Video: Testing Popular ROBLOX Games on the iPad

ROBLOX iPadAs stated in last week’s Engineering ROBLOX for the iPad article, a significant fraction of ROBLOX developers are currently entrenched in porting the platform to iPad. Among the myriad engineering projects involved in completing this technical feat is one that’s unique to user-generated content platforms: making sure the games users have already poured hours into developing play well on a tablet.

ROBLOX Creative Director John Shedletsky is currently working with a number of game developers to help them implement iPad-friendly design changes — like relocating graphic user interface (GUI) elements to more accessible parts of the screen and fine-tuning touch controls so they’re intuitive and don’t put mobile players at a huge disadvantage. We’ve put together a video demonstrating some of those games running on an iPad, along with an inside look at our progress toward finishing a high-quality ROBLOX app and submitting it to the App Store.

[do action=”youtube-iframe” videoid=”jDkPbx2ts4A”/]

This footage shows ROBLOX games running on an iPad exactly as they did on a desktop computer. Some games may have been tweaked for iOS since the recording. If you’ve been active in ROBLOX for a while, you should recognize some of them:

The iOS control scheme seen in the above video does not represent the finished product.

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198 thoughts on “Video: Testing Popular ROBLOX Games on the iPad

  1. AgentNamara

    As much as I would love for the app for this to be free, I doubt it would be. I would probably still buy it, though.

  2. robloxfan

    Awesome! ROBLOX is developing up and its on ipad too good work ROBLOX! Keep it up! and im going to buy the App if its on Submission

  3. Allen

    Keep up the good work because my computer dosnt play roblox any more so i wanted to buy and ipad mini and now you guys made me want it more since it will go mobile for the FIRST TIME EVER!

  4. Anonymous

    Well since my computer broke down I’ve been wanting to play roblox on iPad so far keep up the good work roblox

  5. ZukaTsting

    I can’t wait for the app to play the games on roblox. This is sort of like MineCraft now. 8D

      1. speed322

        no just for ipad no any video on roblox chanel on youtube for ipod and look to roblox chanel for more video and it’s JUST FOR IPAD!

  6. Garfieldrulez4ev3r

    This would really work good since I’ve had my iPad for a few months I have noticed I can’t seem to go onto games so it’s quite boring and my computer is junk its just slow and … It doesn’t work well, but with the iPad… I’d be so happy

  7. Ghetto man

    This is what i’ve been waiting for. Being able to play the same exact game on either a computer, or another device and play with others even though they dont have a computer!

    1. Michael

      No, the app would be integrated to the Apple app store. So since the SURFACE is a Microsoft tablet it wouldnt work, unless instead of making it an app you use they make it possible to play roblox from the website view on their tablet version of roblox

    1. Vampirebloxeater

      Hopefully this works on every Ipad. I might get an Ipad mini, so im prepared. See Roblox on the train after christmas buddies.

    1. Chaos vs. Unity

      There is a chat bar. You don’t see it on all the parts of the video, and on the parts it does show it, it’s really small.

  8. RedFox04

    When will it be released? how will we do things like in call of robloxia you use f – Knife
    c – crouch
    Just How?

  9. Zeta9699

    Yes, finally! I can’t play Roblox right now since my mac is running on the 10.5 OS, but this is great! Now I’ll be able to connect to Roblox at the same time as my sister. I am overjoyed to have an iPad.

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