ROBLOX Studio 2013: Recent and Impending Fixes

Change is at the core of our platform. ROBLOX Studio 2013 will be constantly updated throughout the year, often multiple times per week. There’s been a wide range of tweaks and enhancements made to Studio in the last couple of weeks–a lot in response to useful feedback we’ve gotten from our users. We’re here with Tim Brown, ROBLOX Studio Team Lead, to give you an update on what’s new.    

The ROBLOX Studio team has heard your feedback and wants to thank you for your patience.  We’ve learned a lot over the past week about how our users use our product, often in ways we didn’t expect, and we’re working to make sure that your experience is at least as good in ROBLOX Studio 2013.  We’ve been working hard over the past week to identify issues people are having with Studio 2013, prioritize them, and fix them.  We’ve made a lot of improvements so far, and have a lot more going out this week.

Before getting to the list of fixes, we thought we’d take some time to outline some of the major updates we’re actively working on. We’re working on getting in-game tools you need to build in Build Mode, and are making sure they appear whether you launch from, or ROBLOX Studio. We’re fixing the undo tool as well–un-doing in Studio 2013 causes a lot of crashes, and we’re hoping to address that this week. We’re working on eliminating jerky camera movement that we’ve noticed periodically. We’re also working on updating the properties tab to eliminate freezing when switching between different parts.

Below is the full list of fixes we’ve made in the past couple of weeks.

  • Re-added in-game tools for users using Build mode while in Studio
  • Re-added the “Open Plugins Folder” action
  • Re-added the “Unlock all” action
  • Fixed an issue where users were seeing duplicate plugin toolbars
  • Group and ungroup shortcuts now work
  • Fixed a shutdown crash/close of 3D view
  • Added the ability to customize camera speed settings (Tools->Settings->Studio)
  • Script context menu (right click on a script) now has the following: Collapse all/ Expand all functionality and Comment/Uncomment selection
  • Close button/escape with “Save Dialog” open no longer exists
  • Fixed hang on script close
  • Fixed bug where Studio wouldn’t close when multiple instances were open
  • Build Mode tools now work in second instance launch of Studio
  • Fixed the stamper tool in build mode
  • Re-added 2D handles on resize, translate, and rotate tools (allowing manipulation on occluded parts)
  • Grid no longer on by default–it’s now a setting
  • Backspace key acting as a delete key is now optional in Settings
  • Fixed an issue with the return carriage in closed scripts
  • Removed single letter shortcuts that were stopping users from typing in 3D view
  • Translate tool is easier to grab (larger adornment grab size)

We’ve been planning a ton of new changes that we’ll be working on going forward. Here are the major ones we hope to finish by week’s end.

  • Fix for crash/hang on Undo
  • Fix for jerky camera
  • Fix double deletion of parts in Personal servers and build tools
  • Fix for properties window not updating correctly
  • Re-adding multi-select in explorer
  • Dragger accuracy improvements
  • Re-adding mouse cursor while right clicking and moving camera
  • Add old cursor for mouseover of parts
  • Add the ability to customize the location of directories inside of settings (Tools->Settings->Studio)
  • Fix for “setCursorImage” error in output
  • Fixes for syntax error handling in scripts
  • Shift + F3 fixed for Find Previous
  • Highlight rotate tool adornments on hover
  • Rename context menu item
  • Allow saving of scripts to .lua files
  • Refresh toolbox view when logging in
  • Video record bug fixes
  • Adding screenshot functionality

We’re doing all we can to make sure that ROBLOX Studio 2013 provides you with everything you need to craft the virtual world of your dreams. Did we miss anything? Let us know on the forums or in the comments below!

About Tim Brown

Web Team Lead at ROBLOX. @timothybrownsf

121 thoughts on “ROBLOX Studio 2013: Recent and Impending Fixes

  1. Zeblote

    Let’s say I want a part rotated exactly 25,7 degrees. How do I archieve this in the new studio?

  2. Firefeind1

    I’ve still noticed some problems within a plugin I use while in studio mode. It’s a more known plugin for experienced builders. It’s called Cmd Utl, created by anaminus. The new movement tool (Tool that gives you arrows around the block) has messed up the Cmd Utl movement tool, which works with the older movement arrows. I’m just wondering if you can have this fixed? It’s completely frustrating when trying to build you mess up everything because of a simple flaw like this. Also, the new rotate tool has messed up with the Cmd Utl rotate tool, in a way. Just wondering if you guys can have this kind of stuff be fixed?

    Thanks, Fire

  3. rebellion666

    Please put the right click grouping in Explorer back. I use it a lot and miss the ability to group and move items around. Thanks……

      1. DrifRacer14

        I think all Roblox Studio needs now is the return of Selection Box grouping. Do that and it’ll be awesome.

  4. Opee

    I just want to say thank you for your work on RS 2013. The updates and fixes are appreciated. The new tools allow me to build easier, and faster. I especially like the Collision Check tool.

  5. cardgamechampion

    Howdy, admins! I am very impressed with the new ROBLOX Studio. There were a lot of bugs, but you guys really fixed it up, and made it really good. I only have a few more bugs having to do specifically with running a local server on your PC, not sure if they are updates, but here they are:
    1. The SetSuperSafeChat method stopped working ever since I upgraded to Studio 2013 – Is this a glitch (I only tried it on a dial-up internet connection, not a fast one).
    2. When I right-click on the overall NetworkServer window and not the windows for the players, and unrightclick, the mouse doesn’t become visible again still until I move the mouse away from the game area.

    I really want you to fix the SetSuperSafeChat method, and hope you guys didn’t take it away, because then there is no way to test Admin/Chat scripts other then uploading to ROBLOX and testing it there, which has no Output, which is super hard to debug.

    Thanks for all your work on the new ROBLOX Studio. These glitches are very specific, showing that you really did fix it well. Also, thanks for letting us use the old Studio until the new one was fixed. I really appreciate that, and so do many others

    — cardgamechampion/AlternativeAcc

  6. Squerpooo

    Maybe have it if your using the axis to resize or move bricks, have the axis radius a good 1 stud so you don’t select blocks behind that brick.

  7. Bunnyblock2

    What we need is multiplayer building in the studio. I want to invite friends to come into build mode with me and we can build stuff together. While he inserts his items he made earlier into the game I can work on the compatibility with the world its being inserted into to make sure it works fine. Then we can have our game launched at a faster pace.

  8. samusbot2

    Often when I insert models into Studio space, they will be tilted slightly to one direction, and it is impossible to rotate so that it is parallel to the x and y axes.

  9. cgboy11

    ROBLOX may I suggest adding a multiple delete option and multiple wiring option? Like you swipe your mouse over the area which you want to delete. And vice versa swipe your area over things that you want to wire to a single object. Also it goes A LOT faster now. Also add a ROBLOX studio 2013 tutorial. And last but most importantly, add Group DOCUMENTS. Thanks ROBLOX! Don’t forget to add those features!

  10. Oumist

    It’s annoying alot when me and my friends are building in personal servers that the delete tool deletes 2 bricks instead of 1.

  11. Donald

    Sometimes, the game object browser (The thing with Workspace, Lighting, Players, and the like in it) stops functioning altogether.

  12. karic24 (ROBLOX username)

    I have a 32 bit system and my pc says “windows cannot launch {roblox} (#’s).tmp, it isn’t a valid win-32 program

    1. karic24 (ROBLOX username)

      Btw, it is doing this other thing when it updates too. this isn’t just for 2013, which won’t even download because you have no link to it, but also for roblox player when i play a game and any other studio update. i can only play what that i can force download by a launcher.

  13. CoolDude3348

    A lot of us would greatly appreciate if there was a CFrame tool in studio and build mode. Also, I love how the RBLX Studio 2013 is faster than my internet browsers. c:

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