Using ROBLOX Models to Expedite Game Creation

No, we’re not talking about good looking people; we’re talking about ROBLOX models. A model can be virtually anything–from a Pokeball, to a Sword Pack, to a building, to a certain styling of hair–there are millions of models in the catalog that you can use in the places and games that you’re building. And each and every one is totally free!

Why Use Models?

One of the most significant benefits of models is they can expedite the world-creation process. You can use models of trees, for instance, to spruce up a wooded environment. Models are not just eye candy though–they’re often scripted with actual game play functions and have the ability to change what happens in your game or place. They’re not just objects, they’re tools.

Models are also great placeholders for builders. Many users pride themselves on creating every detail of their games from scratch, which we totally encourage. But if you’ve got a compelling idea for a game, you can use models as temporary placeholders to simulate the general scope of your ultimate vision. You can make a template before you build.

Watching Models Evolve

On the other end of the spectrum, we encourage builders to submit models for others to use. Some users, in fact, are more interested in building models than they are games. We want players to build, but one of the biggest ways builders draw inspiration is through sharing. And just because a model looks a certain way, doesn’t mean that you can’t use it as the foundation of something entirely new and different.

Let’s take airplanes for example. A very long time ago, user Stealth Pilot scripted the first high-quality controllable airplane on ROBLOX. If you search for “airplane” in the models section of the catalog now, you will find a ton of different models, all of which look and possibly even control radically different from one another. Many of those planes are a descendant of that original model, in that the basic functionality of actually flying in ROBLOX was coded into that original plane.


Once you’ve created several models you can group them into sets, and categorize each set to reflect a certain theme. So you can create and share a “weapons” set or maybe a “wooded environment” set that features multiple types of tree models. Categorizing the models you create can become important, especially if you start creating lots of them.

Also, we think creating sets promotes creativity. If you’re able to take the time to create, say, a “Samurai” set of weapons, doing so would probably get you thinking about how to create a “Samurai” type of game, to use the weapons you created. Or, who knows? Maybe another user out there has a great idea for a Samurai game, and the weapon set you created is just what he/she needs get the ball rolling. The bottom line is that building models promotes creativity for both the people who create them and the people who use them. Creating models is also a great way to earn some recognition in the ROBLOX community–there are many users in our community that focus primarily on building models instead of games.

The Future

As it stands now, models cannot be bought or sold, and are free to all. That being said, we realize that it can be pretty easy for people to copy or re-purpose models (i.e. download them, make a slight alteration, then re-submit them with their user name tacked on), and we’re working on a solution. We hope to create a “Reputation” system of sorts, where users can earn solid reputation points for submitting original content. If a user is caught copying, he/she will take a heavy blow to their reputation and will no longer be able to sell models. That would filter out copiers, and filter in all the enthusiasts that genuinely want to contribute.


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121 thoughts on “Using ROBLOX Models to Expedite Game Creation

  1. youngpufflehomer

    I’m against the reputation system. There should be no removed ability to create models, UNLESS if they are inappropriate, but THAT SHOULD BE IT. I’m not saying I like model copying, but it wouldn’t be fair. Don’t add this idea, it’ll lose many users from the game. I’m serious, too.

  2. flops12

    This is just a easy map created by light scripting I have discovered that scripting make’s stuff do stuff so that is a script but I have many places go check them out flops12 :).

  3. jedi752

    Great! I’d love to be able to sell models, maybe add a function in where you click “Credits” on the menu, and it will list all models and their creators that are currently in the game?

  4. FateHolder

    Oviously, people might have a problem with the reputation system, about people JUST reporting people, but the ORIGINAL creation date would clear this up. Who ever made it first, is the original creator…

  5. Alequinchi

    It’s a great idea since I see many games with nothing but free models and people claim them as their own “original” work.

  6. Royaltoe

    I think that this is a great idea, the only thing for meshes and c-framing, I use models sometimes ( They aren’t houses or anything, just a brick or two!) I include every free model I use in the games, if ROBLOX could make a system for that, it would be good.

  7. kin4000000

    I think the Reputation System wouldn’t be good. What if it backfires? Would the original creator get into trouble? If you make it, you need to make it very precise.
    P.S. could you make a Bad model delete thing? like if kids should be seeing it.

    1. plasmascreen

      It is very simple. If someone is caught copying, an admin or a mod will check. If they are, they have to wait a while before being able to sell models.

      As for the ‘delete bad model’ idea, that is already done by the admins and mods.

  8. harule

    What about those “Infected” models? Is there gonna be a filter to delete those scripts/fire stuff that does nothing?

  9. GoodIceMaster

    The models are a big part of roblox. Some places is a model and if we didnt have models on roblox we wouldnt have good games. Models unite!

  10. Copilot510

    I can imagine a few problems with the proposed reputation system, the number one problem being is people spamming saying that a legitimate model is copied just because it looks like a different model. The next major problem I see in this is scripts. It is very easy to make a script that is exactly the same as someone else’s script, thus making it incredibly easy for people to lose a lot of reputation with this flaw.

  11. Chipmonky

    Wow, I would love the reputation system, but when your reputation is too low, don’t make it so they can’t publish models cause some people wouldn’t care. Make it more harsh >:D

  12. Slenderman18

    I believe the solution is a great idea, although how would the system work if someone like me, “Slenderman18” finds a zombie model made by someone and edits it completely. I took the user ROBLOX’s zombie model and inserted a shirt, pants, found templates, used the zombie hat head mesh, removed the texture, added a few scripts of my own and made one of the most famous models. Roblox system filtering would equal: about a 50% chance if I decide to make a new model that it won’t let me publish the model? using roblox’s zombie?

  13. rocklee2016

    The reputation thing sounds like a horrible idea. People will just judge and vote everything down, causing for unhappy model users. There is NOTHING you can do about model copying or copied games. Plus, that plane is hideous.

  14. Legobrick100

    Seriously,If you use so much as ONE free model, people act as though your game is the worst game in the universe. the “free models” are free for a reason!I do not agree with copying a model and calling it your own,however.
    the only times i use free models is when it is something small like a tree, or something large like a gun, because if someone else has created a perfectly good gun, why would you make another? that’s like someone making cookies,then offering you them, then you denying them, then you making the same exact cookies,totally useless.

  15. KevtheMaster

    Why not do this with games/places aswell? It’d ruin hacking and copying games. Jared would be gone, cause he still has copied games on alts.

  16. Sir Bob of Bobbington

    It is great that ROBLOX is going to do something about copying, also the reputation system. I think this is the first time in the ROBLOX blog that they have actually talked about copying. I just hope that people don’t false report something for copying, and maybe some sort of a ‘court’ forum to settle disputes with moderators as judges.

  17. Silverboy9

    I dont ALWAYS use free model’s, When i do- I use it for an Animated morph, I dont know any other way to make them…


  18. tib0172

    My question is whether or not the reputation system will also check content that is not open source, because I post models I’ve slightly changed but not for other people to be able to have…

  19. Beth

    The reputation system could backfire. The original content maker could get in trouble because a copier made it. Or someone could think they’ve made something original, but it’s really not.

  20. cardgamechampion

    I think it is a good idea to let users sell models for Robux/Tix, but a bad idea for the reputation thing. What if someone wants to save a free model on their profile and not make it public so that they will know how to find that free model again? Long as that does not hurt reputation, it’s ok.

  21. Woofbot75

    there is one reason why im glad im not famous on roblox… there are copyers out there… To help that, not a lot of people copy places, so i dont publish a lot of my original models…

  22. EpicGuy9

    There’s nothing wrong with using free models productively, what is a problem is making an entire place out of them.

  23. BluesteelDoughnut

    Just because someone uses a free model doesn’t make you a, “noob”. Or, whatever you other ones called those kind of people. ROBLOX created Models, to SHARE creations, but also for others to see how items work. If you don’t like that, why don’t you go play a game made with a horrible community?

  24. DarkSideKyp

    The problem with good free models is that if a lot of people copy it, nobody will know the original (if they are using the Toolbox in Studio)

  25. Username33

    I don’t believe in sharing my models on the public domain market. Every one I’ve made free has been copied and reposted hundreds of times, I get no credit for my work. Not to mention that a few monhs ago that DLL hack caused my entire place to end up on free models.

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