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The Most Popular Games, Gear and Items of 2012

Top Games 20122012 was a big year for ROBLOX and our users. Along with the many product releases and events that came along, we released a bunch of new gear and saw our users create a bevy of new and unique ROBLOX games. We thought we’d take a look back at the top 15 most popular games of 2012 and, while we were at it, dig up some item and gear statistics as well. Remember, we’re only counting data from 2012 — some of these popular games have millions more visits when you consider their lifetime stats.

Most Visited Games of 2012

Base Wars: The Land

  1. Base Wars: The Land – 15,189,409 visits
  2. Catalog Heaven – 11,602,354 visits
  3. Rollercoaster Into a Black Hole Obby! (Now known as Jump Into the Ball Pit and Survive!) – 11,501,222 visits
  4. Paintball! – 10,096.274 visits
  5. Call of Robloxia 5 – ROBLOX At War – 8,184,995 visits
  6. Welcome to the Town of Robloxia – 7,455,373 visits
  7. Build a Hideout and Fight – 6,812,161 visits
  8. The Complex V.4 – 6,703,501 visits
  9. Build to Survive the Zombies – 6,645,146 visits
  10. Sword Fighting Tournament – 6,477,147 visits
  11. Monsters Vs Robloxians (Now known as Be A Superhero Go To Highschool) – 5,403,099 visits
  12. Disaster Hotel – 4,976,622 visits
  13. Super Fun Obby – 4,957,167 visits
  14. Apocalypse Rising – 4,844,229 visits
  15. DriveBlox Unlimited – 4,654,125 visits
The most popular game of 2012 was d4rk886‘s Base Wars: The Land, with more than 15 million game plays. It features about 30 character classes and, on top of that, vehicles to pilot and special weapons for each class that you can unlock through play. On a typical afternoon, Base Wars: The Land is typically in the top 10 games on the Games page. The game owes its longevity to a high amount of replayability, due mostly to the branching number of choices players can make as they accrue points in the game (a topic we’ve touched on before — if you’re looking for tips on how to make your game more replayable, check out this article).

Call of ROBLOXia 5: ROBLOX at War

Comparing the top games from this past year to the top games of 2011 yields some interesting results — only three of the top games on the list were on both lists. This speaks volumes about our platform –some games get it so right that they can stand the test of time. But with so many new and innovative games constantly flooding the Games page, this is a rare occurrence. Call of ROBLOXia: ROBLOX at War, Base Wars: The Land, and Rollercoaster Into a Black Hole Obby stood the test of time, appearing on the top 15 list for two years in a row.

Let’s move on to gear. We decided purposely to exclude gear items that were promotional because those items were free, and we want to know which gear sold the most over the course of the year. Here’s the list.

Most Sold Gear of 2012

  1. PotionBody Swap Potion – 26,321 sold
  2. Spray Paint – 11,949 sold
  3. Egg Cannon 9000 – 11,002 sold
  4. Speed Coil – 9,386 sold
  5. 2013 Firework – 9,319 sold
  6. Phoenix – 9,084 sold
  7. Flying Magic Carpet – 8,867 sold
  8. Bluster Buster – 8,376 sold
  9. Captain Steelshanks Recruiting Staff – 7,232 sold
  10. Telamax xTreme Dual Shoulder Cannons – 6,847 sold

The best-selling gear item of the year was the Body Swap Potion. When equipped, you can click on another place and you will swap appearances and locations with that player. This chaotic capability is useful in a wide variety of contexts, which probably explains some of its popularity. In a battle game, it affords all kinds of exciting tactical options to confuse the enemy. In a social game, it’s just pure fun to ape your comrades.

Finally, let’s look into our top-selling items. We’ve removed from consideration all promotional items that we published this year (some of which were incredibly popular).

Swordfighting in StyleMost Sold Items of 2012

  1. Ostrichsized Winter Scarf – 22,673 sold
  2. Tweet Tweet – 22,660 sold
  3. Crimson Winter Scarf – 20,814 sold
  4. Valentine’s Day 2012 Cap – 19,817 sold
  5. Spiky Halloween Shades – 19,636 sold
  6. Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 – 19,242
  7. Red Flowered Cloche – 18,011
  8. Dark Blue Light Hair – 14,617
  9. Charming Brown Haired Fellow – 13,300
  10. Opened Gift of the All Seeing Eyes – 13,297

Despite being released in mid-December, OstrichSized‘s winter scarf was our best seller for the year. I talked to Web Team Lead Isaiah Merrill (aka OstrichSized) about this virtual item, which is modeled after his trademark winter scarf. He pointed out that this item hit the “sweet spot” between “style,” “seasonality,” and “pure value.” Pick one up today for 20 Robux in the catalog while supplies last!


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92 thoughts on “The Most Popular Games, Gear and Items of 2012

  1. Frigeh

    ‘But with so many new and innovative games constantly flooding the Games page, this is a rare occurrence’, Don’t you mean, ‘But with so many false thumbnail, copied, and cheap games constantly flooding the front page, a good game is a rare occurrence’.

  2. Gigabic

    Come on, the only reason body swap potion is #1 is because its glitched and you can KICK PEOPLE FROM THE SERVER with it.

  3. GORDY

    R-Orb and Artemis Bow aren’t up there because they judged the popularity on how many of the gear was sold. If you haven’t noticed, both the R-Orband the Artemis Bow cost over 1000 robux, which is pretty expensive for anybody who isn’t Builder’s Club. (Not to mention the R-Orb has devolved into a cheap noob weapon because of the flight.)

  4. TechCat

    I’m surprised Artemis Bow and R-Orb aren’t on the list. Those are WAY better than 2013 firework and Egg Cannon 9000 :\

  5. AlexBloodDog

    Very good top. But i think the Egg Cannon 9000 doesn’t deserve to be on top because it works only in easter events.

  6. Flame4741

    “Monsters Vs Robloxians (Now known as Be A Superhero Go To Highschool)”

    The creator changes the name every second so he can trick players, but okay.

  7. ninjafang7818292

    Good job for this accomplishment! and I hope to see more articles on Roblox updates, Etc.

  8. TheUnknown

    Not trying to be rude and/or inpatient in all, but it’d be best just stop posting about articles that are useless. I’d like to see the progress of the new tools for studio, such as the Robust Hinges update. I find it taking quite a long time making something so simple that probably wouldn’t even take three months to make. Though, I don’t know anything about programming. Although, one thing I do know is that it does not take that long to make something as such. So please, people, can you get some REAL progress done, like the ROBLOX Mobile update, and to be more productive with other possible upcoming updates?

    1. TheProgessionist

      It’d be best if you weren’t impatient and would possibly let the people who work for ROBLOX work at a comfortable time frame. Even the simplest things can be difficult to fit in a complex system.

    2. TheReplier

      Well it was pretty rude and impatient. I enjoy reading these articles, and I’d be pretty disappointed if they stopped making them.

  9. wafles26122

    Some of those most visited places don’t deserve to be there… People who just use free models to make places, and change the place everytime people start to stop visiting it don’t deserve to get the visits those games get.

  10. Flightza

    Egg Cannon made a profit! I remember when the Egg Cannon 9000 was on sale. It was a very popular hit to other players on the Egg Hunt, especially with the Egglord Rexus that gave players the ability to spawn rare eggs like the Faberge’s and the Sugar Eggs.

  11. coolisDamen

    I knew Base Wars was going to make it, it and Catalog Heaven are two of my favorite games!!! Hope they win again next year!!!

  12. whyaname98

    Roblox shouldn’t encourage people to play fake games like Rollercoaster into a black hole, they should delete them instead of advertising them

  13. gunnerycaptainprice

    I don’t like Base Wars. The sensitivity set for it is too high, so I can’t snipe. And rich 5 year olds with OBC tend to camp at spawns killing with miniguns and other OP weapons.

  14. Kozumi

    Lol, you’ve got it wrong roblox, body swap is only popular because it’s the biggest troll gear out there

  15. gatle2

    Yeah you have done great things but having jaredvaldez COMPLETELY COPIED games on recommended games list and giving praise to money hungry people like pieperson50 that uses deception to get place visits is not one of them.

  16. EpicTeacup

    The ONLY reason Pieperson50’s game is up there is because he lures new people into playing his game by changing the title of the game. Unfortunately, since they’re new people, they don’t know that it’s copied.

  17. GORDY

    Rollercoaster into a Black Hole obby is a bait-and-switch game, Pieperson50 always changes the title to something fake and appealing to lure unsuspecting players into his place.. (It’s not even an obby and there are no black hole rollercoasters, it’s just a survive the tsunami game, have you ever even played it?)

    1. Zombeast101

      Ikr, I hate people who change their game names so people will play the game. I have the 1st best selling hat, and 5th best selling hat.

    2. art80000

      Totally agree with you. Sadly the amount of those “lure” games is increasing over time. I can name many of those creators apart from Pieperson50. Some of them are juststeven,DrRobloxian and supercolin.

    3. OrinthianDude30

      I agree. I’ve played just about ALL of Pieperson’s games and ALL of them are tsunami survival, except one game.

    4. WouterVL

      Yeah. That, Town of Robloxia, The Complex, Build A Hideout, and that Monsters VS robloxians should not even be allowed to be on this list. They got their visits with fake advertising, like you said.

      A shame roblox, you actually linked them and saw those places and didn’t see how they were fake advertising.

    5. zackary1997

      Why can’t we see the most popular people by profile views? That would be an exciting category.

    6. mariokartwiirock5

      That is so true. Not only that, all his other games are the EXACT same game, with various titles.

    7. manovardasjonas

      Yeah, he is a total game faker, like jared2valdez4 and jaredvaldez4. And Voxhall’s Build a Hideout and Fight has a fake pic, because it has terrain blocks and wiring stuff in it, but when you enter the game, there is just spawnkillers and a few blocks.

    8. sean347

      I agree, it’s really anoying when people do that, i think that if they do that we should be able to ahve their game removed because they are essentially scamming people for visits.

  18. m0rgoth

    When i was looking at the hats, i noticed that the ‘Ostrichsized Winter Scarf’ sales went up by 2000 from the blog post’s count.

  19. IJustPwndYou

    Lol, the list of popular games exposed 2 of the ‘fake’ games that aren’t what they say they are.

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