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Go Behind the BLOX Starting Next Friday!

We’re always focusing on new ways to strengthen the connection between our ourselves and our users–ROBLOX wouldn’t be the same without the feedback we receive from our passionate builders and gamers. Behind the BLOX is your unique opportunity to visit the heart of Robloxia: the ROBLOX HQ in San Mateo, CA.

Meet with ROBLOX staff, talk with ROBLOX developers about your experiences and your ideas, and get a sneak peek at (and even play with!) new ROBLOX features we have in development. We’ll also be giving away some awesome ROBLOX schwag, and will open our merchandise store in case you’d like to buy some ROBLOX t-shirts or hats.

Creative Director John Shedletsky will conduct the demo/play session portion of the visit, and Community Manager Becky Herndon will conduct tours of the office.

Behind the BLOX is free, but spaces are limited. You can apply to be one of the few users to go Behind the BLOX by filling out this form. Sessions will begin next Friday, March 1st (one week from today), at 3:30PM, and will be held every Friday at the same time going forward. Remember, if you’re a family with multiple users, make sure to fill out one form for each user, and select both your preferred date and a backup. We look forward to meeting you all!


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46 thoughts on “Go Behind the BLOX Starting Next Friday!

  1. Telamonrocksthehouse

    I live in Georgia and I really want to go but I can’t could you please make it so that people on the east side of country can go? Its like we are left out

  2. Person

    You guys should make a RGC or Behind The BLOX in New England. Around Maine, New Hampshire. New York. A lot of your fans come from our parts of the country.

  3. santa455

    please do the RGC in melbourne FL. it is between miami and orlando plz do it
    at my school also and announce me santa455 and exdamention and lastly masterprep

  4. LongerYoshi49

    I live very close. I will come on Friday! Allow me to see how ROBLOX Base Wars FPS was made. I want to create a remake from scratch. I will also give credit to the ROBLOX admins.

  5. snoopydog12

    I wish I could come. But, I may come. It’s up to my parrents. I will ask them. If they say yes, I will come.

  6. danblaster

    My only question is, does that now mean that you will pay for us to get there, or must we find a way ourselves?

  7. alexrocks911

    Lol, The only time I’ll possibly get to meet the admins is at the third and final RGC 2013 in NYC.

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