Erik Cassel's Hat

Erik Cassel Apparel: Proceeds go to Cancer Research

In honor of ROBLOX co-founder Erik Cassel, we’re featuring some special clothing items until February 25. Longtime users know that Erik could often be found in ROBLOX wearing the “Well Worn Hat” – this hat meant a lot to Erik, and now that he’s passed, it means a lot to us. We’ve re-named it Erik Cassel’s Hat, and we’re now offering it for 20 Robux. We’ve also made new commemorative “Erik” t-shirts, which are only a single ticket. We hope you’ll wear them in remembrance of Erik. Based on the sales of these items, ROBLOX will make a substantial donation to cancer research. Thank you to the entire ROBLOX community all for your respect and support.

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50 thoughts on “Erik Cassel Apparel: Proceeds go to Cancer Research

  1. nick

    R.I.P. Erik :( Your legacy will always be remembered by every roblox player! Everyone continue to by the shirts and hats. I got mine. Way to go roblox this should always be eriks hat!!!!

  2. Ou8122

    I had the hat, then got rid of it, than bought it so much i used over 400 robux, for a good cause. Goodbye erik!

  3. Lukerex

    He will be missed. As many others, I bought everything! If I could donate my few 11R$ to help cancer research, I would.

  4. Thomas988

    I don’t have BC, so I don’t usually buy anything that costs Robux, but I did spend those 20 robux for Erik. For Erik!

  5. BostonWhaler21

    I think that the 20 R$ are a great investment! I spent my 1 ticket on the shirt. Well spent money. R.I.P. Erik.

  6. Crazyduckymomo

    This is just amazing! I am buying all this and whatever else Roblox will put out in memory of Erik! Erik for life my friends Erik for life! <3

  7. Firycheezepuff

    I would buy this in an instant but I dont have enough tix to trade to 20 robux to buy the hat…. I know how much this would mean to many cancer patients and friends and family of Erik.

  8. funnymouse7

    Erik, you were an awesome model for many people and a friendly person too! We want you to know that we will never forget you!

  9. SourceOfDarkness

    This is amazing, and an amazing way to honor Erik. Rest in peace, Erik Cassel. We will all miss you and honor the legacy you left behind.

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