ROBLOX Introduces Robux to Trading System

ROBLOX already features a robust trading system where Builders Club members can exchange goods and barter for limited items and weapons, but actual Robux have never fit into the equation. Starting today, we’re enhancing the system by allowing you to add Robux to trades. This new feature will allow users to make more equitable trades, while simultaneously setting the ground work for some upcoming innovations. 

Our currency exchange system allows you to trade money for money (i.e. Robux for tickets and vice-versa) and items for items. This creates a predicament for traders: they want to make a trade, but the user they’re trading with doesn’t quite have the item (or items) to make a mutually beneficial exchange. This sends the user who falls short straight to the catalog to find another item that’s worth the difference, however small or large that may be.

ROBLOX Trade System

Allowing users to pay the difference upfront with Robux makes sense to us, and we hope it does for users too. Why send a potential trader off looking for an item to make up the difference when you can settle your deal with the addition of a few Robux? In order to make it easier to create equatable trades, we’ve got to change the way currency moves in ROBLOX.

Adding Robux to a trade will work like user-to-user sales work on ROBLOX today–there will be a 30% marketplace fee applied to the Robux involved in the trade . Here’s an example: if you’re trading hats, and add 100 Robux as incentive to make the trade, 30 Robux will be taken from you, the seller.

The Future

These changes also lay the foundation for some exciting plans we have for the future. Without getting too technical, we altered some very basic parts of our infrastructure in order to reflect our new outlook on currency that focuses on making it more robust and extensible.

We’ve taken a lot of minor parts of our currency interface and given them slight updates–we moved all of our currency operations out of the direct web code into an abstracted web service that will eventually handle all of ROBLOX’s currency transactions. This changes the concept of our escrow system entirely–though not really on the users end–and will eventually culminate in users having the ability to sell items directly from their games. We decided to change the way our escrows work for security purposes–the hard part isn’t simply allowing users to sell items in-game, it’s making sure they can do so securely.  We’re tentatively planning this feature to go live early next year.

ROBLOX Trade with Robux

Giving users the ability to trade Robux for items will lead to some very interesting activity in the ROBLOX economy, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this alters day-to-day trading. We’re equally excited about the infrastructure changes that came bundled in with the feature, and what those changes hold for the future.


About Alan "JacksSmirkingRevenge" Fackler

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82 thoughts on “ROBLOX Introduces Robux to Trading System

  1. Dylan Maynard

    Please, Please make it so you can trade ALL items not just limited items ALL items and with no BC

  2. Atomicme101

    OH I FORGOT!!!!! I was going to ask you guys. Can you make a Video Tutorial of Inside ROBLOX HQ!?!? That would be awsome!

  3. Atomicme101

    Dang it! My BC wen’t off a couple days ago right before i could try this new feature >:( But, well… I guess i could go get more.

  4. superninja7374521

    Honestly, the in game Selling sounds good, BUT if somene finds out how too “Hack” or “Exploit” The Scripts etc. They can basicly steal everything, and If that happens Roblox BC users would be “Scared” going into games…

      1. cannon9009

        I wonder what would happen if we started a riot for the trading system to be for not only ppl with BC,but for everyone…

      2. SN588

        If we started a riot, it would be ignored. Hey, they have workers to pay, and they need some sort of leverage to make us pay for a free game. Don’t complain about BC only stuff.

    1. wonkakorn

      It shouldn’t be BC only. Like, I think some people would try to scam BCers out of a limited or soemthing, so it should be BC can only trade with BC, and NBC can only trade with NBC.

    1. Ziggyblock

      Yeah, I agree. Is there honestly any point in them? Your taking away virtual money, which technically has no real life value, in most cases.

      1. CyberDude36

        Not exactly. From what the example they gave us, if you, again re-saying the example, it’s simple. If you give like 100 robux, the 30% market fee takes away 30 robux from you.

  5. ZekeZero

    Very efficient and makes trades as swift as possible.

    All I can say is that I absolutely love this addition to Roblox.

  6. Negativeone

    It’s about time this was added, now scamming is going to become a thing of the past. Good job Roblox!

  7. 2467Matthew

    I was scammed once because I could not securely trade robux with a trade… I was scammed out of 800 robux… I won’t get scammed again! Thanks ROBLOX!

  8. Zzzip42Strike

    I’ve made a formula for people who want to know exactly what they are giving.

    y = 10x/7

    x = Robux input
    y = Robux output

    So, if you want to give 2540 Robux, multiply it by 10. It is not 25400. Divide this by 7. 3628.5 is your new number. Now, round it up. You must give 3629 Robux to give 2540 Robux.

    If you want to give 7000 Robux, you need to pay 3000 extra, etc. etc.

    1. MasterAnimation200

      Um, you just convert the 30% into a decimal .3 and multiply: 150 * 0.3 = 45 then add to original amount: 150 + 45 = 195. 195 is the amount you need to give in order to give 150 robux. So: 2540 * 0.3 = 762, 2540 + 762 = 3302 R$ You got the math wrong :P

  9. epiccrazyspeedy

    Hey Shedletsky, I found a glitch in the trade system were if you first go to a notepad, type in a negative number then copy and paste it into trade, it messes the rap of the trade partner’s item. Thus ripping people off…

    Hope this helps


  10. Coolguy1779

    Wow! Now I am really excited for buying TBC in 3 days! I can get some extra R$ and help my group out! (Insurblox)

  11. Sonypony458

    What the heck. A fee for putting in ROBUX? Seriously ROBLOX? I thought you liked your users. Not scam them.

  12. RandomAnt

    Why are we having to pay a fee to give someone else money. I don’t see what anyone stands to gain by doing this. I will not be using this feature.

    1. ShawnShawnShawn

      I know, the fee is weird. In real life you don’t pay 30% more when you give someone money…

      1. PumpedBuzzed

        OK, so it is not ALWAYS virtual money. You can sometimes use real money to obtain more. But, if it really is virtual money, why is there even a tax?

  13. zackary1997

    Very very nice! I been waiting for this feature for a long time! Now it will be hard for people to scam.

  14. TinyBerry3

    It’s a really good idea, but does the 30% fee simply apply by sending out the trade with robux? Or does it only happen when a trade is completed?

  15. Taylorinator8530

    Hold on. So the 30% fee…is it like when selling clothing/limiteds. You sell it for 100 but you only gaim 70? If you put 100 in the trade, the other person gets 70 right? And it says that only 30 will be taken from you…so… (Example) You have 1000 robux. You wanna trade and you put 100 robux in your trade. The trade is accepted and the other person gets 70 robux while you only lose 10 (ending in a total of 970R$). Am I understanding this correctly? PM me on roblox for answer, as I am hardly on blog. My username is Taylorinator8530 (or EpikDuckAttack).

    1. John Shedletsky

      The fee is exactly like when you sell a limited item. If you sell a limited item for 100 R$, you as the seller actually get 70 R$. If I send you a trade offer of 100 R$ for your hat, you see an incoming offer of 70 R$ for your hat. Exactly as if you had sold it for 100 R$ in the catalog.

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