ROBLOX Mobile Gaming is Coming to iPad…

ROBLOX Tablet for blogROBLOX is in the process of bringing our 9.8 million user-created games to the iPad. The first release of ROBLOX Mobile that supports online play is almost here. To raise awareness in the ROBLOX community of our imminent launch, we’re running a promotion targeted at ROBLOX game developers that will give them an opportunity to win a brand-new iPad 3.

Here’s how it works:

1. At random times during the days leading up to launch, ROBLOX will sell a number of “ROBLOX Tablet” gear items in the Catalog. Don’t worry users in other time zones – tablets will appear in the catalog at all times of the day. At least 10 tablets will be sold, possibly more.

2. The first tablet will be sold for 10,000 R$. The second for 20,000 R$. And so on. The tablets will be resellable and tradeable by users. They will also be designated as “Builders Club Exclusive” items.

3. On the date of the official launch, whoever is the current owner of each tablet will be contacted by ROBLOX HQ. Those who are willing to provide a valid postal address will be mailed a real-life physical iPad 3.

It’s like musical chairs, only some people get iPads. It is our sincere hope that the lucky winners will double down on their efforts to create great new ROBLOX games for the iPad. Keep an eye on the blog, this is one of the first places that we will announce the official launch of ROBLOX Mobile gaming!

– John

Additional information:

ROBLOX employees are not eligible (sorry Luke). You must respond to inquires from ROBLOX HQ via private message or email within 15 days of receiving communication from us to claim your physical iPad. ROBLOX will not send iPads to any country that the US has leveled explicit export restrictions upon, or any country where it would otherwise be illegal due to statutes relating to exports or contests. If you are currently in orbit around earth on the ISS, you must supply an earthbound shipping address. ROBLOX reserves the right to embellish or materially alter the conditions and rules of the contest at any point. Limit 1 per customer. We strive at all times towards complete customer satisfaction.

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223 thoughts on “ROBLOX Mobile Gaming is Coming to iPad…

  1. billylones

    I live in the UK so shipping should be fine for me :) and I am currently on my way to winning one!! :D
    Thanks alot for making this contest! Can’t wait for my iPad!! :D

  2. Huggybunnie

    Haha, the tiny print made me laugh. Dunno why. And I think this contest is actually pretty cool; Nice job for a change.

  3. thelegoman999

    Will it be brought out as an app to other tablets? Like Samsung and other products other than just Apple makes?

  4. Awesomeduddy1234

    This is awesome. I played it on my Ipad and it was awesome to play. I played ” Can you survive the 99 disasters ” Made by thefurryfox and ” Natural disasters ” Made by stickmasterluke. Thanks, Awesomeduddy1234

  5. Moneco

    I just got an iPad 4 and I’ve played on roblox and thanks to the new processor (A6X) its so much faster
    so pretty much its like I won an ipad but my dad bought it so yeah but it ok playing it on the ipad

  6. imkirby37

    Will this be on the Android? Then when? I really want to know , because I may get a Android Tablet for Christmas.

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