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Take Cover: Giftsplosion 2012 Is Now Under Way

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The holiday commercials started airing weeks ago but, at ROBLOX, we’re so tasteful we waited until almost-December to kick off our holiday promotions. That can only mean one thing: it’s time for this year’s holiday extravaganza, Giftsplosion 2012. Throughout the month of December, we’ll be placing mystery gift boxes in the ROBLOX Catalog and awarding them to users who either meet certain criteria or have the wit to crack the riddle they contain. Eventually, they’ll open and reveal a new addition to your inventory of goods.

We’ve already released the first gift, the ROBLOX Newshound Gift (pictured at right), which you can obtain for free by opting in to receive emails from ROBLOX with a verified email address by December 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST. (If you do not want to receive email from ROBLOX but want the gift, it will be on sale for a limited time in the Catalog in the coming days.) You can verify your email address and opt in to receive emails on your ROBLOX Account Settings page, accessed by clicking “Account” in the navigation bar. If you need more of a hint or guidance, check the System Notifications of your ROBLOX account. Consider this gift a freebie.

Opted in and Verified

You may be wondering why we care about you checking the box to receive email from ROBLOX. We have plans to expand our email offerings in the coming year with curated selections of content and deals on virtual goods. We want to keep ROBLOX users in the loop about what’s new on our platform and provide exclusive offers. Email is a great channel for this sort of information.

We’ll be releasing additional gifts — some much more challenging to obtain — as the month goes on. Stay tuned.

General Information About Gifts

  • Gifts are given for meeting specific conditions. For example, in the past we have given gifts to every player who had 1,000 profile views, a verified email address or a certain number of posts in the Scripting Helpers Forum. Sometimes it will be obvious what the conditions are. Other times they will be a mystery.
  • If you meet the conditions at the time when the gift is being given, you get the gift for free.
  • If you don’t, you don’t. Each gift is given out once and only once.
  • Don’t worry, you will get a chance to purchase the gifts you’ve missed before they open.
  • All gifts will eventually open. Players who own a gift box will get the gift that is inside automatically. The name of the gift box changes to let you know it has opened.
  • Once a gift has opened, there is no way to get it if you missed it.
  • Some gifts will be easy to get. Others will be awarded to only a select few.

We’ve been running giftsplosions on ROBLOX for the last few years. If you’re new to ROBLOX, check out these blog posts for insight into how the event has worked in the past and examples of a couple challenges from years past:

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170 thoughts on “Take Cover: Giftsplosion 2012 Is Now Under Way

  1. XxLordFallenxX

    Hey roblox,can you make a red and black business hat or fedora?It’d be real nice if you could.Thanks :)

  2. Livscussel

    So, is this just one gift that you are giving to one person, or is this many gifts that you are giving to many people? Also, how will we know who won?

    1. jbr2000

      Read the post, I see nothing about winning, and it’s gifts to all people who met the requirements.

  3. LT

    I hope this gift is a fedora, because last year, I got a mint gift and was disappointed to find it was not a mint fedora. I hope its a paper fedora this year.

  4. ThomasaurRULZ

    Just so you guys know :3 unless ur on at 11:59pm on a wednesday night regularly ur gonna have to wait till thursday :l

  5. Anonymous

    i got my email verified so i wonder what is going to be i hope the gifts (except for the epic face) that there better this time

  6. Googleplex

    How the heck are we supposed to check the catalog if it won’t let us even see the gifts that are out :/

  7. Danny

    I forgot if I subscribed or not, but when I check my account settings the check box doesn’t show up…Does that mean it’s already checked?

    1. Danny

      nevermind, apparently I never verified my email address this whole time. Now that I did the box shows up.

  8. TheFirstHat

    I’ve been waiting a long time for the 2012 Giftsplosion. I’ve been hoping for either a retexture of The Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom, Domino Crown, or another Elemental Helm. I suspect a Domino Crown, but I don’t know about the other two.

  9. PuffleLover7722

    You guys have to wait until December 5th to get the gift! If You’re subscribed to get newsletters then, you will receive the gift, so just wait :)

  10. joshtheplayer123

    Okay here’s how is supposed to be you have to have the box checked and your email has to be verified you have to do this by December 5th and when you get the next newsletter email from them you will get the gift there will be other gifts, I hope it’s a newspaper fedora :P

  11. Boywithburgereyes

    Guys, if your verified already. You have to wait for the next newsletter to release to get the gift. :)

  12. MastaJames

    It’s amazing how many people don’t read everything. “We’ve already released the first gift, the ROBLOX Newshound Gift (pictured at right), which you can obtain for free by opting in to receive emails from ROBLOX with a verified email address by December 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST.” This is when I will be given out.

    1. planetepicface

      that gift kind of gift was made 2 years ago gifts are sometimes given to people that used something new on roblox

  13. Kingdan3

    if your wondering why your not getting your gift then read this because i have heard that you get them on the 5th of December i don’t know if its true but i belive it is ?

    1. Dreknauo

      You have to wait until 5th December with you email verified and Check the newsletter box to get the gift on your email,not 1000 profile views.

  14. julienmauriemort

    I have verified the email AND signed up for newsletter, but I didn’t get the newspaper gift D:

    1. DriftRacer14

      I verified my eMail almost as soon as I joined, AND I subscribed to the newsletter. This was over a year ago. Does it still give you the gift if you’re like me?

    2. Red678

      The gift isn’t ready yet, just wait, or, you could just buy the gift, that’s what I’m doing. Good luck!

  15. Colbburns2salt

    Dude roblox please fix the giant blade weapon in the gear section cuz it does no damage please fix or make limited u so I can sell it

    1. Kingdan3

      then you should get it but to know if some one has the vertified email they should have the verified hat!!!!

  16. 1230james

    Does this mean you’re going to release another gift box with another thing for the ROBLOX Veterans, just like you did in 2010? xD

    Or are you just going to do this so that the next time we look at our hats, we have a free, random gift-wrapped box hat x3

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