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Now Everyone Can Play Every Game on ROBLOX Mobile

iPad showing Games pageROBLOX Mobile has officially been available for a week. In the time since its launch, we’ve been closely monitoring the app to ensure a good user experience and listening to your feedback. Today, we’re pleased to announce all ROBLOX games are available to all users on ROBLOX Mobile. This should give you a great opportunity to enjoy ROBLOX — whether you’re a Builders Club member or not — during your travels and free time over the upcoming holiday break. You can log into ROBLOX Mobile now and play all of the millions of games you and your fellow users have created. Simply touch the “See More” button under All Games.

If you need game suggestions, check out our recent look at what games ROBLOX users are gravitating toward on mobile.

ROBLOX iOS IconNow is a great time to check out ROBLOX Mobile if you haven’t already. The app lets you play games (iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ and iPod touch 5th Generation), send/receive messages, make new friends, interact with your groups, shop from the Catalog, customize your character and purchase Builders Club/Robux in-app.

There are a few ways you can get the app:

Enjoy the games!

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152 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can Play Every Game on ROBLOX Mobile

  1. greatrobloxhero1

    Can you fix the bug when you receive a notification or battery reminder, it will just exit you out automatically? I receive battery notes and I exit out automatically. Please fix this bug on next update

  2. Guest70323

    ROBLOX. How long will this last? If it’s forever I would be so happy! (If I had one of those devices)

  3. jiml2

    it’s awesome how everyone can play every roblox game on roblox mobile but I need to ask you this: when are we able to drive vehicles on roblox mobile?

  4. Agent046

    Thank you Roblox I was looking forward to buy me BC but now, nah. With this epic update you made my day even better :D

  5. Izaru

    I think it would be cool to see Roblox come as like a downloadable app thing for consoles (which I know is very unlikely). But if it worked for minecraft it might work for roblox, seeing as both are very similar… I would definitely get it for my ps3 or Wii U.

  6. flops12

    Ipod 4g, now no excuses, work work work. Forget the android and windows 7 phones make it for ipod 4g first. :D

  7. racinglover

    WOW ROBLOX! Thanks for working on the game for Ipod 4g. I’m really really excited when the games come out on it :D

  8. Max?

    Can you bring back OBC and TBC on the mobile app? Or make the cards compatible with OBC or TBC? I was looking forward to getting OBC for my brother on Christmas!

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