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ROBLOX Introduces Game Passes

ROBLOX game developers have the ability to create VIP shirts, which give players special perks and abilities in games. These added abilities can be anything, from super strength or speed, to a special item—the benefits are up to the game creator.

Originally an ingenious ROBLOX user idea, we’re simplifying the VIP t-shirt process with a new feature: Game Passes. A Game Pass essentially does the same thing a VIP shirt does–if you purchase a Game Pass for any particular game, you’ll have access to perks and abilities that others don’t.

What’s the difference? There are a few. Forcing users to wear shirts they don’t want to wear for abilities is dated. We’re not eliminating VIP shirts altogether, we’re just giving you alternative options for accessing special abilities in order to streamline the user experience.

On the creation end, we’re developing a system where game developers can track who has what. Also, we’re making it easier and more intuitive, by allowing users to buy Game Passes on a game’s page (as opposed to having to click over to the items page). This will introduce new users to the “VIP” concept altogether, as it’ll be an upfront option.

We’re also setting a price point–it will cost one hundred Robux to purchase a Game Pass that you can then sell to other users. Like VIP shirts, once you’re in a position to sell your Game Pass, you can choose your own price point.

This echoes the sentiment of many other games in the marketplace like Everquest, Tribes, and League of Legends, which are free-to-play, but allow you the benefit of paying for perks. The entire MMO scene is gravitating towards this method, and we feel adopting these ideas will give our users the opportunity to create in-game businesses for themselves.

Game Pass Builder

Creating a Game Pass is easy

  1. Create a Game PassPop over to your place, and you’ll find a ‘Create Game Pass’ link in the top right corner, under the ‘Options’ drop-down menu.
  2. Once you hit that, you’re prompted to choose an image to represent your Game Pass, and give it a title and description. You’ll get a preview before you purchase the pass to make sure everything looks the way you’d like.
  3. Once you buy the Game Pass, you’ll be taken to the items page. To assign a value for your game pass, click the ‘Configure This Gear’ link and you can assign a price.  Once that’s done, your game pass will be available to buy directly from your place, at the price you’ve chosen.

This feature will not affect your current ROBLOX experience—it will add something new. You can track your Game Pass purchase from the Money page, which will appear in your transaction history just like any other shirt.

Integrating Game Passes

We’ve created a place that will show you some of the bonus features you can get with a Game Pass. Download it and start using the components right away, or check out the scripts and modify them to suit your needs. You can download this place here.

About Rosemary Ehlers

Software Engineer at ROBLOX.

143 thoughts on “ROBLOX Introduces Game Passes

  1. Josh650

    I don’t get the scripting part. How can I get this to work in-game? I tried inserting the link into the person299 admin command script, but it ended up not working. Please, I need to know!

  2. DriftRacer14

    So how would you use a VIP Pass to make it give whoever owns it ADMIN? Do you just put the texture of the pic on the VIP Pass in the ADMIN script where the T-Shirt texture goes? Tell me whether or not through a PM.

  3. aztecs32aztecs32

    I am not trying to be wrong, but not all games you have to wear t-shirt. For example:
    Stickmasterluke’s Survive Natural Disasters. You do not need to wear it to get tool(or what ever vip gives). The game pass id good though because you can buy right there not having to type a link. Good job ROBLOX! NOTE: I still do not know how to make VIP t-shirts. Please help me.

  4. Ylon

    Some VIP T-shirts are transperant and some don’t requie you to wear them, but nice feature nevertheless. But when is in-game wardrobe coming out!

  5. Jimmysnow02

    This is good if you want to get the vip shirt but you don’t want to wear it because it looks weird on you then you could just buy this and you won’t even have to wear it!

  6. Nou

    The Game pass is good do to there will not be scammer’s making fake VIP shirts for games they don’t even own.

  7. Fabian111222

    a game pass replaces a VIP t-shirt… does that mean the person who owns the VIP t-shirt and it is replaced with a game pass.. do they lose the VIP t-shirt and get the game pass.. or do they just lose the VIP T-shirt and have to buy the game pass…

    1. Pokoblox (roblox account)

      They have to buy the game passes Altough u keep the t shirt but achuly i think they might both work

  8. Janthran

    Why wouldn’t people just use VIP T-shirts?
    They’re free to make. You should make these available for non-BC, then people would use them.

  9. IAmReallyAwesome

    Ok, why would I buy a game pass for 100 R$ when I could make a vip t-shirt (which people are just as willing to wear) for free. Also, what if I want to add VIP Doors (or something to that effect) rather than having users enter with special abilities?

    1. NoaBurke100

      Actually, you can have a player with the Game Pass enter with special abilities, you just have to script it out.

      Also, this is like a solution to Fake VIP/BC only kind of stuff.

  10. tktb2000

    Aside from its a bit easier why would we really use them if we have to pay 100 Robux to even get 1. Then there’s the people that have all the great games that would have to spend 500-1000 Robux to modify all of their games.

    1. getkoed

      Or you can read the whole article and spot that people aren’t willing to wear VIP T-Shirts and change them to the game they are in at the moment everytime, plus this blocks fake VIP T-Shirts.

  11. Palkia952

    I added a game pass to my game, and was extremely easy to set up. Nice idea. One problem though — it costs to make a Game Pass, whereas making a VIP shirt doesn’t. Nevertheless, a decent idea.

  12. pokekid1112

    What’s actually the point of this? I mean, come on, you have to pay 100 robux to make one. That means unpopular games can’t use this without losing more money than they get. And does this fix scammers? Just make a VIP t-shirt script using BadgeService and link the t-shirt in desc from the game and the game in the desc of the t-shirt.

  13. Firebrand1

    The only problem with this I can see is that VIP shirts are free for the creator, and passes aren’t. I think you should either take off the price and maybe limit the number per place, or make up for it by not having a sales fee.

  14. StealthLava

    This is cool. I already made one. :-P

    Can you guys please make it where we can award them to players too?
    So players that bought VIP T-Shirts can get the VIP Pass as a reward for getting the VIP T-Shirt. (Or what ever way players have the Pass awarded.) :-)

  15. Sunstaff

    Plus, I’ve figured out how to script the game passes to work in the games. It’s not the easiest thing ROBLOX has done, but if you get the right person to do it, such as me, it’s no problem.

  16. Blarghy

    Make it for NBC too please. We would at least like a chance for us to make/ continue making some Tix/R$ instead of being monopolized by people with/still having, BC.

    1. Yousef6789

      I agree…It’s not fair how BC is getting all those perks and the NBCs who’s parents won’t get them BC don’t.

      1. Firebrand1

        It’s hypocritical that you demand ROBLOX let you charge other players, FOR NO CHARGE. What about your game’s players who want all your game’s features for free? Why charge them? I’m getting tired of all the whiny NBCers who think its not fair to have to buy BC. Its been made very clear that ROBLOX is free to play with the option to buy additional benefits.

      2. momoisme

        The thing is, Roblox needs an incentive program to get people to buy it. Yeah, NBC needs a few more perks, but it’s only six bucks.

    2. Dragon115454

      There is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing wrong with the price its an ideal price to pay. I mean the game pass makes it simpler to display multiple “VIP”s enchancing your game page. Just the same as photos and videos do. I like the idea.

  17. moosemundy

    any one who is wondering you need bc to make a vip t shirt but you can use someone elses also you dont need bc for the game passes

  18. 1x1x1x1

    Nice idea, but that will ruin the original meaning of offering gaming privileges to players who made a purchase on a game pass such as VIP… just by buying a T-Shirt.

    1. TotolEpicness

      Indeed you do sir.
      You need VIP to sell t-shirts, but not to create them.
      Some videos on how to make them are on Youtube.

  19. djyo662

    Ooooh. So this is the “Game Pass.” I saw that TheGamer101 added it and I was totally confused at what it was. So after that I went to to the news and saw this. Makes total sense. Btw this is perfect for people who don’t know how to make VIP! (me)

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