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Help Us Choose the Location of the 2013 ROBLOX Game Conference

We’ve begun planning our annual ROBLOX Game Conference for 2013, and we need your help. We understand that not everyone on ROBLOX can make it to the Bay Area each and every year–we figured it was time for us to do some traveling for a change. That’s where you come in. Taking this survey will help us determine where RGC 2013 is going, and arguably more importantly, what you’d like to see during this year’s event.

We’d appreciate if you could take five minutes out of your day to fill it out.

It’s important to us that our users help shape the paths we take at ROBLOX, whether those footprints are digital or real. Tell us where you’d like us to go, and we’ll do our best to get there.


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1,021 thoughts on “Help Us Choose the Location of the 2013 ROBLOX Game Conference

  1. Chase

    I suggest doing it in multiple places. The two most popular cities in the US (LA and NYC) and one in Europe.

  2. joshxsniper55

    Please Bring RGC 2013 to Alabama. It will be an honor to be in the presence of ROBLOX game Developers.

  3. Boomboom9189

    Somewhere close to New Jersey. I have wanted to go to a Conference FOREVER. I can’t though because they are always too far. I would actually like to work for Roblox in 4 years. Just wish I could meet the workers at a Conference and talk.

  4. Masonaki

    I think RGC 2013 should be hosted in Orlando FL so some of the east-coast states can make it

    Sincerely OBC Member- Mason

  5. Masonaki

    I recommend you host RGC 2013 in Orlando FL so most floridians and other states that surround florida can make it. Thank you for reading.-Mason

  6. Killa73

    A lot of my roblox friends can go if it’s in Philadelphia so I am hoping it’s there or somewhere near there!

  7. DevlinBaillie

    Philadelphia is closest to Muncy, maybe there please, if not DC,DC would be pretty good I’ll have to start going at 4:00 AM to get there and I’ll get there around 8:00 AM if possible…

  8. sandystatic

    Athens, GA would be cool, you guys would get a lot of notice, and probably attract more attendees/players.

  9. Jacob

    Nononono America have everything. Go to other country’s or people will stop playing roblox because you can only get there stuff in US

    1. stickyfingerz647

      YEAH. I agree, my friend in the Philippines is ALL the way on the other side of the world. Just make sure, that where their traveling isnt TOO expensive.

  10. Merely

    I think it should be in all states in every month. I know it’s in the summer, but home schooled kids play alot. What do you guys say?

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