Behind the Scenes of Behind the BLOX

Last Friday, we kicked off the first in a series of Behind the BLOX, opening the doors of ROBLOX HQ so users could take a tour of our office, test some exciting new features, and talk with our developers about all things ROBLOX. We invited six users from our submission pool—and will be inviting more so we can hold a Behind the BLOX event each week for the foreseeable future!

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The play testing went longer than we expected—there was simply so much to talk about. We started in our upstairs office, where each of our candidates was given an iPad to conduct some play-testing on a brand new feature that’s currently in Beta. Each of them brought unique and differing perspectives about what worked, what didn’t, and what we could do to improve future iterations.

We didn’t stop there—we migrated to our downstairs meeting room, set up a projector and a bunch of laptops, and started building.  We’re constantly working on improving ROBLOX Studio, and there’s no better way to do this than by sitting down with our users in person, and talking about the experience. Maybe we’re old fashioned, but it’s a tried and true method of improvement.

“Being together in the same room really keeps the levels of enthusiasm high, which makes everyone stay focused,” said Studio Team Lead Tim Brown.  “These guys were ready to talk about everything related to ROBLOX, at the drop of a hat.”

Creative Director John Shedletsky lead the focus group sessions, alongside ROBLOX Lead Designer Stefan Scandizzo and Tim Brown.  John finds that the most important aspect of user testing lies in the elements of spontaneous motivation you find each and every time.

“The value of user testing is a surprise,” says John. “ROBLOX engineers spend all day working on ROBLOXin a sense they’re ROBLOX experts. User testing reminds us that being ROBLOX experts is not the same as being ROBLOX user experts. The users have a ton to teach us about our product and how it is used. The most valuable thing that can happen during user testing is for the so called ROBLOX experts (us) to be totally surprised by something that our players are doing. We can then feed these insights back into our product design to create a ROBLOX that is more in-tune with how people are actually using it.”

In short, our first Behind the BLOX was an incredibly positive experience, and we see no reason to stop now. So if you’re in the area and you want to swing by on a Friday, please don’t hesitate to fill out this form. Behind the BLOX is free, but spaces are limited. Remember, if you’re a family with multiple users, make sure to fill out one form for each user, and select both your preferred date and a backup. We’ll see you Friday!

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59 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Behind the BLOX

  1. stickyfingerz647

    In the video, i was kind of sad that the kid’s descriptions about roblox is very small… though im around their age. and i dont mind not going to RobloxHQ, but i love testing. :(

  2. 8chance8

    I hope you make a place for the same reason…I dont have the money or time to go to the Behind the blox

  3. Kelsey

    WOW! How great is Roblox? It is like the best game EVER! I love my friends, games. Who could ask for anything more? GO ROBLOX!

  4. hazzer33

    Shedletsky is so cool i want to do his job when i grow up. Telamon, Roblox, TheGamer101 and Seranok are all so cool

  5. Corridon

    My thoughts about Roblox? A tool to exercise amateur entrepreneurship. To start a low-risk company to build my skills.

    Muahahah. Minority wins.

  6. As8D

    Could we get some kind of event that can be participated from all over the world? Like live stream ROBLOX stuff.

    – As


    Aw! D:

    Those boys got to see more of the prototype of the ambient lightning… D:

    Lucky them…

  8. Zaqw78

    I’m right in the area. I just have to talk to my parents about it. I could offer to drive, I’m 16 maybe that would encourage them.

  9. m0rgoth

    Ya, you definitely need to look out for some 13+ users who can program. They would be a lot more of an insight into how users use ROBLOX since they would probably be the users who make more than play on ROBLOX.

  10. SuperSy

    I’m a little surprised they let the second kid say what he said about how he exchanges so much information. I kind of wished there were older members there for feedback, I felt like the feedback wasn’t very strong or as interesting as it could have been.

  11. MetaRyan

    I want to go with my little brother, but it would seem awkward with me, a tall 18-year-old, with the rest of the participants being 10-14 or so.

  12. chaoticregandpledge

    You should bring in some users that are over 13 to test and provide feedback.

    1. Erik999

      I’m 13, and I have LOTS of great ideas, I know what to improve and I know what the older groups want, from 2008

    2. wafles26122

      I agree. I saw almost nothing said about scripting because they brought in little kids to test it. Roblox forgot about the 13+ users who use roblox more as a tool than as a game.

  13. linkrocker1

    Looks pretty awesome. Wish I lived nearby, it’d be cool to meet the devs and users in real life.

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