblood

    we should be able to change the water color and have the water splash when exploded, instead of making a big hole

  20. TheSuper

    ROBLOX, why are you making this terrain-only, not a function for bricks? Man, this is insane. Is ROBLOX trying to copy MineCraft?

    1. ghostfly123

      No, probably not. They probably will update it in the future. But this is also a good idea for terrain because the size and look. Plus it will be easier to paint the terrain instantly making a pond or a river or a lake etc.

    1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

      Config Torque and speed higher. the boat I build a lot uses a Speed of 1000 and a torque of between 400-800 (Depending on how exactly large I make it, since my boat has been constructed in 3 diff sizes so far) an a TurnSpeed of 25-100 (Again depending on size). The bigger the boat the bigger the numbers gotta be. Just don’t make em too big or it’ll flip your boat upsie-down. XP

  21. freakstink23

    … Now… I’m personally surprised that no one has made a Sea Monster or other creature that actually floats or partially floats and will follow you…

  22. R

    I rate 8.5/10. YOU KNOW WHY!?!?!?! I thought you could create water rides with this. I was wrong: BECAUSE it’s an insert tool, you can’t cframe it. Now, 8/10 because when you make the settings of the water velocity, it doesn’t work! :l

    1. Siblax

      yes velocity changes do work! just change the velocity and/or direction of the water THEN put in the water. Also I just build at my place but not Roblox studio so I can’t create rides. :D

  23. ColonelSamer

    You expect kids to understand Archimedes’ Principle? I understand the principle but I’m talking about those who don’t even know what Archimedes’ Principle is.

    1. Kingempoleon

      In know, right? Couldn’t they at least explain it in the article instead of put a link to Wikipedia? I’m sure they could explain it very simply.

      1. Timatron

        Well, I’m a kid and I understood Archimedes’ Principle. I used it to create a successful pirate ship. I just made it out of wood, added a hollow bottom, and made the bottom semi-flat to keep it stable. All I ask is that they give us a tutorial on how to add a motor to your boat so you can move it wherever you want in water without a current.

      2. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

        @rapper500 Body Gyro is fail. if you wanna make a boat make it right and don’t cheat with it. If your boat isn’t stable then there’s something wrong with the configuration of the Driver’s/Captain’s seat or how you built the boat. I don’t need no steenking body gyro. X3

  24. TheAmazeman64

    I Like It At My Personel Server Cause I Wanted To Create A Waterfall And Pools!
    It Worked!

  25. Anonymous

    I rate the water… 8.5/10 Why 8.5 and not 10/10?, Because the water is pretty slow, And if you insert too much it sometimes crashes or slows down your pc.

    1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

      Crashes and slowdowns are a side effect of terrain, not just water. Plus U wanna make the water faster? Use the tool and there should B a little window at the top left of the screen where you can choose direction and power. Want a faster current? Change it to Max/High.

  26. ligtningflare101

    Ummm is there any way of swimming? not like staying on the ground under the water? All I can do is swim against the ground…..

    1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

      Make sure you actually filled in the entire lake, not just surface. It’s gotta be at least 2 layers deep to swim effectively.

  27. StrawberryEwok

    Only newbs use terrain. Why don’t you make a water function that you can insert in a brick. Stop trying to be like Minecraft.

    1. 69scott69

      I’ve seen some pretty awesome terrain places. Check out scacman1967’s Sets to see his older places. He offers them as free models to everyone.

    2. nhara421


      Even though roblox is putting minecraft like blocks theres a big difference 1. minecraft is different than roblox cause i have minecraft and theres alot of differences 2.in roblox the game when u build everything is handed to you in roblox 3. Why do you even care if roblox is getting minecrafty just play

      1. DriftRacer14DriftRacer14

        MineCraft and ROBLOX are completely different so I don’t see how they can be anything like each other. I also don’t see how one can be ‘better’ than another. Which is why I didn’t take sides in the RBX VS. MC battle. Winner: Neither they’re nothing like each other so this entire battle and all the surveys and all the everything to do with it was a waste of time because they are null/void. Sides most of those polls were biased. The people doing the polls knew who played MC and who played ROBLOX and fixed the answers to somehow prove that one’s ‘better’ than the other which even further voided all the polls/surveys.

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