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ROBLOX’s Mobile Site,, Now Live for Testing

Mobile ROBLOX ProfileROBLOX is a big platform. While each of our development teams has its own areas of focus, goals and projects, there’s been an overarching objective in recent months: make ROBLOX a more mobile-friendly platform. Today, we took a step forward by launching a mobile ROBLOX website at is not yet the default landing page for mobile traffic, but it’s now available for our dedicated blog readers to try. We’re seeking your feedback regarding what works well, what could work better and what features you’d like to see in the future. You can let us know in this article’s comments or on our dedicated mobile forum; just remember to note the mobile device you’re using when feeding back.

The mobile ROBLOX site is meant to let you network with other users and browse the Catalog while you’re on the go. You can update your ROBLOX status, view and interact with your friends by exchanging messages, and send friend requests to other users. The mobile Catalog shows featured items, by default, and lets you search by category and purchase new gear for your character. You can also view your inventory in “My Stuff.” Currently, items being resold by users can only be purchased on the full ROBLOX site.

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We’re considering allowing you to customize your ROBLOX character, view and interact with groups, and purchase Robux and Builders Club subscriptions in future updates to We’ll also be bringing some of the mobile site’s functionality to our iPhone/iPod/iPad app, ROBLOX Mobile. started as a Hack Week project by ROBLOX engineers Vlad Fridman and Sairam Venugopal, with help from Steven La. It was was built in just weeks using jQueryMobile, a JavaScript library that takes advantage of modern smartphone capabilities but also works well on older devices. We’ve tested the mobile site using a variety of phones and devices, from the latest iPhone, iPod Touch and Android models to two-year-old, semi-smartphones. We expect the site to perform well across many different devices. on Many Devices running on a variety of mobile devices. Click to enlarge.

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397 thoughts on “ROBLOX’s Mobile Site,, Now Live for Testing

  1. AgentCPU0

    Roblox Mobile sounds great, but may need a larger device range later on. Perhaps an app for iPads and tablets. Also, the bar at the top of a user’s profile should be reconfigured later on to let others know if they’re logged into Roblox Mobile. Last thing, maybe specific games that can only be played on Roblox Mobile.

  2. KingBuggie

    Please do add groups to the mobile site. I really like how nice it loads on the IPhone4 compared to the regular site

  3. Isaac the awesome

    Dude guys just go on safari on the ipad or iphone or ipod touch and just go to and everything works just fine just like the website on the computer you can go to the groups stuff and u can costimize you character and a bunch of more stuff to! P.s. i just posted this comment on my ipad

    1. Helpful3

      Usage of mobile site is easier since on safari w/out the mobile page I always have to zoom in to see comments

  4. RobloxAwesomeGuy0126

    Could you please check groups on the mobile website and Make a port on Roblox on the 3ds? Thanks

  5. bobbyobby

    Well… it’s decent, but a few future advancements:

    Allow us on this website to look at our groups, able to use the wall or if we have a shouting privilege the allow us to use that to.

    I don’t expect the website to allow playing games, durrrr it’s a phone people!

    I would also like it if we can forum, send trades and the ability to configure thing e.g. Places.


  6. HamroGeek

    I have a windows phone (just switched from iPhone) and I love that I still can access Roblox in a mobile form now that I don’t have the form anymore, so this couldn’t be better timed. I just wish that when I pin it to the start screen that it would show like the Roblox logo instead of a screenshot of the page.

  7. steven hoang aka theoldrookie3451

    i would love it on the phone plz get it on the phone cuz when i go somewhere i can play roblox and buy bc if i need to when i go to a trip anywhere without a computer carrying it just do it cuz im a tester and it looks great indeed.

  8. RoCkEr285

    ROBLOX, I know you upgraded ROBLOX Studio but the problem is, it is very laggy to me, I just deleted one ladder then its no responding T_T

  9. falcondg

    Guys,i just viewed the ROBLOX mobile on my Nokia N8-00 so i think it works for smartphones and javascripts like me.

  10. Purpir

    I just go on google and search up ROBLOX and then its the exact same thing but in a tinyer divice.

  11. rightfulhalo3killer

    I would like to see in the future is that it will let you play ROBLOX games in this website

  12. LinkHyrule

    Copying Facebook’s Mobile? Anyway, please make this an app for Android. And it’d be cool to play ROBLOX on the go. Minecraft has accomplished this, now it is your turn, ROBLOX.

  13. Rockstarboy304

    Well now … ROBLOX has impressed me with a mobile site. I’ve been waiting for this since I knew ROBLOX was on iOS, Android, & Google Play market. Well done. Now let’s see them make gameplay for the iPod Touch & iPhone 4S. If iPad has these options. iPod & iPhone 4S should. Bravo ROBLOX, Bravo.

  14. livewire66

    Say.. could the site have a lower-tech version for game systems like the 3DS that take an obscure amount of time to buffer normal sites?

  15. Anonymous

    I hope they add games to this soon. I cannot wait to see what they develop on this project and I’m very excited as I have a phone and I really want to be able to play roblox games on the go.

  16. Sonickyle (BC)

    It works for any device that has JavaScript, so stop asking.

    Of course it doesn’t play games.

  17. New website

    Ok but you cant veiw games :/ The only reason why not is that your saving that for when you update the mobile website so that you can play games mobile. Other than that I dont know.

  18. subzeroshark

    Well…The Games we will have to wait on, as the dev group will be REALLY busy re-scripting the entire game in Nintendo’s Format, Apple’s format, and anything else they decide to put it on. (i have a 3DS — so I’m assuming there’s gonna be a longer wait for 3DS users, because apple is more popular than the 3DS.

  19. jjcoolx

    good but continue updating… before games we should be able to join groups,leave groups, and customize our account and charcter.. after all start with the basics huh?

    1. Bluflare123

      Save that for the Apps! Although I like the idea.. waiting for the Android app. At least Froyo (android 2.2) should be supported all the way to Jelly Bean (android 4.1).

    1. JAKKAT

      Most ROBLOX Place Devs won’t actually include either Gamepad or Mobile support for the tools in the place. Things like “Press R to Reload” can become impossible.

      Because of this, Consoles and Mobile game compatibility should be put to the side.

      1. Bluflare123

        Maybe so. But what about an experimental version that has support for phones with physical keyboards? Eventually the smartphone market will want the user to have the same capabilities as a PC…. Like the SGS3, 1.5 Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 4.7″ Screen (getting there.)… just needs time for the smartphone market to evolve. And also Battery tech. Those Li-Ion batteries aren’t going to survive a minute playing Roblox.

    2. kingemocut

      just no… roblox is a sand box game. although, having the roblox mobile app only on the apple store is unfair… it should also be released on android… and blackberry’s appstore

  20. Tonitoni

    1st I would like to point out that it is pretty obvious you took inspiration from the youtube mobile site. Not that that is bad.


    Forum functionality
    Group functionality
    Roblox feed

  21. brickmaster89

    this is good keep it up roblox. so is it on android pls tell me pm me on roblox user name: brickmaster89. thanks that will help me alot

  22. insaneROBLOXER123

    Nice. Probobly works on DSI internet, but either way, AWESOME! But even though you can’t play games on it YET, there obiously working on that. Nice website for anything.

  23. Zucom

    this app is great i love testing roblox apps its working so far but you should add games to it but itll be hard to control…well just letting you know that it works

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