Groups: The Armies, Organizations, Think-tanks and Clubs of ROBLOX

ROBLOX GroupsLook at ROBLOX from a distance and you’ll notice a couple things: a lot of games and a large, bustling community. Look a little closer, and you’ll find depth: a complex building/game-development kit, a rich virtual economy and a social network that connects users around the world. Part of that social network is a system of groups, which allow ROBLOX users to join up, organize, communicate, form alliances and rivalries, compete, and execute grand building projects.

On ROBLOX, groups are another way we empower users. All Builders Club members have the ability to create a group that anyone can join – a sub-community that can function like anything from a fan club to a MMO guild to a game studio – for 100 Robux, and recruit members with various levels of access. Call it user-generated community: the other user-generated content.

The popularity of groups

One need look no further than some statistics to see that ROBLOX users love groups.

  • Number of active groups: 111,316
  • Number of groups in existence: 704,628
  • Number of groups created so far in 2012: 236,346
  • Number of ROBLOX users in at least one group: 2,443,547
  • Total number of group members: 7,635,070
  • Amount spent on group advertising: 348,451,377 Tickets

We dug into the most active ROBLOX groups for our ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 Hall of Fame, and found that five most active groups averaged more than 250,000 wall posts for the 2011 calendar year. That’s an average of roughly 687 posts per day and 29 per hour.

The draw of groups

ROBLOX groups get interesting when you realize the wide variety of purposes for which they exist. What draws people in depends on the group’s values and alliances.

Sample Group RanksRanking up: the meta-game
Many groups take organization and rank very seriously, and purchase ranks beyond the standard three. A group focused on collecting rare gear, for instance, might categorize members based on the rarity of their collection. A group focused on battling can set up military-style ranks. Moving up in the ranks has emerged as a social meta-game on ROBLOX, where users need to commit to a given group, put in the hours necessary and participate in group events to “level up.”

Higher-level competition
I browsed group pages and noticed that some had a list of “defeated” groups. There’s certainly competition between warring factions but, according to user Tenal, a Marshal (13th of 16 ranks) in R.A.T., “the clan battling system is somewhat inconsistent.” We have ideas to flesh out a formal system; in the meantime, Tenal reports that users continue to devise new ideas for group battling. Here’s a scenario that’s common right now:

The enemy “raids” a group at the opposing group’s fort. There is a capture system at the forts, and if the enemy team holds the capture for a certain amount of time (usually 20 minutes), they win. These aren’t scheduled, so any fort can get attacked by raiders at any time.

There are “final battles,” which conclude the war. The two leaders pick a group of people to take part in the final battle and a balanced map. They then battle, and the team with players standing at the end wins. Usually, the battlefields have two sides cloned with a script, resulting in both sides being exactly the same.

Fort Borealis

Fort Borealis is a popular place owned by R.A.T.

Self expression
When you join a group, its badge becomes associated with your account. On top of that, you can set a primary group, which displays on your user profile and forum posts. In that sense, groups become a method for users to say, “I’m a fan of this.”

Interests and hobbies
Groups bring together individuals with similar interests, hobbies, geographic locations and even political ideologies. The Trade group, for example, exists to facilitate item trading between users. Pinewood Builders features ROBLOX users who build, assemble and script high-quality content. The Team Fortress 2 Fan Club is a popular place for Team Fortress 2 fans to discuss another game.

Top GroupsThe success of groups

High membership is often seen as the sign of a successful group. In many cases, it’s a valid metric. Still, group owners and high-ranking members should be cautious about giving new members top ranks in an attempt to pad out their membership numbers quickly.

ROBLOX groups can promote themselves in ROBLOX’s Clans & Guilds forum, leverage the group-advertising system to attract potential members on ROBLOX pages and use their own clout – if any – to bring on members. As mentioned earlier in this article, group advertising was launched this year and users have already spent almost 350 million Tickets on advertising.

ROBLOX Community Manager Becky Lee Herndon recently created a group to open the lines of communication between forum users and community staff. While the clout of her name attracted many members, she’s uncovered tips that would be useful to anyone getting a group off the ground.

A lot of new owners immediately buy a bunch of extra ranks for their group beyond the three you get at the start (Owner, Admin, Member). My advice is to buy ranks slowly over time because empty ranks make your group look inactive. You should decide how many ranks you need based on the permissions you want to give out. Be stingy with permissions to start and learn which members are trustworthy. One or two Admin-level ranks (also called Higher Ranks or Officers) and one or two Member-level ranks is enough at the beginning. You’ll know it’s time to buy more ranks when a lot of your members start asking to be ranked up.

It also doesn’t hurt to have a purpose for existing and a clear, unique identity.

You can explore ROBLOX groups, ordered by popularity, and more than likely find some that fit your personality right here.

About Andrew Haak

Sr. Communications Manager. blockhaak on ROBLOX; @andrewjhaak on Twitter; blockhaak on Twitch.

76 thoughts on “Groups: The Armies, Organizations, Think-tanks and Clubs of ROBLOX

  1. JosephDusk

    “Number of ROBLOX users in at least one group: 2,443,547”

    That is ALLOT lower then I though.

    1. Icee444

      Just go under the “group admin” button on the group page, and check the box under the blue/black one that says “can change rank of lower ranked users,” or something along those lines. The rest of those options are up to you. (Username: Icee444)

  2. catinthebat

    I think they can make it so you can teleport tech between games (Tanks, Airplanes, or even non military related things). So if your at your base, a request can pop up for you saying that they would like to teleport their object to your game, and you can accept or decline. This would be good for military, and other types of games such as airports.

  3. stickyfingerz647

    ._______. Thats A LOT of people who are in groups, and also A LOT of tickets spent FOR the groups…. Thats, really A LOT. Im saying a lot, a lot.

  4. zol366

    I think there should be a plugin made by ROBLOX. That plugin would include all the flags for the fort. Then, all forts could work and all groups could easily made a group HQ/fort.

    1. Pikavader

      No, that isn’t a good idea. ROBLOX has already done enough for the users for pre-made content. If roblox creates plugins for everything, no one will learn anything while creating a place. Which then leads to you deciding the game design/software engineering isn’t a good idea and you’ll be flipping burgers in mcdonald’s.

    2. Keeskeet

      I agree i think roblox should make a roblox plugin with a capture system for military groups, witch consits of several editable areas. Time capture point needs to be held, group name (so that you dont capture your own flag/area etc.), also where to put the capture area and in what form by this i mean the user should be able to select something like a resizable brick that the enemy must stand on to capture or a flag even a button that automates the system to capture for the enemy. This would increase group activeness because then more groups wouldnt need to spend alot of time building forts instead of being active or needing to pay for forts from other users. (This could also help capture point games)

      1. SuperplayEX

        No, wouldn’t it be good to learn to script/build it by yourself? If the builder has a plug-in about that and gets all bored and wonders how to script something else like a mech-tech robot in base and etc. It should not be made for that. Bases are easy if you know how to script or find free models that fits together nicely. It would break ROBLOX into plug-in blox.

      2. NASAflightdirector

        I agree, I think you should take the time to learn how to script. I have a C-frame plugin, but I learned how to C-frame well before I found it. If you need a plugin, try to learn how to do it manually first. btw you can make your own plugins. try it sometime!

  5. Firewarrior321

    Why not do this: Players can donate to to group. The group has a treasury, which has all the tix that players donate (Only tix are donated.)There is also a regular income based on the size of the group; but to keep it realistic, there is upkeep for weapons and soldiers and such. This can be used to purchase weapons of war such as: artillery, tanks, medic trucks, nukes, better guns, perks, and stuff of the sort. Then, during a raid, the leader can set in the key of the group who can place them. This can be used by both sides. This make a better gaming experience for both sides. And, if a weapon is destroyed, it’s permanent, to make it more realistic. This continues until one side surrenders, and the opposing team can adjust their terms of surrender. This can include surrending and being a protectorate, which means the defeated group becomes a “child” of the winning group’s nation. This would be a huge advancement in group warfare, and be MUCH more realistic. Please tell me if you like my idea.

    1. blockcaster

      I think there is a lot of room for improvement in the Group’s warfare. ROBLOX wrote on the blog a while back suggesting ideas for group warfare but we haven’t heard anything else since?

      1. Candymaniac

        Contrary to yours and the rest of the community’s misconception of groups being only for ‘warfare’ in a virtual online world, some groups don’t ‘fight’ and instead be more producting and help people or create games together.

    2. COD4Sniper

      Fantastic Idea! I really encourage ROBLOX to use your idea and apply it. It would dramatically change the thinking of “groups”. In the sense of how a group of maybe 200 could “beat” a group as big as 50,000. Meaning groups could actually show their power in their numbers.

    3. NASAflightdirector

      I agree, but I think these tanks and guns should be personally made by members of the group, I mean, could you imagine every country using the same weapons during WWII? I also think these weapons should be automatically priced by ROBLOX base on its scale, and purpose. There should also be a battle ground Mege-place made by ROBLOX which allows groups to set dates for war.

    4. sly775

      I really like this idea, I myself am a group leader and i think this would help a lot because I might own a group but i’m not rich and i have to buy any kind of tech I can’t build and some extra money from group members would be nice once and awhile. If ROBLOX did this they could make a log to keep track of what the group bought so you could know if the leader was spending the money right.

  6. E7X6

    How are we meant to join groups with the search option for people/groups gone. It’s near impossible, some certain groups are hard to find. like V.E (Vorash Empire) so how are we meant to find the groups with that search option gone, anyway, maybe you can fix that ROBLOX.

    1. JAKKAT

      Easy: Find it under “More” on the list. Kinda useless when you have a 16:9 aspect ratio, but it helps for smaller screens.

    2. LegoBoy1104

      Actually, if you click the arrow by ‘More’ on your navigation bar, it comes up with People. Once you click that, on the right side of the search bar, you can chose ‘Groups’ or ‘People’.

  7. Slabel

    There was talk about having an official way to battle enemy groups in the style in which most modern FPS are using. (Matchmaking) I still haven’t seen that update. I was really anticipating it and I am disappointed that there has been no news of this update. Please at least give us something to tell us that you have been at least trying to make this update happen!

  8. NEONX63

    Make it so that when you get 20 kills on your leaderstat, the owner can make you have your rank automatically changed.

    1. Maxomega3

      That sounds like a cool idea. The owner should have a say in that though. It’d also be cool if you could categorize your group like you can with games and clothing. That would make finding a group in the search engine easier and more efficient.

      1. moosemundy

        Yeah that would be sooooooo cool plus there would be no need for the promotion arguments in the group vso.

  9. kaywell105

    I think the price to create groups should still be a BC-only feature, but wayyyyy cheaper, if not free

  10. ewaneyboy

    i tried your advice but it didn’t work so i’m gonna try make a game to become famous then people will join.

  11. EpicFaceLover

    This is cool and all… but I think you should let non 13+ members name groups, add a description, Name their ranks and let them group shout. Cause It kinda limits what people that aren’t 13+ can do with BC cause maybe this non 13+ member bought BC just so he/she could make groups then they find out (after they bought BC) that they can’t name their groups. Please consider this.

  12. wafles26122

    I personally think war groups are pointless. Some people get way into which groups is better and group wars and that sort of thing.

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