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Weekly ROBLOX Roundup: January 20, 2013

Weekly ROBLOX Roundup Logo, V2Every week, we’re busy telling the stories behind our platform, our technology and our place in the gaming and technology industries. For those of you who catch up with ROBLOX over the weekend, the Weekly ROBLOX Roundup collects the best stuff to hit our various avenues of publication in the last week. This time: our spotlight on GollyGreg, multiplayer script debugging, top ROBLOX fan sites (and resources for starting your own), fast moving-parts rendering, an update on our splash screen contest, ROBLOX Hiking, and a few other bits and pieces.

Seven-day Blog Recap

Spotlight: Golly GregGollyGreg and the importance of Choices

You can tell by the tone and feel of Choices that user GollyGreg has interesting thoughts floating around in his head. That was enough for us to reach out to him for a chat, which became the foundation for our latest Spotlight article. He talks about the motivation behind his game, Choices, his fascination with technology and his lengthy ROBLOX “career.” Read it in full here.

Multiplayer script debugging done remotely

It can be challenging to debug your online game’s scripts without a true, multiplayer test environment. That’s why Tyler Mullen, of the the ROBLOX Content Team, has developed a tool that collects information from your running games. It can save and track:

  • Server uptime
  • Player visit stats: joins, leaves, average playtime, and number of unique visitors
  • Lua statistics: number of errors, warnings, and number of scripts running
  • Lua stack traces for recorded errors (this is the exciting part)

You can learn all about the tool, including how to download, install and use it, in John Shedletsky’s complete article.

Fast PartsFaster rendering of moving parts (aka “fast parts”)

Like the yin to featherweight parts’ yang, our new “fast parts” technology allows ROBLOX to render moving parts quicker (that is, roughly twice as fast) as ever before by leveraging improved batching and vertex shading. There’s a lot of information being processed as large numbers of blocks move around your screen, and this update helps the processing happen in a more efficient manner. As stated in Arseny’s complete article on the matter:

We want featherweight parts to become fast parts (and vice versa) with no visual cues of any kind, ultimately creating an environment where both types of parts – featherweight for static objects and fast parts for moving objects – are seamlessly integrated.

Arbirator's ROBLOX News PhotoWe want to see more ROBLOX fan sites!

There is a number of impressive ROBLOX fan sites across the internet and, in this article, we pick out five of our favorites and explain what they do right. On top of that, we offer some direction and materials that should help the budding fan site developer or contributor.

The ROBLOX Studio Splash Screen Contest continues…

… But it ends soon. The deadline to submit your version of a ROBLOX Studio splash screen (that is, loading image) is this Tuesday, January 22nd, at 11:59 PM PST. We’ve already received more than 2,000 entries, a fraction of which appear in our latest post about the contest. If you want to exercise your graphic design chops, get to it — time is running out!

You should play this ROBLOX game

ROBLOX Hiking by TheAmazeman

Last week I was on a brief vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. I had the pleasure of being outside — breathing the warm air, accidentally swallowing salt water, taking in the grand geographic formations and lush fauna — for four full days. I’ve been feeling nostalgic since returning, so I took to ROBLOX to find something to scratch that still-present outdoorsy itch and stumbled across ROBLOX Hiking by TheAmazeman. It’s really simple, but it takes the standard “obby” (obstacle course) to an open-world environment, where you can keep busy by just hiking the cliffs or playing built-in mini-games, collecting gold and upgrading your character. It’s not Hawaii, but it is a virtual escape.

Side benefit: the controls are simple and straightforward, making the game a natural fit for you ROBLOX Mobile players.

Consider this

If a kid with a Meccano set and a kid with Roblox face off to construct the Sydney Harbor Bridge, do they both walk away having learned the same things and gained the same skills? Each is manipulating things in different ways: The kid with the Meccano set might struggle at learning to connect the pieces together and use tools correctly, while the kid playing Roblox might need to spend some time mastering the in-game UI. But both will gain an understanding of the factors involved in making something that’s structurally sound, and both will have plenty of chances to adjust and experiment with designs as they construct their bridges.

This is an excerpt from Massively writer Karen Bryan’s recent piece about the educational value of building platforms, namely ROBLOX and Minecraft. She argues against claims that the “Google generation” is growing up “brain dead.” I agree with her argument, but what do you think? How does building in ROBLOX benefit you?


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  1. Unknown

    I really like what you all do. You guys keep us to date on the hottest games, And you tell what is currently happening in roblox updates. Great job.

  2. Anonymous

    I think Roblox is educational in a way.

    It also can get you a job like computer programming or designing.

  3. AzorAuthor

    People usually look at me for advice and personally I think that there are no wrong ideas, and lagging is the worst, why not load the extra screen things like for example, catalog heaven, the catalog like is never visible, I only succeded once in seeing it, well thats my opinion.

    1. SupremeGoodday

      Graphics set? You mean game engine? Well, it was amazing back when ROBLOX was decent. They use two game engines to create it: Ogre3D and something called ImplicitNgine.

  4. Zombeast101

    I like the new changes, but when will the next event be? Also roblox please be more nbc friendly and make more stuff nbc can afford.

  5. mario8384

    i have a question: when roblox is going to make the feature of music, Because the music is the key of the success.

    and make the feature of prizes of when you got a badge, you get a reward like shirt, t-shirt, hats, etc.

  6. Caleblw

    i can’t figure out how to get admin for my place i have an admin script and i can’t figure out how to build in my place and add my models please help me

  7. Zank1

    1 question, who were the top 5 people for the splash screen? The post didn’t have anything to do with the splash screen like it says in the very very top.

  8. Chrisclaw773

    I have a question: When will there be a in-game wardrobe. I’m sick of resetting my character just to change an outfit.

    1. Sdarr

      I totally agree with you.
      In nickeldoen Theres a closet room that you can change your clothes without dieing or restarting the game all over again.

      1. AzorAuthor

        I agree! It’s not pleasant that I have to walk ALL the way back when I wanna change my suit, it’s very annoying when I’m in a group meeting and I have to change into uniform.

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