LEGO(TM) Hero Factory Breakout

ROBLOX Works with LEGO® for LEGO® Hero Factory: Breakout

LEGO(TM) Hero Factory Breakout

LEGO®Hero Factory Logo - LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2012 The LEGO Group

ROBLOX has worked with LEGO® to bring you LEGO® Hero Factory: Breakout, a new game that sends up to 10 ROBLOX players to the futuristic Makuhero City. Players take the role of Stringer or Voltix – hero or villain, respectively – and compete to win a five-on-five, team-based scavenger hunt. Not only are the heroes constantly battling it out with the villains, but each team can destroy the other’s scavenger items, adding an unpredictable challenge to winning the hunt.

The first team to collect all six items in the scavenger hunt wins. Winners also bank a special piece of equipment; heroes take home an Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun, while villains receive an Arachnix Drone. Both are pictured below.

Heroes WinVillains Win

LEGO® Hero Factory Logo – LEGO® and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2012 The LEGO Group

LEGO® Hero Factory: Breakout features:

  • Makuhero City’s towering buildings, which players can enter and search for pick-ups
  • The iconic Hero Factory at the center of the Makuhero City
  • 12 scavenger hunt pick-ups
  • Custom graphic-user interfaces and menus
  • All-new body shapes and character animations for Stringer and Voltix
LEGO Hero Factory Breakout Screenshot

LEGO®Hero Factory Logo - LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2012 The LEGO Group

Stringer and Voltix required much more complex character animations than those of the normal ROBLOX character, so we enhanced our animation system for this game. We used 14 joints (the standard ROBLOX character uses five), each of which is powered by a physically simulated motor, to create more refined and natural body movement. As a result, you’ll see characters’ hips bend after landing from a jump and arms oscillate when simultaneously running and shooting. The increased detail meshes well with the game mechanics, as your character is constantly moving and scavenging while trying to stop the opponents, and illustrates the flexibility of the ROBLOX engine.

Play LEGO® Hero Factory: Breakout to take control of Stringer and Voltix in Makuhero City today.

386 thoughts on “ROBLOX Works with LEGO® for LEGO® Hero Factory: Breakout

  1. animalcross

    This is actually a good promotion. I only played it once but it seems they put some care into making the game.

  2. Rockslide103

    This is a promotion for all gamers so dont treat it like its a game you dont know how much work was put into this game.

    1. TheAmazingMacintosh

      Woohoo! Someone whom actually uses grammar and doesn’t put it down, Just because it takes an extra second to add a comma, period, or other marks such as the exclaim mark or the question mark.
      And proper spelling too!
      I’m going to say that I agree with you, People think that a game they play took not much to create so they can take advantage of it i.e hacking the game, and they think it will be fine since the game in their mind didn’t take long and it was easy if it did damage to a property oh well it didn’t take long they will be fine while in reality its not fine and it took a long time.

  3. NarutoNow

    The player animations are amazing! I highly suggest playing this in third person, unlike a lot of games This is definetly a 9.5/10

  4. ghostbusters43

    amazeing game! I would like to have a 4.0 body thats this lego technic and more games like this!!!

  5. Psihycho

    ROBLOX figures should be something like this! It would be more fun also if there were more gear prize games like this!

  6. BountyHunta11

    Partering with LEGO? Epic. I’ve always loved Legos. And this game is amazing. I love playing it. It’s better than the one on their website.

  7. noobbuster2012

    Ive been a huge fan of lego since I was 4 it’s still great I find it kinda expected that roblox would team up with lego because lego and roblox are extremely alike in many ways :)

  8. John Dusk

    Very nice game. Although,ROBLOX,you better change the desc @ the bottom of the website,cause it says that ROBLOX does not work with the LEGO Group.

    Great game.The rules are pretty friend loves the idea of this as he basically is one of those characters that look like a noob XD.Now hes very happy that I helped him get the gear.

    The only problem is there is a lot of exploiting and spamming in the game,and a LOT of ROBLOXians in the game really don’t like it.

    I really hope that the game will still be playing,but you don’t get any more gear if you win in the future,and in the future,ROBLOX can make the prizes limited.

    The last thing I want to say is that I wish that there can be more morphs and weapons,but I guess it’s pretty hard already to make the Stringer and Voltixx morph,so I won’t complain.

    I hope that ROLOX can have more events like this,keep up the good work ROBLOX!

  9. Bob1234

    I like it and all but people fight a lot calling people noob if they stole your item then it just turns into a big mess its better then kreo battleship but i dont like that u get people mad.

  10. Omtust

    Is it possible that ROBLOX could do an classic-building competition like we used to do back in 2011, I admit these prize-earning things have been epic! But how about sponsering and contests the same time such as;
    Contest ROBLOXian Pizza –
    11th August – 15th August
    Sponsered Lego toys: 15th August – 25th August

    Just like, have Sponser then Contest after each other.

  11. PantherXD

    The character animation in this game is AMAZING! ROBLOX, can make new animations for us to have in every game?

  12. skylertheman40

    This is an awesome game the way the characters walk. I like lego and roblox GOOD JOB ON THE GAME.

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