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How To Make Your Games Popular On ROBLOX

Though ROBLOX makes publishing a game easy, getting people to play it is another matter entirely. A myriad of factors will determine the popularity of your game, and we’re here to share a few of the quickest and most effective to attract players. Enjoy.

Call of Robloxia Make a Great Thumbnail

Each ROBLOX game on the Games page has a thumbnail. This is your chance to make a first impression, so choose a picture that’s colorful, well framed and aesthetically pleasing. You can choose to frame your thumbnail shot in ROBLOX Studio — remember, the camera’s location when you save your game is going to be where the thumbnail shot is taken, so take a few pictures and choose your favorite one. You can also manually upload a thumbnail image in the “Place Configuration” page for 20 Robux.

Make a Game That Keeps ‘Em Coming Back

Make as many badges and achievements you can for your place, and make sure the top ones are difficult, or nearly impossible, to earn. A lot of ROBLOX users are hard-core gamers, and they don’t think they’ve beaten the game until every achievement is completed and every trophy is obtained. Make ’em work for it. You can also incentivize repeat visits by utilizing our Data Persistence System, which allows users to save their in-game belongings (clothes, coins, weapons, etc.) and continue to earn more cool items in-game.

VIP Shirts

Sword Shirt You can sell VIP  shirts that will give users special powers in your game. If someone is willing to spend money on the shirt, chances are they’re going to want to utilize the powers that come with it more than once.


Be Social

Forums are a huge part of ROBLOX, and keeping the community at large updated with what you’re doing with your place can garner a lot of interest. Remember, your job is to build your name as a personal brand. Going into a forum and simply saying, “Please play my game” doesn’t work as well as going into a forum and saying “I’ve added some new designs to my place — it looks way different since my last post, check it out.”

Having conversations with people is important. Ask for feedback. You can explore other social avenues as well — advertise your game on Facebook or Twitter, or show off some of your new designs on YouTube.

Utilize Genres

If you’re just starting out, it may seem difficult to get your game noticed. Take a look the Genres bar to see how many visits certain types of games are getting — you’ll find that it’s easier to get your game to the front of certain genres than the top of the Games page. You can even do research before  you start building your game — if you notice that “horror” is a genre that doesn’t take a ton of visits to make the front page, you might consider creating a horror game to help you establish a reputable name.

Advertise Your Game

Advertising your game on ROBLOX is a great way to get noticed and an awesome creative outlet. Our ad system is a bidding war between users — the more money you choose to spend on advertising your game banner, the more likely it’ll pop up on while users are browsing. But bidding is only half of the art — make creative, colorful ads that will draw people’s attention. For a more in-depth look at how to advertise, take a look our Beginners Guide to the ROBLOX Economy article.

Ice Mountain Cafe Ad

User Paul2448 on the popularity of his game: “A few friends played it, and I kept on improving my places, then I ran some ads that mostly failed. But enough people favorited it that it had a semi-constant stream of visitors, and one day it was on the front page.”

Keep At It!

Don’t be discouraged. As you can see by Paul2448’s quote, a lot of factors are at play that will determine the success of your game. If something doesn’t work, try again. And again. Part of the joy of our platform is that you can build to your heart’s content. Keep at it, and keep trying new things!
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259 thoughts on “How To Make Your Games Popular On ROBLOX

  1. ProXKillerXD

    I’ve been trying to make my place popular for about 5 months now. Ads arent working, and people dont seem to wanna go. Ima try doing all these things and try again!

  2. icanxlr8

    Yes, I agree. It takes TIME to get a game popular. Don’t expect to make a game then find it on the front page the next day.

  3. cardgamechampion

    Hi I think my games have potential of being popular, I want them to be popular too. I am an ok builder and scripter, my longest script I wrote was 28 lines :P. I am looking for intermediate ROBLOX scripting tutorials, as I have no clue how to do any of the scripting and building challenges on the ROBLOX Game Conference, and really want to learn those (especially the afro fire head lol).

    1. illoveacela76

      I am hoping that my Hospital Nightmare game will be very popular and soon to be on the front page.

  4. lightbombs

    you are a safechatter OR your messaging is disabled so i cant pm you.. anyway you need bc for vip shirts!

  5. tehexiledvampire

    My place is great, But i can never afford to advertise it, Nor do i have a great amount of friends, So, Would anyone like to visit my place and leave a comment on how i could improve it evern further?? My name is TehExiledVampire

  6. NitroArpan

    VIP shirt are mainly from people with membership nly so its better so save up for a lifetime membership. Also Advertsing is best IF you havbe atleast more than 10k tix or the tix drains really fast. Badges you can make or not make. Also try making your game worth playing. I make my forts really simple and add some GUI’s which really work but are hard to input.

  7. redjohnnyrocks22

    to make ads and vip shirts you need to have BC which you can get from game cards or a credit card payment but for credit card you should get a parents permission

  8. Rukiryo

    My advice, is to make everything yourself. Free models make your game an instant no for 50% of people. Make something unique. Make something, never done before. I did this, and I am now rich and have many visits. Keep at it, don’t give up, and DON’T FREE MODEL.


    Ummm really basic lua scripting just make a door and a great vip shirt ( have builders club) and just insert the link of your shirt into the script you made. Then just make sure the t – shirt is up for sale.

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