ROBLOX Mobile Now Supports Vehicles and Chat on All Devices

We’ve been keeping tabs on your ROBLOX Mobile feedback, and today we’re happy to report that some of your requests have been fulfilled. Vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, even skateboards) can now be controlled using the standard controls of ROBLOX Mobile. We’ve also added chat functionality to the app on iPhone and iPod Touch, so those of you with such devices can communicate with one another in-game.

Driving a vehicle on a touch interface is a tricky notion–we elected to go with a straightforward solution. You can drive vehicles on ROBLOX Mobile the same way you walk; the virtual joystick on the bottom left corner of the screen. Pushing up on the stick accelerates your vehicle, while pulling back causes it to brake (and reverse). We were able to do this by updating the code in our vehicle seats to recognize different types of devices. We’re very interested in finding out how our mobile builders will utilize this in the coming months.

Since our iOS release, the chat feature has only been enabled for iPad users. Starting today, chatting will be available for all iOS devices, including iPods and iPhones. We understand that many users like to collaborate when building (or gaming, for that matter), and we want to make sure that doing so is easy and simple, regardless of where you’re playing ROBLOX. To chat, hit the “Chat” icon on the top left corner of your screen, type your message with your devices’ virtual keyboard, and hit “Return”.

In order to drive and chat, you’ll need to have the latest version of ROBLOX Mobile installed on your mobile device. Doing so is simple. Visit the iTunes App Store on your computer or mobile device. If you already have ROBLOX Mobile downloaded, you’ll have the option of updating to the latest version.

If you haven’t installed ROBLOX on any of your iOS devices, follow these steps to get it today!

We’ll be tweaking and enhancing ROBLOX Mobile as we move forward, and keeping you guys posted with new changes, improvements, and hurdles along the way. The app is still available for download in the iTunes Store for the always-low price of free. For now, if you’re using ROBLOX Mobile, hop into ROBLOX and get behind the wheel of a car. Then use the mobile chat feature to invite your friends to do the same.


About Alan "JacksSmirkingRevenge" Fackler

Communications Specialist at ROBLOX. JacksSmirkingRevenge on ROBLOX; @JacksColdSweatX on Twitter.

72 thoughts on “ROBLOX Mobile Now Supports Vehicles and Chat on All Devices

  1. ratchetandclankfan

    Could we at least finish this “in progress” Linux port? I HATE paying for things and this is the reason I ditched Windows. As far as getting it for Android, I think it would be cool, but it would be okay if it didn’t exist as I can boot Ubuntu from a file on my tablet and if needed replace the entire OS.

  2. Eiswaffel1

    We really need support on the IPod 4.
    There are still so many people complaining about it, and you also should make and android version.

  3. TheHacker32

    This is a small with some crash bug, but hey, it’s still worth playing! I’m waiting for LUA to be updated to support APIs that could work with users on Mobile Devices, this includes GUIs, Hopperbins and Tools.

  4. Anonymous

    This sounds good but many of us believe that it is time for an Android release of ROBLOX. At least optimize the app for Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Trust me, more people will play Roblox more often causing constant activity

  5. Robjcy14

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  6. Paladinslayer

    I seriously can’t wait for ROBLOX to be available to Android devices. Even if it takes forever.

    1. LightningHawk

      They just made it for ios and you are asking if they would jump right to android without fixing all the bugs? lets just give them a break for a little because they already promised that they would make it for android.

  7. cybersamurai

    If you make it so you could connect a bluetooth keyboard and use key- activated scripts in game, that would be awesome. Like in CoR you hit C to crouch, for example? That would make the app much more enjoyable, thanks!

  8. Paramore2

    I think it’d be most beneficial to create the Android version already, instead of updating the Apple. More and more purple are switching over to Android (and Windows 8). Mainly because Android is cheaper. You should really make it fast, could really be a gold mine for ROBLOX .

  9. B320H

    This is amazing!

    I never thought Roblox would make it as far as mobile games. I never even dreamed this would happen.

  10. drc3

    If Roblox worked on making games available for 4th gen ipod versions, I believe they would get a lot more user feed back.

  11. gonya50

    CF Motors made the first mobile driving interface though, but it is commpletely different than you guys’. I think you guys should feature it.

  12. myhamsterolive1996

    You know what Roblox? You are overly awesome. You have made my wish come true-to chat with my friends mobile. But I wish that when I play a game, I don’t have to wait 15 minutes for it to load, wasting my 100% battery to 76%.

  13. NinjaRblox

    Please make games available for IPod 4th generation.Many others want it on IPod 4g,too.PLEASE!! ROBLOX FOREVER!!!

  14. RoBlox09234

    Make it for all touch screen phones like an LG Virgin moblie touch screen phone with sliding keyboard on side.

    1. iwin123123

      Some touch screen devices aren’t capable of running ROBLOX, or it would just be way to difficult to make, or to use, as some devices with touch screens are small.

  15. Pearl3211

    Hey, can ROBLOX update it so you can play games on the IPod touch 4th generation, because not a lot of people have the 5th generation. So can you?

  16. Nitrotechnology

    YESS!!! I can finally chat on my iPod touch 5th generation! THANK YOU ROBLOX SO MUCH! :DDD

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