ROBLOX Studio Splash Screen Contest: The Winners

We were blown away. Not just by the sheer amount of entries we received for our ROBLOX Studio splash screen contest (over 3,000!), but by the amount of ingenuity, creativity, and talent on display in each of the entries. We had originally postulated that we’d be choosing five winners–but we just couldn’t distill that much awesome into five winning slots. So we’ve expanded our circle to include 10 winners, each of whom will receive the prize of 20,000 Robux.

We’ll also be featuring one of the 10 winning splash screens each week moving forward to give you 10 awesome weeks of custom ROBLOX Studio loading screens. After those 10 weeks are up, we’re going to show more of the entries on a regular basis in an effort to ensure that the Studio splash screen is always a design submitted by one of our users. Believe us, you guys sent more than enough to last, ahem, a few years.

Let’s run through the winners (in no particular order).











Runners Up Gallery

Check out our image gallery below to see some of the contestants who made it into the final bracket (click to the left or right to fast-scroll).

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Thank you all for your submissions, and keep an eye out! Just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean your design won’t show up as the ROBLOX Studio splash screen in the future.

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122 thoughts on “ROBLOX Studio Splash Screen Contest: The Winners

  1. Theamazeman64

    I liked all of them, I mean they all did hard work.
    Even the one’s who you don’t think are good, So What?
    They won they must be good!
    Also, They are 10 winning people out of 3000+
    If i saw someone’s picture who’s didn’t win, They might of done hard work but they might not of been
    But once again they all did good work as far as i
    can see.
    Good job!
    I would love to put names but there are too many.
    And with that, I am finished!

  2. Superbanana12345

    I absolutely love all of them. I just want to point out Loopers and Rockets, extremely nice work. For Looper, tons of work, must have took days or weeks. For Rocket, simple, very fancy, still must have took a few days or a week.

  3. Sandpath11

    My two favorites are Rocket’s and Looper’s. Rocket’s was fairly simple, and featured a motto, while Looper’s was highly complex and absolutely beautiful.

  4. mm233

    Here’s an interesting idea… How about you put these all into a list and let the user choose which splash screen they want to see when Studio is loading? I think Roblox should be all about user customization, and this is a great opportunity to add another facet to it.

  5. Pikachu4170

    I like freaked’s Splash Screen. It is basic and it shows where in the world Roblox was made.

  6. CrazyKilla15

    These entries are AMAZING

    This just goes to show what Roblox can do for someone, I bet most of these people will grow up and get good jobs where they can use the skills they learned on Roblox.


    I really like freaked’s because it’s simple and shows what Roblox studio is: pretty much starting off from scratch (back to the drawing board if you will). It shows the basic tools from older Roblox and the logo cleanly. I think that one is definitely the best. Metanight1896 and Rocketgamer10 are my other close favorites.

  8. Catzilla99

    My god.
    These are all amazing.

    It would be nice if you could do a yearly Splash screen competions to refresh the creativity, with the new minds entering Roblox each year. [The present ones can be re-entered]

  9. MARIOSTAR6464

    Wow, that was some very though competition. It’s an honour to have my design chosen amoung such other fantastic pieces of work.

    Thanks guys.

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