Prepaid ROBLOX Card and 7-Eleven Slurpee

Prepaid ROBLOX Cards: July Gear Roundup

Prepaid ROBLOX Card and 7-Eleven SlurpeeROBLOX sells prepaid cards that players can redeem for Robux and Builders Club memberships at many merchants, including participating GameStops, Targets and Best Buys. It’s worth pointing out that prepaid cards from certain stores also come with virtual gear or a hat – refreshed every month.

To help keep you in the loop on what’s available with ROBLOX cards from specific retailers, we’re sharing the virtual gear you get for redeeming a card in July. And being that tomorrow is July 11, we’re starting with the Blue Raspberry Slurpee, an item exclusive to prepaid cards purchased from 7-Eleven and redeemed this month. It not only keeps your character cool for the peak of summer heat, but also gives you a speed boost. Slurp to your heart’s content.

Other July items:

Wal-Mart: Crystal Sword
GameStop: Golden Cobra Staff or the Redsteel Ranger package ($40 cards only)
Target: Golden Cobra Staff
EB Games: Golden Cobra Staff

You can view a complete list of retailers that sell ROBLOX cards, and any gear that comes with them, here.

How prepaid ROBLOX cards work:

You purchase a $10 or $25 ROBLOX Card at one of our retail partners. Once you have your card, you log into ROBLOX and go to Scratch off the section on the back of the card that hides the secret code needed to activate your card. The code on the back of the card can only be used once so be sure not to purchase a card if the code is already exposed. Enter the code and click redeem. You’re then ready to spend your ROBLOX credits on Robux or Builders Club.

156 thoughts on “Prepaid ROBLOX Cards: July Gear Roundup

  1. Robuxs1

    If they got Roblox cards at Kroger they would be rich I would buy 10 dollar ones every day… Becouse I never go to Wal-Mart or Gamestop I like Kroger.

  2. mitchninja77

    lenzoo samething happend to me…. it sucks i cant have anymore friends i onley have 2024 : (

  3. 13333337

    Even though I see the ROBLOX game card on pamphlets at WAL-MART, EB GAMES ETC. I never see them on the shelves. START SHIPPING THEM TO CANADA!!!! -_-

  4. lenzoo

    Ihope poeple get to read this. My acount has been hacked ( i think) i was playing a game an next thing i know i can’t get any more freinds. It stinks. My best freind plays and i cant even be freinds with them. Help? An sugestions?

    1. dinoj62

      that hepend to me an a geme ever since it’s bine wacky i dont know whot to do tomy name is dinoj62 if you find owt how pm me

  5. WholesaleROBLOX

    This is way too stupid nowadays,I don’t see any ROBLOX Cards and GameStop at my country.

    Seriously ROBLOX?

    Why can’t you ship them then?Dumber.

    1. Damariono

      They have to pay money shipping them to stores around the US. It’s alot of work for shipping them to stores in other countries, but I’m sure they’ll save money for your country.

  6. Spencer541

    People don’t belive me when I say this, But I have 1 $40 Card, And 24 $10 ROBLOX cards.

  7. LittleAppleFace

    What should I get for my Friend EagleeyeNick0429 and jackloyd they’re like Supah Epic! Well jackloyd is because he has OBC he said he dosent play any more so he’s giving me his account maybe oh and he also said ROBlOX is stupid or boring something like that what he said about Minecraft: Minecraft is EPIC! I dont care about roblox no more…..So that’s why he’s kinda chubby.

  8. Popoptop

    It would be nice if you made bonus gears for all the stores in which they sell cards. Like futureshop, for example.

  9. TrueShadowSpear

    Guys stop commplaining they dont want your money plus the $10 roblox card is still there you just dont know how to find your roblox cards, or someone bought the last one and buying a roblox card is WAY MUCH better than useing a credit card for robux and builders club that can lead to identdity theifth so why complain when you can be searching for one and there a $50 card in target so why not get it there and stop asking questions and complaining and just look harder i reemed A LOT of roblox card so it shoulden be a issue

  10. awesomebuilder1337

    I would like to buy it but i live in Russia, i can’t fly that fast there ;(

  11. TehGuysAcrossYoourStweet

    Gosh, This makes me sad that I put so much money into the game, Its gotten worse and worse, The only good thing at the momemnt are the PBS’s And hopefully the Traiding system, (When it comes out)

  12. thekevonster

    This is riddiculous, now wonder I couldn’t find the 10 dollar robux cards at my local gamestop. ROBLOX is like over the limit now.

    1. Tomfl

      Dude, you can still get the normal cards from gamestop for $10, i went to gamestop a few days ago and they didnt have $10, then one a few blocks further had the $10, sometimes they just didnt ship them yet.

  13. ShagFace

    It would be embarrsing because you walk into a store at the age of 13 and buy a card from the internet, it shows that I might be obbsessed with this game to other people… :(

    1. Laxman15

      Yes, in Gamestop there are $40 Game Cards, but currently the highest amount at 7/11 is 25.

  14. HelloMineTurtle

    These have been out for like a year now… so…. if you guys didn’t know about these check bc page and blog more often.

  15. lover67876

    for asgust…if you buy a 40 dollor card…you should get a rare domo…that would be epic

  16. gamestation403

    They do them in Europe, U.K Everytime I go sainbury’s in UK, I see it with the other gift cards. £20 and £10 ones.

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