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Responding to User Feedback, V6

User Feedback SessionsEver since we made the request for your ROBLOX “Top Three,” we’ve been combing through the feedback and responding to your most insightful comments and pertinent questions. This week, John Shedletsky, ROBLOX’s Creative Director and Content Lead, elaborates on a variety of topics, including making money off your ROBLOX creations, dynamic “loading” of levels and content, Linux support, multiplayer ROBLOX Studio and more. For previous entries in this series, click here.


centraltrains: In-game purchases. I would like to be able to sell a VIP pass to my game in-game through the official system! Maybe charge users to use this, but it would be like teleport for buying.

This is a great idea and something many of us at ROBLOX have been discussing recently. As you may know, game creators currently sell VIP access to their games in a roundabout way, where you buy a special shirt and receive special privileges for wearing it in game. This is a very clever method that users have discovered, but is not the best or easiest way to conduct this transaction. We want to make it very simple in the future to sell VIP access and more within the game interface.

Bossofall: Let builders make money. We spend hours and hours working on a game, I think players deserve to earn some money from ROBLOX for making games. Maybe you guys can create a partner program like that of YouTube; once we get to a certain amount of place visits, we get paid for every subsequent 1,000 visits.

R$First off, Bossofall, great username. Second, this is also something that we have been thinking about recently. Nothing would make us happier than to have several thousand college students or indie game studios building games on ROBLOX and making enough from those games to support a small business.

As you might imagine, allowing game creators to make real money on their ROBLOX games is very complex, both from a technical standpoint and from a legal/tax perspective. I’ve heard lawyers say that would basically make ROBLOX Corp a bank; at that point there are all sorts of strict regulations to follow.

This is not to say that this is ultimately going to be a blocker, only that it will take us some time to prepare and comply.

“Dynamic loading”

Hikia: A lag-free storage area. I’d like some area on the place that can simply be used to store levels for the game without running scripts or calculating collisions, allowing for bigger mini game places or larger levels for competitive maps. Essentially, dynamic “loading” of maps.

This is basically what people have been using the Lighting service for: creating a replicated data cache. This is, of course, a hack. We’re looking at a way to provide a better and more full-featured solution for loading and pre-fetching data that you know your Lua scripts are going to need to run your game.

Cinematic camera control

Paingred: An easy way to create camera views without having to code. This would make games on ROBLOX a ton more interesting. This would allow the player to make cutscenes, 2D / first-person games, interesting videos for YouTube, cool pictures and much more.

We’ve recently added the bindings that are necessary to allow Lua finer-grain control of the camera. The next step is to do as you suggest and create a set of plugins for creating cutscenes and camera fly-throughs and set them up to be played with minimal scripting.

Tux, the Linux MascotROBLOX on Linux

Oliver: ROBLOX running on Linux. I want to see ROBLOX running on Linux. Recently I accidentally crashed Windows 7 on my laptop, and had to install Windows 8 CP because I want to be able to play ROBLOX. I would also like to see dual-monitor support because I have two 23-inch monitors, and it would be nice to use both of them instead of having some worthless gray space to use.

We’re probably 97% of the way to a Linux port, now that we’ve all the work necessary to port ROBLOX to OSX – which, as you probably know, is based on the UNIX kernel. I think the problem that we would likely run into on Linux is poor video driver support. I’ve heard horror stories from other developers. However, as Linux becomes more popular, I expect this hurdle to disappear.

Parts with new properties

Spikespeed125: If you had a Gamecube you may have come across a game called Luigi’s Mansion. That game uses texture-based mirrors which reflect whatever is in front of the mirror at relatively low quality. You could use that sort of design that reaches at a radius of about 5 – 10 studs in ROBLOX. You could also allow people to set mirror distance in ROBLOX Studio.

Unlike Luigi’s Mansion, ROBLOX developers are not in control of the levels that users create. So, if we supported mirrors, someone would inevitably build an Infinite Hall of Mirrors and expect it to work.

That being said, I’m sure that there is something technically feasible that we could do for less demanding situations – it’s just a matter of prioritizing which graphics features we need first.

HKS23: Bendable Bricks. It would probably only work with plastic and diamond plates.  Every other material would just shatter (except grass).

We’d love to add deformable parts to our physics engine.

Keyboard M KeyKeyboard shortcuts in game

Anonymous John Doe: Add key functions that do not have to be used on tools (for example, pressing “M” to see a GUI map, but you do not have to select a tool to do that. The key functions would revolutionize the ROBLOX gaming experience. It could possibly replace the functions for key pressing in tools, and we might be able to have a service that can insert those types of scripts in there. For example, you could script a crouch movement by pressing “C”, and that script would be in the Service. It could also be in ScreenGuis for making other Guis visible by a press of a key.

Yes. One of the things my team asks for most often is a global keyboard and mouse object that you can hook into. It will happen.

Multiplayer ROBLOX Studio

undeadCobra139: A multiplayer Studio. My friends are always asking me for help on how to operate Studio and/or build certain things. I, and my friends, would really love a multiplayer studio; with such a thing, friends could be like a game-making company, creating more complex games, with each friend specializing in a certain thing.

We would like to add the ability for a place creator to upload a game and attach to it a multiplayer version of Studio in order to debug problems that you only see in a multiplayer context.

I think a multiplayer version of Studio for the purposes of collaborating on building is interesting, but I don’t think it would scale well to too many players. I imagine it would be confusing to know who is editing what, and it might be hard to code in an environment where anyone can launch all scripts by starting time at any moment.

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504 thoughts on “Responding to User Feedback, V6

  1. Texar

    In regards to the “Multiplayer ROBLOX Studio” and it’s potential of being confusing: Perhaps add a sort of log that people can view as easily as they would the chat, i.e. “Player1 Resized brick “Baseplate” [01:29:02AM] Player 2 Resized brick “Baseplate” [01:29:28AM]” so on.

    You could also consider representing the user camera with a single 1x1x1 brick with their name over it, seems like that would be a bit more complex than usual but would help identify users more easily.

  2. Brent21

    I was thinking, something useful could be a group shout system ingame. Kind of like on steam, when a group posts a new shout, it pops up in a little GUI on the bottom of your screen. You could also incorperate party chats into this, when someone sends you a party invite, or says something over the party a message pops up in the same place.

  3. brightstorm603

    It would be nice if games could be “single player”, so that only one person could use a server at a time. This could open up a lot more opportunities for games.

  4. Mede

    ROBLOX needs a massive website update. Sure, I understand how important the game engine itself is, but half of a game’s allure is the website that displays it. As I see it, the main page, and the forums are cluttered up, and aren’t likely to make me want to use them. Perhaps if the ROBLOX Team fixed this, I would.

  5. nfsboy50

    I got one… Make a roblox renting system where you can rent hats,gears,faces,etc for the amount of time or days you select and when that rental is over that hat is taken from that user and given back to you.

  6. Lackingstriker1000

    What I think is that roblox should really have the reflection stuff in bricks should really show you.I have been in game and have saw reflection when I first joined I thought the reflection would really make it reflect.Also Instead of having to script a brick to make a gun reflect I think it should really reflect with the brick reflection,

  7. 0minus

    There should be a new update where, instead of getting just your ROBLOX feed, when you’re in a game, or working on something, there should be a little pop-up window where is says which group is shout, and the shout.

  8. Olifrek

    There’s been lots of times I’ve wanted to change clothes in-game and quickly change between costumes. I think you should be able to save ‘costumes’ and be able to switch between them while playing.

  9. Happybeanz123

    I think the multiplayer studio would be a great idea, but maybe you could only allow certain to build with. Kinda like personal servers. You could open it to all people, or you could only let a few people come in. I also think there should be a feature so you could ban people from building the place with you. They can still play it on normal roblox, they just can’t help you build it.

  10. LightningHawk

    Monthly video contests. It would be cool to see all of those awesome roblox videos in a contest, and I was here when the roblox rox contest was here and I thought that was really cool, Thanks!

  11. cool619

    Hey, uhh… When is that “Change Apperence In-game” going to happen for us ROBLOXians?

  12. SirBAckspace

    Custom animations please? I understand that we can edit animations through LUA, but one that we can save, then refrence in a script so when we click, our arms move to swing a sword.

  13. 1234Christopher

    To show what the players are editing on multiplayer studio show a laser like line pointing from the player to the brick. Simple. And maybe a different colour (color) laser for each player.

  14. Robot5630

    Ok In Roblox studio, Why Is terrain Locked? I mean like when you make a temple run game, You gotta delete the terrain with the delete tool and it takes like 2 hours. Can there be a delete terrain tool? I mean like ALL games have to delete terrain. ~Robot5630 on Roblox~

    1. ss2gohanrocks1

      You can delete the terrain by using the crater plugin on Roblox studio.If you want to delete it in one click you can ajust the size of the crater. since the terrain is one layer it wont look like a crater.

  15. mean2u4246

    BRING ROBLOX TO THE CHROMEBOOK AND CHROMEBOX. It really hurts. People have computers that can have different OS’s. It hurts them that they cannot play ROBLOX on certain OS’s. I mean, Seriously!

  16. FearMeIAmLag

    Auto-save on shutdown…

    A lot of the time, I spend a lot of time building something, only to have my laptop run out of power and shut down. Then to come back on my computer to find that studio is not responding, and won’t let me save it. I would love if there was an auto-saver, that it auto-saves it every 10 minutes or something.

  17. zackerih

    In responce to multiplayer studio: I have answers to both problems, TO know who is editing what… easy just have a brick or sphere and the players name above it showing who that player is. and the host could control who gets to launch what scripts, and maybe (like personal servers) the host and admins could promote players that just join that game.

  18. brad1018

    What about a way for members of a group to be able to refer friends into the group, and the leader of the group would be able to track who was was refered by who.

  19. supermic3600

    i would love the idea that roblox could make a mutiplayer studio system. because i fail at scripting but im a good builder. if i came across someone who could script good but wasnt good at building, we would be unstoppable :).

  20. ultimatespace12

    I think there should be regular night and day and during the nights there can be a 50 percent chance that the water in your place doees wave. Also, a 20% that the water will cause tsunami’s. You know,some physics stuff. Oh, and earthquakes also please.

    1. mean2u4246

      I know! we need linux in roblox! it really hurts to use a linux system and not have roblox on it!

  21. asphaltdevil7

    my fav idea of all those was by FAR multiplayer studio. please try to work on it!

    1. Nick Rodriguez (nickrod08)

      Same as above!
      This would make building more fun and easier! :D
      But if you do this make sure you make a setting for friends only or invite only!
      (Incase some people come and ruin it!)

  22. Goku1984313

    I like the multiplayer studio thing. But maybe the creator of the game can invite the people to come instead of the people coming to the place itself. So that way the creator can control how much he wants to help him build.

    By the way it’s almost like personal server …

  23. IBLG

    I think ROBLOX should make an option, or a way to chat, so that only your friends or desired people would see.

  24. Scooby8snacks

    I want Personal Servers, but, only different. What I mean is, make it so you can access personal servers through Studio. So then you don’t have to keep changing it back and forth to insert items and such.

  25. Scooby8snacks

    I think you should make it, for example, if you have a place where you want items to act like real Physics, like when you have Demolition Derby, Crash Testing Centers, Ect., you should be able to see wreckage, like 1 block being damaged, so then you dont need like a billion bricks just to make it realistic, so you can see damage realistically. Only if you decide it to, though, so it wont be like that everywhere. Simply put, make it so you can decide if you want real like physics or not.

    1. Getoutamyface

      That is a great idea,i would love to have that in my places so that it would be more realistic,and that may cut down on lag in places because instead of a milion bricks flying everywere you would simply have a pile of…well…exploded item,but that would depend on what level of sofistication is put into it,because of course you cant use neanderthalistic typed programing on this,it would take some work but there is always something to improve on.

  26. rebecca

    u guys are so wked. I have played roblox for 5 months everyday after school and favorited every game. keep makilng more games guys and get inyo builers club it is so awsome.

  27. Bobb11881

    I want a better swimming animation and to walk on the seafloor. I also want lava, magma and ice terrain. With the ice, you could set friction, and with magma, you would be able to set heat, limits depending on whether it’s lava or magma, and make it so that if they have a certain item, or are wearing one, they can survive in it.

    1. LightningHawk

      If they do these then they wont do lava AND magma, they would probably do one or the other.
      just so you know. But i like the ice idea, I would want snow with it but idk.

    2. ss2gohanrocks1

      You can just make your own ice and set its friction to how much friction you want it to have using roblox studio

  28. SimpleStar

    I dont suggest letting players make real money, but you should Add more ways to make robux/tix.

      1. Getoutamyface

        I think that roblox should make you able to sell items you have already bought to other people,for example-if you buy at hat,and dont want it anymore,you could sell it to another person for the price of your choice,i know that sounds almost like the black market but its still an idea.

  29. imadrainpipe

    I would like roblox to have a texture pack choice, a ittle bit like minecraft. Also, I would like to see more building bricks in the tool box. with free models, if you use them, people may class you as a “copyer”, For example: Cart ride stuff, and tycoon stuff. I would also like to see an easier way to CFrame, like in cframe tools, where you just click somthing, and use the special movement and rotaion. One last idea is to have a special thing for making rollercoasters, similar to “coaster creator” games (and the same for waterslides and slow kiddie rides too!),as many users like to make theme/water parks.

  30. ENET

    For multiplayer building, if someone hits play, just run the place on their client locally and then when they are done get the latest updated placed from their friends. And if one person hits play together, it could send a request to all the players in build to join and a server could be hosted on one of the clients.

  31. dawggrant0525

    I belive multi-player studio would be great ! Because, me and my freind have been trying to figure out a way to create a game together with out account sharing. We have been having to go back and forth with un-copy locking the place after we have built what the 1 person was supposed to. Also, there should be a way to get tools in studio mode with out plug-ins (Wich I cant figure out how to get into my game.).

    1. commonsense

      ok, now whjat if I told you all your ideas are going straight to bc members and no one else (which it will) is it still a great idea?

  32. DeathDiana

    I say that there should be some more “movements” Like crouching and crawling and head movement, pushing and semi realistic grabing, sprinting and climbing, without the use of tools like in mine craft

      1. Itsjustagame

        No… I don’t like it… Because that’s more RPG. This is a building game/ game to make friends. It’s not a RPG.

  33. uuffo

    I think there should be a world chat box where everyone registered can talk with each-other no matter where they are on the site. (Not safe-chatters.) (Ex. A chat box, only every player on roblox has access to it.)

    1. Tailsxd7

      I have a idea where you have certain hats that you can change the color of it like when changing the color of your body head ect so if you had brown hair you could make it blonde black or even blue.

  34. Benjamint

    Something that could help programmers would be a “DataBase” asset. We could store stuff from server to server (Exemple). Or make a game with Houses for everyone that would appear on all servers and stay forever!
    To limit the space used on the DataBase, users could pay R$ or Tickets to Upgrade the limit!

    1. glosgreen2

      It’s called Data Persistence. Look it up on the wiki. It’s really easy to use.

  35. Traindood

    Roblox should make forum emoticons and have decals that can show up on the forum without being sent to a link.

  36. Coolguy713

    How about gravity? You could make your player walk on the ceiling or jump really high!

    1. Roflcopterkicker

      Admin commands can control gravity already, however, a nice gear like a Gravity Coil enhancement would be nice.

    2. ScaryLiamb752

      You could also do Artificial gravity, so that you could be able to jump up high…

    1. Tailsxd7

      Thats not a bad idea because you can have the group leader picking a hat and then he/she can change the design of it

  37. Heroman777

    I feel Roblox should be less focused on making a better user interface screen and focus their attention’s on getting rid of hackers or making a better hackproof system.

      1. Bobb11881

        They probably use those hacks and exploits sometimes. And it’s completely up to the place creator to put an anti-exploit script in.

  38. LordFlameRing

    The multiplayer studio idea is genius but maybe it could be made so you can use it in a running server if the game creator gave you permission for it.

  39. mrblah80

    i liked the old ROBLOX alot it was nicer then i loved the old roblox and my friends want it back to the old roblox

    1. awesomegenius

      Dude thats so unfair if they did make it BC my friends would be sad. Anyway don’t make roblox hear this and make itself Bc because its unfair so please or else we will have to pay money for it like all other recent updates

  40. yoelman

    Instead of the reset when the character falls apart , COuld it be a ragdoll instead? And there might be a good chance that we might be able to have propper physics with that. And I have an idea , Turbo Outragus Builders Club! I think if you added that it would be great! Status ideas for Turbo Outragus Builders Club: Max Places: 500. Max Groups: 500 , 100 R$ Daily. 10 Tix Daily , Chrome theme to the website. Good ideas?

    1. awesomegenius

      I don’t like this idea at all I think roblox made enough stuff or else it will be unfair

    2. Goku1984313

      Ummm … No … that would be a bad thing. People are already wasting enough money for OBC…

    3. Tailsxd7

      Thats a bad idea because i have Obc and i cant handle too many groups the extra robux isn’t much and how are you going to make 500 places.

  41. KidTech101

    If you did do something such as multiplayer studio, you could create a navigation point similar to that of Script Diagnostics, which shows what each player is looking at, by when they click it. Another way is through naming the item they worked on as their name. They could enter their name into an Entrance GUI, which would make that the name of the parts.

  42. churchill107

    I really want the multiplayer studio to come out! though im not going to use is for multiplayer playing, but to get the old bricks back and start building actual looking things.

  43. Robloxo27

    I love planes,but since roblox is growing to be better and better you should try to make planes more realistic like in a Atr-42 the propellers should begin moving and turn into spinning circles like crazyman32’s helicoptor in Freeflight,and engines on a plane would start out as nothing but go into the Blake hole in planes today in roblox like in RoAir and JetErie,and giving planes a more realistic look with working TVs on-board,the ideas are endless

    1. OMGPOP

      Well soon it isn’t crazyman32’s helicopter I’m trying to make a much more advanced one with dual blades and thermal camera, people will drool on it xD This one is a 2012+ special

  44. Cookielover

    Wait… They’re putting multiplayer building back? I can’t wait! I miss building with my friends so much!

    Also, to the person to said adding in bubbles, bubbles will be cool. :D

  45. sonicthehedgehoglove

    There should be a group feature called “Invitation” where you invite players to your group 5 times for NBC and 10 times for BC members. They can do it again in next 24 hours.

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