Spotlight: Mechs, Motors and More With TakeoverTom

It’s rare that we have the opportunity to spotlight a user who lives in our immediate area. So we jumped at the opportunity to meet TakeoverTom, who lives only minutes from our offices in San Mateo, CA. He swung by our offices with a green box in tow. This was inside. 


Since he was a kid, TakeoverTom wanted nothing more than to be an inventor. This particular model, which he created as a teenager, is one of hundreds of designs, sketches, and prototypes that he’s created throughout his lifetime.

It makes sense, then, that when he discovered ROBLOX, a place where he could seamlessly create pretty much anything, Tom developed an addiction. But it wasn’t games that Tom was initially interested in creating, it was models. Utilizing our physics and joint systems, Tom has since created some of the most complex contraptions ever to hit ROBLOX, all of which he makes available to users, 100% free of charge.

“Everything I build revolves around suspension and steering,” says Tom. “I’ve been working on developing shock absorber technology as well.”

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”CIRr6IX0stA”/]

In real life, Tom has worked in various mills and factories, fabricating mechanical creations to help expedite factory work. Tom says that he loves creating new things, but hates the messy nature of invention. ROBLOX solved that problem.

“Building machinery can be dirty, cold, really hot, totally messy,” says Tom. “But in ROBLOX, I can do all these things and it’s clean and comfortable.”

Tom discovered ROBLOX in 2008, while searching for a game-creation service he could utilize to make a 2D game he had been thinking about creating.

“I immediately ditched that idea and got all wrapped up in the blocks” recalls Tom. “It seemed like anything could be done, so I started setting challenges for myself.”

But they weren’t the types of challenges most users would strive to meet–Tom comes from a background of machine building, and had developed a very detailed and complex understanding of machinery and how hundreds, if not thousands of moving parts can work together to create something beautifully complex. Now, he could build his ideas in a virtual world.

Tom started by building a massive tank that featured a full-blown suspension system, but in order to understand how to build it in ROBLOX, he created a challenge for himself.

“I built a massive hill,” says Tom. “I built every type of tank I could imagine, but I just couldn’t get up the hill. I just couldn’t, no matter what. So I thought, ‘this needs suspension'”.

“I don’t know if I was the first person on ROBLOX to introduce suspension, but I’m pretty sure I was the first one to do it successfully,” adds Tom.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”-FWRFnYjciw”/]

To understand how our physics engine worked, he drove his massive tank into various structures he had built, to see how they reacted to collisions in real-time. Tom’s Tank also introduced him to scripting–his tank wouldn’t move unless he could produce a script that would direct all four wheels to turn.

Once Tom had a firm grasp on the mechanics of ROBLOX, as well as a basic understanding of Lua scripting, the sky became the limit. He began crafting all sorts of vehicles–cars, motorcycles, huge trucks–all of which he allowed gamers to actually use in his place, “Suspension + Steering + Fast = Race“. The place has been visited over 170,000 times.

You can catch some serious air in Suspension + Steering + Fast = Race

“All of my models are engineered to function on the flexibility that ROBLOX hinges have,” says Tom. “They really rely on the fact that they can bend.”

Takeover Tom keeps a constant dialogue between him and users of his machines–he takes a lot of time to help them out, as well. He says that many people utilize his machines, but can’t understand their complexities, especially in regard to the suspension parts he’s scripted which “stick out far beyond the actual machine.”

“People have tried to build on my models, but they can’t build on them because there are so many invisible parts that they can’t see,” says Tom. “But helping other people is a big part. I’ve helped everyone who’s asked me for help, and I’ll put as much into other peoples models as they’re willing to put in.”

Keeping an open dialogue between his followers has lead Tom to develop some of his favorite creations.

“A random user once asked me if I could build a motorcycle,” recalls Tom. “Two days later I had built one.”

Always exploring new paths to create more elaborate and complex machines, TakeoverTom tackled his hugest hurdle this year, after a random user posited the idea that Tom should build a mech.

“The mech was the most intensive scripting I’ve ever done on anything,” says Tom. “The guns, the controls, the scripts I needed to make all the parts move–it was crazy.”


Mech Mountain allows you to summon the massive creation and take it for a spin. The mech is marvelously detailed–it looks kind of like a diet version of the AT/AT four-legged behemoths of Star Wars fame. Tom hopes to turn Mech Mountain into a team-based deathmatch arena, where users could pilot mechs and battle for control of bases.

Mech Emerging

We love how in the beginning of the Mech Mountain level, your mech makes an epic introduction by slowly walking towards you through a mysterious mist.

That’s the thing–talking to TakeoverTom, you get the immediate sense that he is constantly thinking about the next challenge. He wants to build a chassis framework to help users build their own machinery utilizing buttons. He wants to build a space game, a highway demolition game. He’s built a fully working V8 mechanical engine by duplicating some of the machinery he saw in shops throughout his lifetime. And to help users understand the complexities of his creations, he’s documented build-processes for many machines he’s created on YouTube.

“I’ve always aspired to be an inventor,” says Tom. “My focus has always been on what was most fascinating to me. If you’re personally interested in what you’re doing, then other people will naturally be interested as well.”


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  1. tehbeast12

    His games are awesome, I love the sespension on the dirt bike, he made RC cars, forklifts, a boat and more with great scripting! No wonder how he is so popular!

  2. cardgamechampion

    I am so confused… If ROBLOX removed the ability to upload meshes, how in the world do you build things like this Tank? And how do you build suspensions? If it’s something that takes hours to explain, then I understand, but please tell me @cardgamechampion on ROBLOX if not, or if it does take that long, tell me so to confirm it. Thanks!

  3. Cristian9803

    This can be a very usefull thing to ROBLOX.Just imagine that on a army base.It would be very realistical.

  4. 6dawg34

    Wow wen I was around 8 I wanted to be an inventor to but today I want to make movies! *still like to make inventions*. :D

  5. alexey stanislavskiy

    I’ve played it my friend and I really think it’s fun and it’s my friends favorate game on roblox

  6. TSI4ever

    I’ve met takeovertom on Roblox, I’ve also been working on a suspension model, but takeovertom did the impossible. He made a suspension AND steering model. Thank you takeovertom, your cars are the greatest.

  7. Booboo223

    Have you ever tried to destroy those buildings?
    If you have, you will know how much it lags.
    If I had a PC like that, I would do it.

  8. L33T silverboy9

    AMAZING! But I have an idea for it. What if you put wheels on the top? So if it falls over it could still keep going. It might work, I would think so.

  9. 1230james

    Great idea. When you record anonymous ROBLOX videos record as a Guest. Unless you want lots of ppl following you, Guest = Hiding personality.

  10. Doghammer

    Amazing work, it confuses me how it was crafted, but amazing work, no discussion about it

    Tom is a very skilled man.

  11. GuestStep

    Hey Tom, I love how you just use your creativity and you know, you just suprise me with your models and all that good stuff

  12. swordfights100

    I’ve built a similar tank, But Not that complex… I’m a self-taught builder, And i Do agree with Tom, With the making that particular model over and over.. “Making is Believing”

  13. kidpool1

    Dang his tank is just, AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it. I have always tried making cars and jeeps but nothing compared to that.

  14. Firewarrior321

    I knew from reading this Tom was amazing at it. But when I saw his tank, my jaw dropped. I have never seen anything like it.

  15. Palkia952

    If you haven’t been on his racing game, you’re missing out. It’s extremely fun as you drive in cars/motorcycles at huge speeds and the suspension just adds to it all.

  16. jman186

    I make trains on Roblox, and I bet making suspension for trains would be the next toughest thing to do on Roblox…
    Takeovertom needs to see if he can do it :P

  17. Dannythebedbug

    I think that the tank has amazing suspension. And it is well scripted. The mechs have very good animation and also is very cool. I am glad roblox/roblox admins put on the movies he made… everyone should check in his models and see how many things he made.

  18. missledef200

    Wow… just wow. I’ve never seen anyone so dependant upon the hinge system. Your vehicles are epic. There are people who can script like wizards, build gigantic 10-story bases with working gates and turrets, but I’ve never seen anything so awesome as those, well, maybe Pinewood’s giant dump truck, but other than that, nothing.

  19. JBergBuilder

    Looks like my search for the right vehicles is finally over. I never take free models from the toolbox, I only use models by well-known people taking them from their models, if they’re free

  20. Vaderfreak55

    Wow! I have never seen anything like this. The robot mech and the motorcycle,are both very impressive examples of what ROBLOX can do. Very nice work!

  21. gamestation403


    Only problem, ROBLOX wants to introduce more rigid motors, so when that’s been introduced, some of the vehicles might break :(

  22. codymoder13

    Me and tom almost have everything in common wow! I was look for a building game like roblox and here I am now! :D

  23. MettaurSp

    Impressive, I doubt I can do anything like those anytime soon. I am more into working on making weapons with destructive capabilities. I have this secret project that I got started on. It is based on one I started 2 years ago, but never finished due to the lack of knowledge of Lua at the time. All I will say is it will include complex animations and attacks as well as the ability to change forms.

  24. Dozer86421

    Tom, you’re very inspiring! I kept re-playing the video with the tank, and looking at how everything moves. I can’t figure it out! :3 That’s why I’m gonna watch your Youtube videos! And probably ask you for some help… :3

  25. a guywhowantstoreply

    Tom, you just showed how roblox is one game that ‘ANYTHING’
    can be built.
    i think my fav was the tank, the mech, and the bike.
    nice scripting :D

  26. Killinsince1997

    I honestly thought I had seen everything this site had to offer, you just caused my mind to melt out my ears, extremely amazing work Tom, keep it up.

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  28. SkilledSniper1

    Finally, someone figures out the tank suspensions and vehicle suspension. This will change ROBLOX once people understand the scripting and building it took. If he is a worker in ROBLOX, man that can attract attention. I can just see it in all the popular games, from Base-Wars: The Land to Armored Patrol. Any Games with vehicles, mechs, and horses will have a better feeling of realism.

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    Wow! This is really inspiring and interesting! I’ve always wanted to be an inventor, too! But I never have the right tools… :(

    1. awesomegenius

      I do too but instead I experiment with roblox see the motion and the limit to all the physics they script and I am trying to find ways to improve it.

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