ROBLOX Tablets: To Trade or Not to Trade

A few weeks ago, ROBLOX launched a promotion to raise awareness of its impending mobile app release: at random times throughout each day, we put an extremely limited virtual ROBLOX Tablet on sale in the Catalog. Users who own one of these rare tablets when ROBLOX Mobile officially debuts will receive brand new iPad 3s from ROBLOX.

Since we released the tablets, we’ve been monitoring trade activity to see which users purchased them. We were curious to see how many users would simply keep them (to win an iPad), and how many would leverage them to trade for other rare items. Though not every user who got a ROBLOX Tablet chose to flip it, some did–and for some valuable virtual items.

User DailyBasis got his hands on our third tablet, and traded it with user Vilicus for some hard to find items, including the Dominus Frigidus, Darkheart, Ice Crown, and Wanwood Antlers. The Ice Crown is an extremely rare item and is currently being sold on ROBLOX for an average price of 266,000 Robux (if you can even find one).

User TheAmazeman traded his tablet with user Voxhall for some rare items as well. TheAmazeman ended up with the Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom, the Sword of the Autumnal Winds, and Red Grind. The limited Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom has an average price of 65,000 Robux.

Voxhall then took tablet #16 and traded it with DailyBasis for some other items, including the Dominus Frigidus, Star Tailslide, Darkheart and Ghostwalker. The Ghostwalker limited sword is selling for an average 195,000 Robux currently.

We saw some big-time trades for these items, but some of our wealthiest users simply bought ROBLOX Tablets to, well, get an actual iPad from ROBLOX. We got the chance to talk to user Enyahs7, who bought our most expensive ROBLOX Tablet for one million Robux.

“I hadn’t seen a single iPad even go on sale, they sold so quickly,” recalls Enyahs7, who’s been wanting to purchase an iPad for game development. “I was just checking my messages and I saw it. Me and my brother immediately freaked out.”

Enyahs7 knew it was a race against time–he had several rare items from 2007 that he had recently sold, but differing amounts of money were in different accounts. As quickly as he could, Enyahs7 began transferring all of his Robux into one centralized account. His big ticket item? He had the Illumina, an extremely limited item from Telamon’s Sword Fight on the Heights. He had recently sold it for just over a million Robux–a price he thinks he could’ve easily made higher.

“I’m a classic ROBLOX player and have been around since the beginning,” recalls Enyahs7. “That sword is one of the first things I ever bought from your Catalog. I never thought it would reach such a high value. It’s really crazy, but if you hold on to an item for four years, you get a lot back for it.”

Next Steps 

This is likely the very last weekend that you’ll be able to trade tablets, so if you’re trying to get one, hop in and start making big offers! Owners of the virtual ROBLOX Tablets will be contacted as soon as the app officially launches.

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67 thoughts on “ROBLOX Tablets: To Trade or Not to Trade

  1. Wolfwar123

    i wish i culd get the get the tablets for an ipad but i think it might just be cheeper to buy an iPad than to buy 1.0 million robux

  2. Evul

    Whelp, I’m exited for this new “Roblox Moblie” app. *Question Will it be out for IPhone? Cause I don’t have an IPad..

  3. ChumCreature

    Really the only limited I want is Windforce. It’s my fav sword and would do anything for it. Except trade my glaurung the greedy. Oh well, better get saving. XD

  4. Ashad

    IF i got one of those tablets i would not sell them nor trade them cause u will be trading or selling it for virtual stuf were as if u do not trade u will get a real ipad so i think the people who trade have MADE a bad choice

  5. dj12gray

    i wanted a tablet but people that had one are rich that i cant get one and i wish i could get a tablet for free but i dont ahve robux :( i will never get one and i wont ever get rich roblox can u help em get robux for free so i can have robux on roblox

      1. Puffmaster98

        I dont get why you wouldnt just wait until after you got the ipad in real life, sure the value would drop maybe a billion or two, but you could still probably get the ice crown out of it.

    1. HaloEliteLegend

      But if someone didn’t need one, they could still buy it and sell it for real money, not some online Robux. You would pretty much be a fool to trade.

  6. Dart219

    My goal the last few weeks was to get the ipad . It would be given as a Christmas present to my real life friend since I already have one. Sadly, I failed to win it. Its alright though, Roblox probably loved the promotional giveaway. You never know, they might do it again some year.

  7. Sevenisawsome

    I just about go the #20 i was buying it i clicked confirm and them it said “item sold out” i was like NOOOOOOO!

    1. PKyler2001

      I would have bought and/or traded for one, but I don’t have anything at higher average value than about 830R$ XD
      -Sincerely, PKyler2001

  8. WCBROW01

    The gear is bad, but the fact that you win an iPad? Great! I only have 1 limited that I bought from a private seller for 245 R$. So basically I can only afford cheap limiteds or trade for a real one. But how am I gonna get the iPad gear if I don’t trade? That means I can’t get a free iPad! :| I need a limited that I feel like trading.

  9. Wickedlion123

    Dailybasis is one of my good friends, We met on Merely’s Trade Hangout but I guess Daily was there because he Knew Merely a little bit, I couldent beleive my eyes when I looked at this blog and the first thing I see is ” Dailybasis “

    1. Samuel0998

      Really ROBLOX? My iPod Touch 4th generation 64g Doesn’t work! Please add this new iDevice soon!

      1. SHADOWGUY216

        The Ablity to play on apple devices was amazing! But get ready, because the reason it was only for ipad2 is because it was a BETA!!! And betas are like demos. John said that later it will be for all devices!!!!!!!!

  10. beastboss999

    I was on my phone when Ipad #20 came out. It gave me the option to buy it so I clicked purchase but then it said sold out :/

  11. mattyo10

    I saw all of them off sale. Man, I was in a different time zone when they were sold! I was asleep for all of them! Plus, I don’t have enough robux for any of them. I could only afford #20 for 1 robux but I was asleep when it was bought!

  12. UselessPsychotivity

    I only saw #19 onsale, and it was almost impossible that time :(, I immediatly saw #20 sell out (The one for one robux)

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