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Giftsplosion 2012: Last Chance to Qualify for Final Three Gifts

2012 GiftsGiftsplosion 2012 is in full swing! We’ve released all the gifts for the year and they’re now sitting in the catalog, beckoning you to do whatever it takes to win them (or spend some hard-earned Robux on them). This article rounds up all the gifts and offers some hints on how to qualify for the last three.

If you’re not familiar with the Giftsplosion, here’s a brief overview: throughout the month of December, we’ve been placing mystery gift boxes in the ROBLOX catalog and awarding them to users who either meet certain criteria or have the wit to crack their riddle. Eventually, they’ll open and reveal a new addition to your inventory of goods. While those who meet the criteria get the gifts for free, they also go on sale in the catalog for a limited time before opening.

Up for grabs

There are three gifts yet to be awarded to qualifying users. These will be awarded very soon, so follow the advice below today if you want to win one.

Lucky Gift of Sevens: “Own at least one limited item with serial number #7.” This is self-explanatory. Check out the collectible section of the catalog to find limited items. For each limited item sale, you can see the seller, cost and serial number, so be on the lookout for a #7.

Ticket to Ride Gift: “I choo- choo- choose to sell game passes!” You can read about our Game Pass feature in this blog article, then get started on creating (or promoting) your own. You’ll need to sell multiple Game Passes to win the Ticket to Ride Gift!

High Frequency Trading Gift: “Dealing with ferocity, trading with velocity!” In this case, high frequency means eight trades by tonight at 11:59 p.m. CT. Earning this gift shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with the new ability to balance trades with Robux. While you’re working through your trades, you can even increase the value of your ROBLOX inventory – gather tips for profitable trading in this two-part blog series.

Awarded, now on sale

Razzle Dazzle Hollywood Star Gift (on sale for 550 R$): Lights. Camera. Action. This gift was awarded to everyone who had a video thumbnail on one of their places by December 10th.

The Coolest Gift (on sale for 40,000 R$): The owners of 2012’s hottest places get one of the coolest gifts this holiday season. Awarded to the creators of 2012’s top 100 most visited places.

Festival Gift of Group Fundraising (on sale for 75 R$): Raising the roof for fundraisers. Alright. Alright. This gift was awarded to anyone who made an item for their group and sold at least one of them by December 11th.

Self-Referential Gift of Referring (on sale for 300 R$): Get the references. They’re not going to get themselves. This gift was awarded to everyone who received a referral bonus in the past 30 days for successfully getting a friend to join Builders Club as of December 11th.

It’s too late!

Newsletter PresentCommissioner’s Gift of Commissions (awarded): Do you have game? Do you sell gear? Did you do it more than 10 times? Great. This gift was awarded to all users who sold 10 or more gear items using the Add Gear to Game feature by December 9th.

ROBLOX Newshound Gift (opened): We gave the Newshound Gift to everyone who had a verified email address on file and opted in to receive email updates from ROBLOX by December 5th. Everyone who qualified received the gift and has already gotten an early present, as the box opened to reveal some new shades last week.

Good luck in the last stretch of Giftsplosion 2012.

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49 thoughts on “Giftsplosion 2012: Last Chance to Qualify for Final Three Gifts

  1. Angry

    This year was pathetic. Only 9 gifts? And you really only could have earned one if you were NBC. In past years, gifts were for solving riddles, and for achievements, not testing out new features. This is by far the worst Roblox Christmas yet.

  2. xpinkbean

    Gifts earned: 3
    Gifts bought: 3
    Gifts missed: 2
    Gifts I can still get: 1
    Total gifts collected: 6
    Out of a total of: 9
    Gifts I WANT: 777 gift, cool gift, tree gift, snowman gift

  3. MettaurSp

    Purchased: Newshound, Commissioner’s, Razlze Dazzle, and Self-Referential.
    Earned: Group Fundraising and Ticket To Ride.

    @EpicTeacup, one of which is probably available for logging in and possibly buying it on the 25th or 26th based on what I remember from last year.

  4. Lukelikepie554

    Anyone else notice the presents they didn’t release? Like the snowman one and the red one with the christmas trees.

  5. BonBonBakery

    If those are the last 3 gifts, then what are the top two presents? (The red one with gold ribbon and the blue one with the snowman on it) They haven’t been released yet. :o

  6. ninjafang7818292

    So if I traded 12 times when I WAS will I still get the “High Frequency Trading Gift” if im not bc anymore?

  7. Jazzyforcefield

    I only got one. Plz don’t make things ONLY bc can get? Well you can make a few, but not the majority of it.

  8. Nitsua99

    Most of these are near-impossible to get unless you spend some serious time to get enough tickets to trade or you spend money to get either robux or BC.

  9. planetepicface


    really well yes they were easier to get but thing is most of them were bc so they were harder

    1. Angry

      No. They were not harder. Paying for a subscription is pretty easy. They made these gifts mostly BC only so that they could earn some cash. This is what Roblox has been turning into during the last couple years. Limiting features for NBC and giving it all to BC.

  10. KeolaOwnz

    The the trades have to be completed within a certain amount of time, or can they be from any point in time?

  11. Superplay213

    Why did you made 80% of the presents this year requires BC or BC joining to get these?The past yars,it didn’t require BC on all of this.

    1. shinycrystals

      I agree this is usually the time of year I am happy to get awarded things without BC, but i guess it is not anymore

  12. This is Robloxdevil09!

    I only got 2/9 this year,and I thought I was gona get atleast 5of them but I guess not:(

  13. patrizl001

    it says these are the final 3 gifts…. but there are two more on top of the others in the picture!

    1. Anonymous

      and most of them didn’t require you to have BC.
      you need BC for the trading, which you could probably use to get a 7 unique.but now that they are requirements for gifts, nobody will let go of them. you need BC to be able to sell items,meaning NBC can’t get that. And most of them are for the big and popular, the well-to-do. I miss when they needed actual wit to get. Anybody else remember the Icy gift that you got by saying Ice or something related to it in a forum post?

  14. thekevonster

    So for the High Frequency Trading gift, do you have to have 8 Trades Accepted? Or just have atleast 8 trades sent, declined, etc.

  15. Marioh10

    Good information… NOT! -_- You made most of the gifts this year require BC. Gosh darn, moderators. Seriously!!!

    1. OverDrone

      No worries. If you have the robux, you can buy them. But yes, none were directed toward nbc or the average player. You had to have some social popularity or BC to get any of them for free.

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