SFOTH in ROBLOX Studio 2013

Introducing ROBLOX Studio 2013

ROBLOX Studio, the tool that professional builders use to create 99% of the levels on ROBLOX, just got a huge upgrade. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re thrilled to present ROBLOX Studio 2013.

SFOTH in ROBLOX Studio 2013

ROBLOX Studio 2013 is Faster

One of the most exciting aspects of ROBLOX Studio 2013 is the performance. The Studio team has profiled more than 20 different operations in both the old version of Studio and ROBLOX Studio 2013, using a number of popular ROBLOX levels to simulate real-world use. Here is a short list of operations in ROBLOX Studio 2013 that are as fast, or faster than they were before:

  • file open
  • file save
  • user input sample rate
  • render speed
  • multiselect (this one is 10-20x faster)
  • group/ungroup
  • large model drag
  • test solo
  • start server/start player.

ROBLOX Studio 2013 is 6x More Stable

A common complaint among ROBLOX builders has been the crash rate of ROBLOX Studio. The old ROBLOX Studio had an MTBF (mean time before failure) of 12 hours. This might not seem that bad, but ROBLOX builders spent 450,000 hours building last month – so crashing every 12 hours lead to some lost data and grief on the users’ end. After listening to feedback, increased reliability became one of the Studio team’s top goals for this release. They did it. ROBLOX Studio 2013 has an MTBF of 74 hours. That’s more than six times better then it was before

ROBLOX Studio 2013 is Better for Scripters

There are two major features in ROBLOX Studio 2013 that scripters are going to love. First, we’ve added syntax checking to our Lua script editor. Similar to spell checkers in word processing programs, the editor will now underline code that it recognizes as invalid. This is useful for catching many types of common programming bugs: missing quotes, unpaired parentheses, dangling code blocks with no closing end statement, mangled initializers, and more.

Incorrect code is now underlined in red. Every small bug you find with syntax checking means one less sequence of: “test > start solo > inspect output > track down line number > correct the bug” iteration that you need to go through, speeding up scripting and making it more fun.

The other useful feature for scripts in ROBLOX Studio 2013 is the ability to debug scripts using the Output panel on both the client and the server end. Scripters, welcome to easy mode.

ROBLOX Studio 2013 has a Host of Other Improvements

  • The default ROBLOX part manipulation tools (drag, axis move, rotate, resize) all now respect a “collision check” toggle – allowing you easily manipulate interpenetrating parts; previously a plugin like CmdUtl was required to do this. Look for the icon pictured at right in Studio
  • Many new shortcut keys to speed up building for pro users
  • Auto-indentation for scripts
  • Context menu for script allowing block commenting/uncommenting
  • The ability to heavily customize your Studio layout – including docking and nesting panels
  • Periodic saving of settings and layout in case of app crash
  • Safer saving to prevent data-loss
  • Performance improvements for selection and rendering

Meet the Team

The ROBLOX Studio team consists of four developers, led by senior ROBLOX software engineer Tim Brown (RobloTim). The team includes Robert Morgan (Ravenger7), Tyler Berg (twberg), and Dharmendra Rohit (robDR). Ganesh Agrawal (olive71) also contributed heavily to the codebase. These guys live and breathe building tools – if you have ideas for Studio, shoot them a private message.

What’s Next?

ROBLOX Studio 2013 is going to keep getting better. We’re going to add a new start page to streamline the management of content. We’re going to publish tutorials to help new Studio users become pros. We’re going to make it easier to manage your ROBLOX content, be it on your computer or in the ROBLOX cloud. We’ve got a lot of interesting ideas for the future.

If you have ideas, comments, bug reports, or suggestions for the ROBLOX Studio, they’re constantly keeping up with the ROBLOX Studio forums, so feel free to drop us a line.

How to Download ROBLOX Studio 2013 

ROBLOX updates itself automatically, so if you’ve played a ROBLOX game, chances are you have the ROBLOX Player and ROBLOX Studio. For Windows users, ROBLOX Studio 2013 should appear on your desktop and in your Start menu. If you’re using a Mac, both the ROBLOX Player and ROBLOX Studio 2013 will automatically save to your Applications folder.

If you haven’t played ROBLOX for awhile and want to download the latest version of the player and Studio, you can do so here.

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216 thoughts on “Introducing ROBLOX Studio 2013

  1. Dreadwing777

    I wish I had access to my computer right now. I think I just shed manly tears of joy. This looks amazing.

  2. KE0

    Please allow users to download the previous Roblox Studio.

    As many would agree it is easier to use, has less glitches and just generally works.

  3. lokkut

    Why people so mad about it, it’s amazing. If you were using the beta version it’s almost exactly a-like, so stop complaining.

  4. Commanderdajones

    Please, bring back the first Studio. It let me do so much work. But this? This is horrible. I have no idea how to use this. And the fact that it changed EVERY ROBLOX Studio?! Why?! I loved the first one. Why force us to use something we hate? It destroys the meshes! D: Please. Bring it back.


  5. breezymilk

    I used to go into build on studio made and place a Cframe GUI tool to Cframe.I cant place gear in build mode on Studio 2013 so I guess I wont be Cframing anymore.

  6. Articshifter

    I absolutely Hate Robloc Studio 2013. The major this is Property menu. is shows the same property for Everything, It a default brick property! So i cant change a bricks shape are see a gui’s Property. Roblox should have both. Both Roblox Studio 2013, and The old Roblox Studio!!!!! ~ ArticShifter

  7. masterchief11223344

    As much as I miss the old studio, this can work. One thing that annoys me. I go into build mode, and I like to be able to use tools in my backpack to build with. It allows me to build things scaled to the size of my ROBLOXian. Now with new studio however, we have no tools that we can use in build mode, even if we pull them from the backpack in the explorer and place it into the starterpack and go into Build Mode without studio. I really hope they bring back our tool usage

  8. TyrannosaurusWrecks

    ROBLOX studio 2013 was a huge update and all, but I’m having trouble with the toolbar, I can’t seem to find it, if anyone can help, just reply.

  9. xteve

    I’m glad they’ve finally taken reliability into account; if even 3 years later. Better late than never I suppose.

  10. TruckBoy8

    It always crashes/freezes on mine, Old studio was much better, and on this, i dont spawn with tools and givers dont work, I really really do not like it, Please bring back the old one!

  11. Anonymous

    I love the new Roblox studio, all though I’m still getting used to it. I do miss old studio, but this definitely tickles my urge to script and build more often!

  12. Mimi

    Roblox Studio 2013 is awesome! I love the ability to toggle collision checks on and off. It’s making building alot easier! There is one glitch I found with the properties window. Sometimes it locks up and only shows the properties for one brick even if you select another. What happens is if I have one brick selected for a while (I’m not quite sure what actually causes the glitch to happen) then I click another brick, the properties window says the name of the new brick, but the size and other characteristics of the old one. Other than that it works great. Good job Roblox!

  13. MrAwesomeFace123

    I strongly suggest uninstalling Roblox and then re-installing it if you want Studio 2013 to work well. I did for me. I haven’t had any problems.

  14. MrAwesomeFace123

    I love the new studio. I used to get 20 FPS, now I get 50. I can adapt to the new tools as well. :D Nice job.

  15. Anonymous

    Make it optional/possible to use the old one… the new one is too slow-paced, I can barely do anything

  16. oddhun

    I like this roblox studio i can build better then before.It took me half a hour to find everything and remember it but it is great now!But for some reason when i save a game it quit roblox studio and signs me out and i hate signing back in.But still nice work roblox worker’s!

  17. kittyabs

    While this does offer more options then studio 2012, it still has a lot of issues that are needed to be worked out.

  18. COOLDEAN17

    Studio 2013 is great. And the collision check is great. What I did with it is I wanted to see what of my 2 cars would look like, and turned out funny. Cheers ROBLOX!

  19. nickster2009

    I hate the new studio, it is poorly designed and has crashed on my several times while building on a large project. The old studio never did this. Thanks Roblox for ruining the building experience for me.

  20. Manadrain

    I think that there is alot of improvement, but I really want to be able to download the old studio aswell. Studio 2013 feels kinda’ clumsy for me when selecting parts.


  21. Dailygurrila

    The controls are just terrible, I mean really, come on, you can’t even rotate parts properly. And there is still the bug with wedges.

  22. Cosmo

    I don’t like this new interface, it makes everything looks small. The old interface was much better and simpler for me.

  23. Things

    I don’t really like this new studio. It says there well be 80% less crashes and it crashes every time I open it. When it does work there is no tools for building stuff it just shows the place.

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