Responding to User Feedback

Responding to User Feedback, V14

Responding to User FeedbackEvery so often, we ask our users to let us know what they’d like to see in ROBLOX, then respond to some of the most insightful comments and pertinent questions. We gathered questions in a totally different way this time; in-game! We’re always in ROBLOX for one reason or another, and users provided us with plenty of questions to answer about a wide range of ROBLOX topcis. This time, John Shedletsky, ROBLOX’s Creative Director, addresses inquiries about spell checking features, a Ghost mode, a donate button, updates about our new lighting system, and much more. 

Ever thinking of making a spell checker for the chat feature? 

It’s not something that we have ever really considered. Having a spellchecker for chat would probably put us in the minority of online games; none of the other games that I play personally do this. It’s tricky to implement especially when people have acronyms in their gaming vernacular, including: gg, kk, qq, O.o, ss, mia, spyme, etc.

Can you make it seem like you’re offline when you’re using ROBLOX? Like a Ghost Mode?

Sounds like a potentially useful feature. Though it’s worth mentioning that if there are people that you want to hide from, all you need to do is remove them from your friends list.

What about making a donate button so you can donate money to your friends to help fund their place? 

We’re afraid of introducing the ability for users to transfer money from one account to another, due to the possibility of rampant scamming. ROBLOX does not enforce any sort of contract or agreements made between users, and we think there would be a lot of “send me 50 Robux and I’ll do X for you” sort of situations where the counter-party does not end up following through.

What does the ambassador badge do? 

The ambassador badge was earned in a now-defunct “share ROBLOX with a friend” program where users could post links to ROBLOX on other sites in return for tickets. The ambassador program was ultimately the source of more spam than new users, so we shut it down in March of 2012. If you’re curious, there is more information about it here

Why does your name have a Roblox sign next to it? 

ROBLOX administrators have an “R” icon next to their name in the player leaderboard, similar to how BC, TBC, and OBC members have a hardhat icon. The purpose of the icon is to make it harder for people who don’t work at ROBLOX to impersonate ROBLOX employees in-game.

When’s the new lighting feature coming out?

A lot of people (including many ROBLOX employees!) can’t wait for the new light/shadow effects that we demoed a couple weeks ago to ship. While the code is good enough to demo, at the moment we’re quite a ways from being able to ship it. There’s a bunch of steps we need to take before we can. First, we need to make sure that the code is stable and performs on a wide variety of machines. Second, we need to figure out the API and tooling for place creators to add/remove lights from their levels. Third, we need a sound migration strategy that will allow us to ship lighting without immediately plunging all existing levels into shadow (since no ROBLOX levels currently have lights in them). These are all solvable problems, but working through the issues takes time. You can bet that when it comes out that you’ll read about it here first!Dynamic Lighting

Will low end computers be able to handle the new lighting system? 

We think that 90% of players’ hardware will be able to handle some degree of lighting. This includes iPads.

What kind of computer will be needed to handle ROBLOX in the year 2020? 

We target a wide range of hardware with ROBLOX – I’m fairly confident that the machine you have now will run ROBLOX in 2020.

How many tickets equal a Robuck? 

If you’re currently logged into ROBLOX, you can see what the exchange rate between Robux and tickets is. Typically it’s around 10 tickets to 1 Robuck, but the price is determined by the players who are trading currency. ROBLOX does not set the exchange rate.

Why can’t we change the ROBLOX homepage back to 1.0?

I’m not sure what you mean by “1.0”– the ROBLOX website has been in a constant state of development since 2006. It’s not a static entity and there is no “1.0” version. That being said, if you look at the site using the Internet Wayback Machine, I have to imagine that most people would agree that the current site looks much better than this: 

Are you guys thinking of making a new interface for

The website is undergoing constant evolution. If you want to see a hint of the direction we’re going in, take a peek at our iOS app.

Why were guests introduced? 

ROBLOX is a great game, but it takes a long time for a new player to get into it. First you have to download and install the game, then you have to create an account, then you have to find a game you want to play, then you have to wait for it to load. Guest mode is our attempt to remove one of these steps and get new players into game faster. The theory is that if you like the game, you’ll eventually sign up due to all the benefits of being a member of the site: getting a daily allowance of bonus of tickets, being able to customize your character, and the ability to upload your own creations to the site.

We’re currently investigating the possibility of limiting guest mode to ROBLOX-authored games, as a way to encourage new users to make the jump to creating a full account.

Why does ROBLOX need a blog? 

ROBLOX is the online game that is built by players. I mean this in two ways. One is the obvious way: players build 99.99% of all the games that exist on ROBLOX. The second way is less obvious, but no less true. We are constantly developing and refining ROBLOX in response to the feedback that we receive from players. We have an iterative development and release cycle. That means we change things a little bit at a time, frequently. We put stuff out there. We see early on what works and what doesn’t. We drop or fix what doesn’t work. We polish and embellish those features that get traction. For all of this to work, we need to be in close communication with our players. One way we do this is by reading the “Suggestions and Ideas” forum, but we have other channels of communication as well: the ROBLOX Blog,Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, our Newsletter, our YouTube channel, and more.


About John Shedletsky

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161 thoughts on “Responding to User Feedback, V14

  1. Gonow32

    I have a few suggestions for ROBLOX.

    1. You could allow a option to change the programming language, for example,.NET, C++, and JavaScript.

    2. You could add a scripting option to change the game type, so you could let the creator have Zombie Apocalypse Survival where you can break and place blocks and have health.

    3. You could add a option for NBCs to buy worlds in Tix and Robux, so they aren’t just limited to one world.

    4. You could have a experience system so when you do certain things in a game, you can buy items that the creator can customise with Robux and Tix. Some of the items are locked until you gain a higher level. All the levels need more XP than the last one.

    5. Using the experience points idea, you could have new badges at certain levels to add more of a challenge. Like at level five, you could get a badge like Expert Builder. At a certain level, there wouldn’t be any more badges.

    These changes could make ROBLOX the best MMORPG on the web.


  2. Koopachris

    Perhaps to prevent dynamic lighting from breaking unprepaired places, you could put something in the lighting thingy along with ambiance and shadow color where you could conifugre how dark dynamic shadows can get in your place, with the default being darker than outside but still easy to see?

  3. Generalblox2450

    I would personally like to see Roblox scripting to include JavaScript/Autoscript. Some people are much more experienced in Javascript than Lua, like me.

  4. OmgIwantsomeofthis

    Omg I would like the lighting! Because you can make horrifying dark caves and night thingy :D

  5. uberhaxornovafan22

    This is all pretty amazing! I have to say, at first I hated this new lighting/shading thing, and all these new updates, but now that I think about it, they’re really improvements! Keep up the good work!

  6. JarodOfOrbiter

    This is a very good game, in the fact that it is made solely for users to create their own games, and to use coding without any modifications needed.
    I support almost everything you people do!
    Keep it up.

  7. HawkEyed94

    A refund button. Where if you buy something in the catalog and you don’t like what you bought, then for 1-2 weeks after purchase, you have the option to refund the purchase and get you robux back.


  8. Falcon2k12

    I have an great idea. What if you have a tab next to recent played games that says “suggested games for you”

  9. cheepy3

    I love reading the blog which makes the new blog feature one of my favourite things. I understand what people mean by 1.0 look of the site. They’re saying when you could switch between the layouts of the site. ROBLOX keeps improving and improving so keep it up ROBLOX!

  10. nitsua99

    Nooo, don’t limit the guests like that. D: I like having them everywhere. They’re always nice to me.

  11. Aaronzam14

    ROBLOX your the best, coming up with all these ideas it pretty awesome! ROBLOX is gonna be the #1 site in my book! Good job ROBLOX keep it up!! :D

      1. SoggyWaffleFacedGirl

        Lolitschristmas, the ROBLOX app is currently available for Apple mobile products. You can also play it on Macs as well as Windows. I don’t believe there is an Android version yet, though. That is under development. LordFlameRing, as for the versions of Apple products, I’ve never had an Apple product and don’t know what to tell you.
        Happy Bloxxing!

    1. Renaud Lavoie (Ren97)

      There are hardware limitations involved, like the memory capacity, which is low on these devices.

  12. sillyboy1203

    Cool planned updates! But, could there be special items that users could “unlock” or, be awarded for doing somthing, or building somthing?

  13. policecool

    Me and a friend came up with a great idea! What if ROBLOX has sooe kind of Gifting thing? YOu buy a item, and then gift it to someone else, even Non-Limiteds. Like i buy a sword, then where it says, You have just bought so and so, continue/customize character, there is a option saying Gift. Then you type in a name and it gifts it to them. THey ccan either Accept or Decline the gift. Thanks, Policecool.

  14. Oskirex

    You should make an offline version of Roblox Studio. So when your internet gets cut off or something, you can still edit places you have saved on your disk.

    1. brent21

      They actually do have that. If you save your place to your computer you can continue working on it, and then save it to either your computer in the save file, or to ROBLOX, and publish it as a game.

    2. me6666me

      You can already do this, Simply open up roblox studio and it will give you a warning message, click ‘Yes’ and it will open up studio
      After you do this go to File>Open
      Then look for where you downloaded the place

  15. anoy

    “Why can’t we change the ROBLOX homepage back to 1.0?”

    “I’m not sure what you mean by “1.0”– the ROBLOX website has been in a constant state of development since 2006. It’s not a static entity and there is no “1.0” version. That being said, if you look at the site using the Internet Wayback Machine, I have to imagine that most people would agree that the current site looks much better than this”
    Actually you could change it back to 1.0 back in 2011 but they removed that feature there was
    2.0 and 3.0 and OBC theme of course

  16. hajoca

    i want the roblox website to have an option where you can pick what it looked like so on account it should say roblox website:

  17. Nenen

    I think it should be in the place options to choose if you want to have Guests in your place.
    Because it is unfair for them to play only Roblox made games, especially since they only have FEW good games!

    Plus Some people make Tutorial games that would be Perfect for new players (Like Guests!)

  18. GeckoGuy456

    Will User-made meshes ever be permitted again? I know copyright infringement caused them to be revoked. But suppose you had Image Moderators preview each mesh to ensure it’s not copied from a famous franchise (Like Halo or Half Life)?

  19. Cheesecake123456

    I think people should be able to decide which Studio they use, and maybe be able to edit multiplayer for multiple people to make something at a time.

  20. Sazrocks

    PLEASE LIMIT GUESTS! Example: in games with no anti teamkill, guests just kill everybody, including their teammates.

  21. Sethalonian

    My question is, when are the In-game clothes customization & Roblox-Universe-Data-Transferal-From-Place-To-Place-Thing gonna come out?

  22. MettaurSp

    No, don’t remove guests from non-admin games. They are entertaining (however annoying they may be at times) and are a regular part of Roblox. I hope for a different ‘ghost mode’, re allowing a false CanCollide property in parts bound with the Humanoid such as the Head and Torso. I miss that feature.

  23. Thunderflame55

    I remember when you could change between 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Maybe you could bring it back? Many users would LOVE that!

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