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ROBLOX in the Press: The New York Times and More

We go out of our way to keep our users in tune with all of the changes happening in the world of ROBLOX. In the last couple of months, various national publications have begun to notice that ROBLOX is a huge user-generated content site with millions of active players. As the press begins to catch wind of who we are and the mark we’re leaving on the gaming industry, we think our platform will spread to an even larger demographic. Check out some of the articles written about ROBLOX in the past three months, starting most recently with an article published today on the New York Times’ “Motherlode” blog.

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Diane Mehta, a journalist from the New York Times’ “Motherlode” blog, wrote a very interesting piece on how ROBLOX changed her child’s behavior: “But while playing Roblox with M., he quieted down. The structure of the game constricted his behavior to imaginative activities in that particular environment. For a child with a fast mind and the verbal expansiveness of a kid much older than himself, the strictures of the massively multiplayer game helped structure the friendship he was building. For the first time all year, he took advice without falling apart; he gave M. a chance to speak. He wasn’t doing all the talking.”

From GamesBeat: “In August, 3 million active users played Roblox for over 40 million hours. [Dave] Baszucki estimated that maybe around 3 percent of that time was spent making content, which would mean players spent over a million hours building new games for Roblox.”

From Tecca: “It’s this capacity to create worlds of their own coupled with the influence of their peers — and the idea that one can influence others in turn — that drives young players to learn new skills, which are also plenty useful in the real world.”

From Time Tech: “Kids ages 8 and way, way up spend 21 million hours a month in the Roblox universe. It’s a massively multiplayer online game where friends can meet, collaborate, chat and compete. Everything has a Lego-like look, so even fierce battles are cute. And the best part is that players can construct their own games and worlds using a surprisingly sophisticated tool kit.”

From Gamasutra: “The company makes money in a variety of ways. One is via its Builders Club, which works like a developer license for Roblox game makers. Along with other developer perks, the license lets them sell items. There’s also the virtual currency Robux, which players can buy and spend on various virtual items, such as clothing or weapons. Content creators are not currently paid in cash for any sales of virtual items, but are paid in Robux.”

We believe this positive press coverage is a testament to the work ROBLOX developers are pouring into our platform and the great content our users create.

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121 thoughts on “ROBLOX in the Press: The New York Times and More

  1. XxHungerEeveexX

    This is what i cant believe, all my friends dont know about roblox but look roblox is in the new york times :I
    Btw Good job ROBLOX :D

  2. 131313TrolololRoblo

    Roblox is growing so fast, that, it seems like only yesterday we had rainbow forcefields and blocky guns and stuff like that

  3. stickyfingerz647

    This, just put a heartwarming smile on my face. Roblox has been growing a lot more effecient, and updated, and also created memories we won’t ever forget.

  4. germanleopard

    Woww I’m happy fer yew ROBLOX!!! :D keep up the good work!! But u need to remember: Listen to what players have to say so that you know what to make better and what your working to hard at.

  5. BrotherBerzerk

    Wow now in the papers i mean i can look back years ago where on roblox you couldn’t even move your limbs and now look at how much roblox has evolved, i mean so far it’s been great i just cant wait to see what happens ten years from now, Sincerly BrotherBerzerk

  6. illusionedDarkman172

    I like how this is going. I been on Roblox since early 2008, one reason was because my friend played it in school so I told him what game was that. That’s how I’m here. I’m illusionedDarkman172 Fr me I’ll accept it.

  7. Therock9903

    i love roblox and i’ve been on for a while so im happy it’s in all of these news papers my name on roblox is therock9903 so send me a message

  8. Orangesmiky

    i have been part of the roblox community since 2010, i think its great to see it back then and now. I cant believe we are getting really really popular.


    As a very old member on ROBLOX. (This is my second account.) I love to see ROBLOX become more popular. I was here from the start, many things have changed. In a good way at least. :) Good job ROBLOX!

  10. ChuckNorris

    Diane M. wrote a heartwarming story that just made me smile. ROBLOX is both a place of those who copy levels and those who actually build them and those who just make friends and both build, but want to have a good time, like me. Diane M.’s story was one of those that represented someone helping a friend get through a hard time, and her son’s friend is one of those who is a true friend, if you ask me, and I think I am speaking for those who read the blog post, also.

    1. cardgamechampion

      Ikr! Minecraft has scripting, but not like ROBLOX. ROBLOX allows you to fully customize your own world. Minecraft just lets you add more to the already built game, hence why there are so many different ROBLOX games and so few different Minecraft games. (I got this from months of research).

  11. beyblademaster28

    I used to play club penguin, but roblox is 100 times better than that. Keep it up roblox!! :)

  12. LOLOLOLOLMRocks37Alt

    Wow. This is epic! I am so surprised that the New York Times is going to talk about ROBLOX. Keep it up!

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