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ROBLOX Launches Game Templates, Starting with CTF

CTF Game Template - ROBLOX StudioROBLOX’s Content Team has been hard at work as of late creating Game Templates, which are freely available starter levels with the nuts and bolts of a specific genre already in place. Our first template gives you the basic elements you need to build a game of the popular multiplayer shooter variety, Capture the Flag. You can find the template — and more in the near future — from the “Templates” ROBLOX user profile.

The Capture the Flag template comes set up for two teams. It includes two spawn points, two flag locations, a leaderboard, a mini-map and three weapons (assault rifle, knife and rocket launcher). It’s playable right out of the box, meaning you can immediately publish your game to ROBLOX and play it with your friends. Click here to download the CTF starter level straight to your computer, and check out this video demonstrating it:

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”kJ9rGiCSgtU”/]


Of course, the purpose of these templates is to let users focus their efforts on strong, well planned level designs. Here are some things to try, sorted by difficulty:


  • Spawn killing is a problem in the standard template that we’ll be addressing soon. For now, consider adding barriers or additional spawn points to keep your game more interesting.
  • Utilize the Insert Tool to add scenery, buildings, and change the time of day.
  • Add some vehicles.


  • Customize the weapons – you can change the amount of damage each weapon deals to players.
  • Install the Procedural Building Generator plugin and rapidly add or change a bunch of buildings.
  • There’s a river in the map – give it a current, so when players fall in, they’ll be washed away.
WWII - Battle For Carentan


  • Add more weapons.
  • Add the ability to call in air-strikes.
  • Replace the entire map with your own.

We’re excited to see what ROBLOX users create using these new templates. Let us know how they work and what you come up with in our Game Design forum. In the meantime, we’ll be ironing out any bugs you experience and working on templates for additional game genres.

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120 thoughts on “ROBLOX Launches Game Templates, Starting with CTF

  1. Alex Naegle

    This is awesome, but something that I as a user would appreciate is the basic black base plate to be available again.

    1. matthew42398

      Agreed. It’s kind of annoying to have to delete the terrain, insert a new brick, set it to 512, 0.4, 512, and position it at 0, 0, 0.


    This is a good idea for those who arnt skilled at building ctf type games. I love most of the things here because i couldn’t figure out how to script some things.

  3. handsomeanakin

    That game templates video looked really cool. I have spawn killing problems too, and I think this will prevent my death on the spawn, at least a little more! :D

  4. willgreat

    The towers are too advantagious, also, I see in mind that you can spawnkill from the towers if you are on the other team, which can be a problem. Roofs are a important and often overlooked aspect.

  5. IRyan70

    How do you use it? I downloaded it. Then went to Studio, insert, models, and clicked it. Then it didn’t do anything?

  6. monkeymaster

    Roblox has come up with yet another pointless idea. Just make a tutorials section on the website showing video tutorials on how to use stuff and how to script so that people won’t need these pointless features you supposedly are working very hard on. Not even to mention that Terrain itself is ugly and using bricks looks much much nicer and shows alot more creativity and skill. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the most popular games on this site don’t use terrain. And if there is a game on the front page with terrain in it chances are its poorly made with freemodels.

  7. wafles26122

    So roblox is making games for their users now? What ever happened to the point of roblox to be for players to make their own games…. Having roblox scripting everything for you isn’t exactly making your own.

  8. Blindbird17

    I think that with the new templates coming out naturally somebody should make a user upload page where someone could either sell or give out templates. I just think it would help people out. (This would probably also be available to NBC but with a higher market fee because they didn’t pay for a membership.)


    BC market fee: 30%
    NBC Market fee: 60%
    Free game market fee (NBC and BC): 0%

  9. 022981

    RPG Template: Level/XP/Gold Script, Tools, Inventory, Easy-to-use Dialog Quest System, and Easy-to-use monsters (which you can modify the level of the monster, the XP it gives you, and the rarity of the drops).

    FPS Template: 3-5 weapons, Easy-to-use level editor, and some AIs with guns.

    CTF Template: What you have is awesome, but no map.

    Obby Template: Stage script, Lava Bricks, Can’tCollide Bricks, regular bricks, Easy-to-use Checkpoint bricks, and assorted obby elements

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