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A Look Behind What Happens When You Purchase Builders Club

Let’s look at the facts: if you want to play or build games using our platform, it’s free. While it takes a lot of computing power to keep hundreds of thousands of gamers playing ROBLOX games, we want all our users to be creative and express themselves. But if you’re reading this blog, you probably know there’s a whole lot more to ROBLOX than that. Using the features bundled into Builders Club is essential to experiencing everything ROBLOX has to offer. When you purchase Builders Club, a lot happens behind the scenes at a very fast pace. We had ROBLOX Technical Director Matt Dusek explain what happens when you purchase Builders Club, and Creative Director John Shedletsky pick out some key benefits for newer users.  

A lot of engineering effort has gone into making the ROBLOX payment-processing system bulletproof. We can process payments from a variety of providers (such as credit cards, gift cards, iTunes, PayPal and SMS to name a few) with financial-grade encryption and data security practices. Furthermore, our payment processing is 100% transactional–sales will be faithfully completed even in the face of hardware failures in our billing system.

Our distribution of Builders Club benefits is asynchronous. When you eat at a restaurant, you sit down, eat your food and pay afterwards. ROBLOX is more like ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks–once you’ve ordered, it’s not up to the cashier to wait for anything; the transaction is finished. It’s now up to the coffee-maker to put your drink together and get it out to you quickly.

This is the old way of distributing Builders Club features--step by step.

Purchasing Builders Club makes several changes to your account and character, and each separate change is handled by its own processor. As soon as you click the “purchase” button, one processor begins focusing on adding more places to your account, while another processor begins working on getting you a daily allowance. They all work together on different tasks simultaneously, not sequentially. This method of taking high-level tasks and breaking them into smaller, more manageable micro-tasks handled by allocated processors is known as queuing, and it’s a great method because it ensures your purchases. So, as opposed to giving you all of Builders Club’s features one after the other, they all come in one complete package at the same time.

BC - New Method

Our new method focuses on getting you all the features in one package, at the same time.

This entire process happens just seconds after you purchase Builders Club–users typically gain access to Builders Club about five to 10 seconds after purchasing it. We wanted to show how much actually goes on in that short time-frame.

We’re going to distill the benefits of Builders Club into four centralized points, in no particular order. Remember, there are different levels of Builders Club that cost different dollar amounts, so we’re going to be looking at the primary difference between a non-Builders Club member and a standard Builders Club member. We’ll touch on the higher distinctions a little later in the article.

1. Builders Club gives you a daily allowance of Robux. 

And it really adds up if you let it. If you sign up for the basic Builders Club package, you’ll get 15 Robux a day, every day, to spend on gear, items, or to save. Speaking of Robux…

Catalog Gear2. Builders Club allows you to sell and trade items and gear 

ROBLOX has an in-depth virtual economy that is in a constant state of change. That’s because users are trading and bidding on limited items and gear at all hours of the day and night. There are also items in the catalog that are reserved for Builders Club members only, so if you’re a gear-hound, it’s definitely worth checking out.

3. Builders Club lets you have more than one place open at a time

If you’re looking to generate profit, having multiple places open at the same time is vital. When you have multiple active places, see that as multiple streams of revenue for tickets and Robux. This also allows users to explore different avenues creatively. If you’re a free user, and you make a popular game, you’ve got to take your place down to create a new one (thus losing that source of revenue). With Builders Club, you can open a place, come up with a new idea, and open another one.

4. Builders Club removes external ads 

Builders Club members do not see external ads, under any circumstance. Upon purchasing Builders Club, all external ads become user ads, which promote games created on ROBLOX. How user ads work is the topic of another article entirely, but it’s a fun way to promote games and discover new content.

Other Benefits 

There are a couple of minor additions that we want to share with you. Builders Club also allows you to create “Mega Games,” which are multiplayer games that can accommodate up to 30 players. Also, Groups have been growing at a substantial rate in ROBLOX, and we’ve recently implemented some cool features for Groups to utilize. In order to create your own group, you’ve got to have Builders Club.

To find a list of more benefits of Builders Club, check out this page. There are different tiers of Builders Club for different levels of builder–each of the features above are added, no matter what level of Builders Club you choose, but the quantity of these additions varies based on the tier you choose.

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85 thoughts on “A Look Behind What Happens When You Purchase Builders Club

  1. DriftRacer14

    I use the Queuing method all the time. When I run Disc defragmenter I try to make sure each one is running seperately. Same thing goes when I’m checking the Drives for Errors or viruses. I also use this method when I search for files on my computer and don’t know which drive it’s in. I completely understand where ROBLOX is coming from. Before I started Queuing, simple things like file searches could take up to three hours! Now I’ve cut that time down to 30 min. to 1 hr.

  2. Chonny123456

    Can somebody donate a roblox code to me I live South Korea Seoul and they don’t sell any roblox game cards over there and don’t say I tried to use my credit card the crdit cards over there are different so who Evers generaous enough to buy a roblox game card and pm me the code my username chonny123456

  3. Randomgirl33

    Seams understandable that they’d all do it simultaneously cause think about it, if it didn’t it’d be just HORRIBLE timing to wait. :P

  4. JasonAndro

    I want to buy builders club but i’m indonesian and in jakarta. I have never seen a Roblox game card in indonesia.

    1. Jager72

      If you buy a $10 ROBLOX Card, you get 1 month of BC. But if you buy 1 month of BC online, it’s $5. So you’re saving $5 by buying it online.

      1. Crazystich519

        If you buy a $10 ROBLOX Card you get 1 month, Then if you pay ONE more cent, You can get a 2nd month. Easy.

  5. moromoro1

    I’d really like to buy BC but there’s no shop that is selling BC Cards here in the Philippines. I wish Roblox would deliver some here… :/

    1. germanleopard

      Purchase it online. Like they explained above, a ROBLOX card is $10, and BC is $5. Buying it online saves $5.


    SO awesome that you can do all this in one website.I had BC but I lost it,I’m saving up,and when I buy it,I will start doing ALL of this!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I do sell my games and buy people’s games. I have been scammed sometimes. I would love a sage why to buy/sell games.

  8. Coolstuntman5

    I like some of the features of BC but…

    1: NBC should be able to have up to 5 places
    2: NBCs should still be able to sell stuff after their BC has expired.

    1. Concerned Person That Has A Point

      For 1..

      You would overrun the Roblox Memory. Seriously, you think they can hold that much power? A lot of the players quit, make accounts for no reason, etc, so why bother?

    2. Chaz

      1) Sorry, but I disagree, as that takes one of the main points out of buying BC.
      2) They actually used to have that, but for some reason they changed it to BC only, and takes your sale off if your BC expires.

    1. crasherX8

      You don’t lose your BC items. Also, I’ve found that if you have BC and over 1 place running then you lose BC, you still have those places running. If one is say, Mega Place or Personal Server and you need to update it, like changing from a personal server to a place, it will not allow you to put it back up as a personal server until you are BC again.

    2. bakugandrago18

      You do lose your hard hat, but not anything else. For example, if you bought a BC only gear, for example the BC skate board or a package, It would stay in your inventory.

  9. AnakinX2

    Roblox, I love the game, I just dont like to pay for certain things like a certain game or Builders Club. Now i get that you have to make money but $200 dollars for lifetime BC, $300 for lifetime TBC, and 400 dollars for lifetime OBC and 20 dollars a month for obc is kind of over priced for the economy we have right now.

  10. ResoluteThunderX10

    If you really want to have many people buy BC, you should make cards for other countries or put it on MOL.com.

    1. tristanarocks12

      Yes, You can purchase it where you buy BC. You use Paypal or a credit card, and you can purchase how ever much you want. However, there is specific amounts for you to purchase.

    1. Welshii98

      I’ve had all of the BC’s, and am currently TBC. I am British.

      Unfortunately, we have no Roblox cards… but that is not the only mode of payment.

      Pay by debit card, that the easiest way.

  11. AnthonyTech88

    ….Back to the iPad devs… The app will be released on all apple products right? Mainly talking about iPhones here.

    1. m2mm4m

      WOW! You’re so yesterday! The world moved on since ‘i’ products.

      Anyway, give Roblox a fair chance and enough time to complete the Ipad version, then it can be transfered to newer products.

      It’s often better to develop for an older slower platform and get it to run the best you can; think how much better it’ll be on newer hardware.

    2. xXximboredxXx

      I honestly doubt it. I don’t see how you’d be able to control your character very well with that small of a screen, and they were saying iPad users not being severely handicapped was a big focus.

  12. StealthLava

    It helps to keep in mind, that most players don’t get Builders Club, because they have a way to get it. (Either can’t buy online, they can’t get Roblox Cards, And/Or have no money for it.)

    I remember not being able to get BC from 2008 to 2011. Thanks to Roblox cards and getting summer work. I was able to get it. And even save up for an upgrade. (Don’t get me wrong. It takes hard work. But its worth it in the end. And you learn new things.)

    @TheMechWarrior There is kind-of a demo on the Test Server. But they turn it on and off at times.

  13. Uuvinu

    The old system may take longer, yet I do believe it is more server-compliant in a way than the simultaneous system.

  14. Disreputable

    Such an interesting process indeed. Lately, ROBLOX has been sharing what really happens in the website… In-depth explanations of the gears in the exquisite machine that I was absolutely ignorant of. Bravo, ROBLOX, for stepping up your game this year.

    1. Person

      These are all complicated processes indeed! It’s nice to see a “How it works” blog once in a while, isn’t it?

  15. KaringWolf

    I’ve had BC before, and yes this all happens! It’s actually pretty cool to see your account change within a few seconds. I actually enjoyed having BC, because I had personal severs(still do, haha.) And got a daily income of robux.

    You can also join 10 groups with regular BC, I’m in I think maybe 8 groups, even though my BC has expired. It’s cool. If you can, you should get BC, even if it’s for a month! You’ll have fun with it!

  16. scacman1967

    there is only one problem you forgot to think of. Roblox is so addictive that I find it hard to go out and work for the money to get lifetime bc.
    With all my building ,helping, and socializing I can’t tear myself away long enough to work.

  17. Technoswagger

    I got bc before in my another account it’s really cool but i didn’t know that we can sell and trade I will save up for it so I can get BC FOREVER

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, there is. Free accounts are the BC demo; you get to do a lot of the basic things BC members get to do at absolutely no cost.

      2. Booboo223

        Well, it would be cool, but It would most likely be a “Lesser” version on BC, like No trading or No selling items etc.
        Although, I had TBC for about 2 years, and I was convinced into buying it when I played on my friends TBC account.
        Maybe a test version would help?

    1. lordkyurem

      It’s a pity there isn’t a Demo Builders Club {DBC} to show people how awesome BC really is! If it is made maybe it could be like for the first week after you make a new account or something!

  18. Metanight1896

    This is nice and all, but I think it’s about time you start thinking on improving this game to make the FREE users enjoy more of the content.

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