SFOTH in ROBLOX Studio 2013

ROBLOX Studio 2013 Fixes and Improvements Coming Soon

SFOTH in ROBLOX Studio 2013One exciting thing about ROBLOX that most people don’t realize right away is it’s not a finished game — it is very much a work in progress. The upside to this is that everyone, both community members and the ROBLOX development team, has a real opportunity to shape the future of ROBLOX. The downside is that since ROBLOX is constantly evolving, it doesn’t stay the same. This can be a source of friction for veteran users who have gotten used to the status quo.

We released ROBLOX Studio 2013 several days ago. One of its key benefits is it runs on a modern, platform-independent framework, meaning we can develop and support one product across the PC and Mac. Ultimately, you will have a more consistent experience, regardless of your platform, and we’ll be able to deliver new features faster.

The ROBLOX Content Team has been using ROBLOX Studio 2013 internally for the past six months to make games such as LEGO Hero Factory: Brain Attack and ROBLOX Battle, and to build the gear items we release in the catalog each week. We have also tested it externally for several months under the “ROBLOX Studio 2.0” moniker. In December, users logged more than 180,000 hours helping us test the new version of Studio. This great test coverage is one of the things that has helped us fix a lot of bugs, the end result being a much more stable Studio.

ROBLOX Studio IconSince last Thursday’s release, we’ve been tracking bug reports and complaints surfacing in the ROBLOX Studio forums. They range from very minor (e.g., you moved the default location of my favorite menu!) to major (e.g., my level runs slowly in ROBLOX Studio 2013!). The Studio Team is hard at work collecting and prioritizing fixes for these bugs. The first of these fixes will go out this evening, followed by more tomorrow, followed by even more after that.

In the meantime, if you are affected by a serious ROBLOX Studio 2013 issue, we’re making the old version of ROBLOX Studio available for download here. This old version of Studio will not be supported going into the future – we’re making it available on a limited basis while we address the outstanding issues in ROBLOX Studio 2013.

We want ROBLOX Studio 2013 to be a great experience and we’re working hard to get it there. Thank you for your patience.

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202 thoughts on “ROBLOX Studio 2013 Fixes and Improvements Coming Soon


    Is there going to be a link for the mac supported old version of Roblox Studios?The only one that has a link is for Windows.

  2. Shadoward12

    How do you use the old studio? You can run it to look at the website, but that’s it. Attempting to build in any game will open it in the 2013 studio.

  3. commanderrocket

    I am glad there is a download link for the old roblox studio.It is close to impossible to build.And 80% less crashes?We all know thats a lie.

  4. IceOrb

    Please just get rid of ROBLOX STUDIO 2013 :| It has made building near enough impossible… I have to build in ”test mode” then copy and paste into the main place mode, because of the stupid crashes.

  5. Opee

    I really enjoy the collision check tool. I didn’t have time to test all the tools, but if there is a way to get precise spun bricks for a C-Frame effect, I would enjoy that.

  6. planetepicface

    the new studio doesn’t really effect me going into my places but i hate it when i go onto my laptop because theres so much stuff that theres a little space please fix that

  7. corncob567

    Fix the old studio link! The new studio keeps crashing and glitching me out. I want to build again!

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