iPad Gameplay: Natural Disaster Survival

ROBLOX Mobile Is Out of Beta: Download and Play Today!

Updated 12/14 at 3:37 p.m. PT: We’ve released an update to ROBLOX Mobile that improves performance and in-game control, and makes the White Earbuds accessible via the mobile catalog on all iOS devices.

iPad Gameplay: Natural Disaster SurvivalI’m excited to announce to everyone in the ROBLOX community — new members and old — that, as of today, ROBLOX Mobile is no longer in beta and all users can play ROBLOX on their iOS device of choice: iPad 2+, iPhone 4+ and iPod touch 5th Generation. First off, there are a few ways you can get the app:

ROBLOX Mobile lets you play games, send/receive messages, make new friends, interact with your groups, shop from the Catalog, customize your character and purchase Builders Club/Robux in-app. The latest version also adds the much anticipated in-game chat feature. Plus, you can play games with other users on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. No matter what kind of device you’re using, you’re always connected to all your friends.

As if that wasn’t enough, ROBLOX Mobile users will soon be able to access iOS-only items, including a free pair of stylish earbuds just for logging in with an iOS device. We’ll also be releasing an iOS-only iBot body package, iJet jetpack and iFace that all go together and can be purchased in-app with iTunes credits. We’ll update this article when the items are available in the mobile Catalog.

Mobile Body and Face  Earbuds

Builders Club members can play every ROBLOX game using ROBLOX Mobile. All users can play a rotating, curated selection of popular, top-quality ROBLOX games.

ROBLOX iOS IconDownload and play ROBLOX Mobile today. After you’ve tried it out, we’d love your feedback. You can rate and review the app on the iTunes App Store, send a Tweet to @ROBLOX, post about it in the ROBLOX Forums or comment on this article.

All of us at ROBLOX are excited about giving our community of builders the power to distribute their creations to a whole new audience and explore user-made creations on mobile devices. If you’re excited too, share this post with your friends using the buttons below. Help us spread the word about the new wave of mobile gaming, where your content takes center stage!

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214 thoughts on “ROBLOX Mobile Is Out of Beta: Download and Play Today!

  1. Jamiromonster

    uhm can you guys please please please make it for ipod 4 too please i would really apreciate it! :)

  2. MeganXXXXX

    I might be getting a Ipad2 Tommorow. But one of the reasons I want it to work at MY Games. NOT these seven games that i don’t like. If They don’t get all the games working I’m NOT getting a Ipad.

  3. NiceNoobGirl

    I cant chat for some reason ._. And put back Natural Disaster Survival back in the free games! You should also add Welcome to the Town of ROBLOXia, Hide and Seek, and The Underground War to free games.

  4. DaggerJax

    This…. is…. EPIC!!1!11 I have a Iphone 4S and my Windows XP is broke and it can’t be fixed… So if I get this app I will be able to play ROBLOX w/o having to go over to my friend’s place!!!!11!!!1

    1. SuperSamioWorld

      The iPhone 3GS doesn’t have the required amount of operating power to play ROBLOX successfully.

    2. Bryan

      That probably can’t happen man sorry but if they tried they would end up short circuiting your iPhone3gs it’s not powerful enough sorry for the rough news man

  5. Southpoint

    This idea is a magnificent step for ROBLOX in making itself one of the premier online games. The only thing that I am not very pleased about is the fact that if you do not have Builders Club, that you cannot play any game.

  6. Silverswordgold2

    Awesome but why only ipod5???? Those are to hard to find at stores. Ecuse they sell out way to fast. PLEASE make it work for iPod 4 too. Everyone on the comments on the app want that too!

    1. Lord McKenzi Norris

      I dont think they can, with the smaller screen, and the low specs of the iPod. I love playing it on my iPhone 5, and iPad 2!

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