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ROBLOX Introduces Game Passes

ROBLOX game developers have the ability to create VIP shirts, which give players special perks and abilities in games. These added abilities can be anything, from super strength or speed, to a special item—the benefits are up to the game creator.

Originally an ingenious ROBLOX user idea, we’re simplifying the VIP t-shirt process with a new feature: Game Passes. A Game Pass essentially does the same thing a VIP shirt does–if you purchase a Game Pass for any particular game, you’ll have access to perks and abilities that others don’t.

What’s the difference? There are a few. Forcing users to wear shirts they don’t want to wear for abilities is dated. We’re not eliminating VIP shirts altogether, we’re just giving you alternative options for accessing special abilities in order to streamline the user experience.

On the creation end, we’re developing a system where game developers can track who has what. Also, we’re making it easier and more intuitive, by allowing users to buy Game Passes on a game’s page (as opposed to having to click over to the items page). This will introduce new users to the “VIP” concept altogether, as it’ll be an upfront option.

We’re also setting a price point–it will cost one hundred Robux to purchase a Game Pass that you can then sell to other users. Like VIP shirts, once you’re in a position to sell your Game Pass, you can choose your own price point.

This echoes the sentiment of many other games in the marketplace like Everquest, Tribes, and League of Legends, which are free-to-play, but allow you the benefit of paying for perks. The entire MMO scene is gravitating towards this method, and we feel adopting these ideas will give our users the opportunity to create in-game businesses for themselves.

Game Pass Builder

Creating a Game Pass is easy

  1. Create a Game PassPop over to your place, and you’ll find a ‘Create Game Pass’ link in the top right corner, under the ‘Options’ drop-down menu.
  2. Once you hit that, you’re prompted to choose an image to represent your Game Pass, and give it a title and description. You’ll get a preview before you purchase the pass to make sure everything looks the way you’d like.
  3. Once you buy the Game Pass, you’ll be taken to the items page. To assign a value for your game pass, click the ‘Configure This Gear’ link and you can assign a price.  Once that’s done, your game pass will be available to buy directly from your place, at the price you’ve chosen.

This feature will not affect your current ROBLOX experience—it will add something new. You can track your Game Pass purchase from the Money page, which will appear in your transaction history just like any other shirt.

Integrating Game Passes

We’ve created a place that will show you some of the bonus features you can get with a Game Pass. Download it and start using the components right away, or check out the scripts and modify them to suit your needs. You can download this place here.

About Rosemary Ehlers

Software Engineer at ROBLOX.

143 thoughts on “ROBLOX Introduces Game Passes

  1. NoBets

    I think it will help others find vip faster than looking in the description or going to the creator’s t-shirts. Nice job.

  2. Darkx100

    I know i have hated on most of your ideas but i think this one is your best so far :/.I mean im tired of having to copy paste a link to go there and come all the way back just to play.This will make VIP much easier for new players,Current players,Etc. I hope i can see some good ideas coming from you guys soon :D.

  3. logitech101

    lol, you guys are missing out on one thing… When the game needs you to have a shirt on, poeple forget to take it off when going to another place… which means…. FREE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!! :D

  4. zarockelite

    I like the idea, but there is one problem and that is what happens to people who got the vip t-shirts? new games might begin with that system but games that have been around might have sold a lot of t-shirts.

  5. FanstasticSuperMario

    Ok Ok Ok… So, Now, Please explain how to hook this up to a game. My blimp game, I want it to be so if you dont buy The pass, You cant board the blimp.

  6. mynameisclosetodonut

    i have never made a vip shirt before just saying.

    i made my game pass, so whats next? do i like go into studio and mess with it or something?

  7. StealthLava

    Can these be awarded to players too? Like a Badge?

    I have players that bought my VIP T-Shirts. I have one of these Passes set up.
    Seeing how they already payed for VIP at my place. I want only the players that bought the VIP T-Shirts, to get my places VIP Pass for free.

  8. wolfman451

    I like this because this will eliminate all of those links in place descriptions. Personally, I don’t want to read a description if all it has is VIP shirts of various abilities.

  9. Ugh...

    Yes yes, there is still to option of buying VIP shirts. But there is still the chance of people creating false VIP shirts for other peoples games.

    This feature is basically saying ‘This is the TRUE VIP for this game’.

    1. thecaptain97

      What’s wrong with the old VIP T-Shirt Idea?

      Use BadgeService to check fi THey own the T-Shirt, that removes the Argument about having to Wear it In-Game

  10. CodyTheBuildingKid

    Great idea, just the 100 robux. Since that, T-Shirts are a better choice in my opinion. And if you do it right, you can make it to where you don’t have to wear the shirt in-game. And it’s a lot cheaper.

    1. Lazer45777

      Yeah, But still.
      With this, Its easyer to buy VIP.
      Easyer for you to get robux.
      And less easy for people to make fake VIP’s.

    2. lilsoldier4

      Actually, lots of VIP shirts arem ore than that. Plus 100 robux isn’t alot at all…. Anyone, even me without BC could make that easily.

  11. agr0n

    The only way this could be better than a vip shirt is if non-bc users can make them if they can’t this idea is bs if they can its an ok idea.

  12. ninjaknight101

    They should make the ability to purchase passes in-game, kinda like in app purchases for iPhone, iPad, etc.

  13. Szychobob

    Cool idea BUT you can still make vip T-Shirts the old fashion way, Takes you a little bit longer but saves you money, for people without money they wont take the option, Or people who are to ignorant to spend it therefor kind of makes it useless, it needs to be a free option that makes it easier for people to create VIP T-Shirts who dont know how to, Instead of watching a youtube video to say 100 robux, you know?

  14. cyrus162

    Well its better that the hard work of vip shirt scripting is gone but people might not know this exists so…pass out the word.

  15. PsychoWaffle

    This is cool! I was wondering what “Create new game pass” meant on my game… And, yeah. How will a game pass show up on the character so I can make a script?

  16. spottaffy1

    THis seems cool. Maybe it will make more people play games and make it so much easier to buy vip but one question for the ROBLOX developers. How would we add this to a vip script. It would take a lot of scripting to change and i think it would be hard to do so my question is, does it work with current VIP doors?

  17. FearMeIAmLag

    Are the game passes including the special perk, or will the user have to create a script and place it within their game?

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