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BLOXcon Is the New RGC 2013

If you’ve been around ROBLOX for a while, you might know a thing or two about our annual fan convention. First, it was the ROBLOX Rally. Then it was the ROBLOX Game Conference. For 2013, we’ve decided to debut a new name: BLOXcon! This year, we’re focusing not just on games, but building – the core of ROBLOX – and we felt the old name didn’t do the new direction justice.

BLOXcon Logo

While we’re excited about the new name, we’re more excited about the scope of BLOXcon: we’ll be hosting it in three cities (Chicago, London and New York City), and offering exclusive entertainment at each event. We just launched a brand-new BLOXcon site with the latest details (and plenty more to come), so be sure to check out today. Ticket sales will be up and running in one week! To recap, here are the dates and locations of this summer’s BLOXcons:

To BLOXcon!

We’re currently finalizing agendas of events and activities, which will be unique to each BLOXcon. Things we have in mind include hackathons, tech labs, Q&As with successful ROBLOX builders and game developers, film festivals, award shows, and much more. Stay in the loop by following @BLOXcon and @ROBLOX on Twitter, tracking #BLOXcon, watching and monitoring the ROBLOX blog.

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143 thoughts on “BLOXcon Is the New RGC 2013

  1. RoboPwner32

    Awesome might not be able to go but Ill ask my dad I live near chicago :D And I always go their for vacation :DD

  2. coolpollenm13

    Aw might not be able to go its all across the other side of the country I’ll ask my dad

  3. Silverstarlifesecond

    :l i’d love to go but i’m not near any of those areas. maybe you could come to california next year.

  4. Mario0678

    I’m actually very happy about the BLOXcon. If the price is like 20/10 pounds, it will be worth it.



  5. bella897

    Come to San Antonio, Texas! I could get some of my non-playing ROBLOX friends to come and maybe join ROBLOX because they both are in Air Force + it’s a way to keep in touch :P

  6. Doomdie64

    Thank god they’re coming to London, because I’ve wanted to go for a while but I wouldn’t be able to fly over to america just for that but now they’re doing it in England too.

  7. FestiveNicro

    can roblox staff come to somewhere like australia? Your staff works alot in USA but maybye go overseas for once?

  8. sgroff

    can you roblox staff come to Arizona?You staff are at california lots of times since thats where you work normally….

  9. DerpFace

    Next year, can you come down the country a little? Like around Florida and Georgia? There’s no way my parents would drive me all the way to those cities.

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